Penn Badgley and His Great Gay Hope for Gossip Girl


E! Online interviews Penn Badgley about his role on Gossip Girl, the CW’s new drama about privileged high school students in New York City, and offers some thoughts on the potential for his character. Gossip Girl is loosely based on a series of teen novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.

E!: In the books, Dan has a bi-curious element, no? He has questioned his sexuality.

Badgley: “Yeah, I think he’s straight-up gay in the books. But I don’t think network TV really has the balls to make one of their [teenage] series regulars gay. Let’s say the show builds up to become a big hit, then I think they’d maybe explore it in year three or four. It would be an interesting thing to do. It could bring in a whole different demographic.”

Actually, I think the demographic is ready, given drooling on gay message boards over the handsome male lead. And if Badgley isn’t eye candy enough for you, there’s a slew of other prettyboys, including…


…the Ian Somerhalder-esque Chace Crawford, who in real life has lately taken to “canoodling” with American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

Chace2 Chace3


  1. Lucy says

    Wow. It’s pretty tragic if it’s still not possible for an ENSEMBLE show with plenty of straight drama to premiere with at least one openly gay or bisexual regular character. I watched the first couple of episodes of this show, and I had no idea whatsoever that Dan was gay/bi in the books. In the series, they seemed to be positioning him as the main straight love interest for the main girl.

    I’ve heard that Blair (one of the other main characters) has a gay dad who will appear on the show, but I don’t know how much they’ll make of it. Given that the showrunner is Josh Schwartz, who’s a really young and liberal guy, and not some old suit, it’s a shame they’re not being a bit more daring.

  2. says

    Its no more or less mindnumbing that the other entries in this genre — 90210, Dawsons Creek — and its fun to watch just to see how they absurdly twist the New York landscape for plot devices.

  3. says

    Yeah Badgley looks good but I can never sit through that show. My sisters seem to love it. I’ll tell them today that the character he plays is supposed to be gay. They’ll hate me for sure but I’ll enjoy the look on their faces…(*Insert evil laughter here*)

  4. Chris says

    I think they totally will have a gay character on the show..though I dont know how it will be his character since he’s the romantic lead. I guess i need to pick up the books.

  5. says

    It’s actually a fun drinking-game show. Have a shot everytime they hit another TV cliche. You will love it. You’ll be drunk off your ass by the opening credits.

    Plus, the preeeeeety peeeeoople are actually quite entertaining.

    But yeah, its no worse than 90210 or Dawsons.

  6. Desideratum says

    See, what I like about Gossip Girl is that it knows it’s a cliche, and it embraces it. It’s not trying to be anything other than what it is, which is an hour of cheese.

  7. says

    The character Badgley plays, by the way, is supposed to be ‘equally’ comfortable in relationships with either males or females.

    Granted, it isn’t Masterpiece Theatre, but the pretty-young-thing quotient makes it at least bearable, if even with the sound off.

    I’ll take that over Cavemen any day.

  8. queendru says

    I’ve watched each episode and I couldn’t tell you he’s supposed to be gay or even bisexual. All of the principles are hopelessly heterosexual. The show is more shallow than a beauty pageant Q&A but I like Kristen Bell as narrator. The pretty people help but the show is pretty bad.

  9. Paul says

    I have to agree with a few of the others, stop trying to find value in this show. It is mindless entertainment. It has no agenda, it is about spoiled rich kids and those around them.
    i like the show, it is a guilty pleasure. I don’t care if there is a gay character or not, it is fun to watch. And although the characters are shallow, they do have some redeeming qualities, even the character Chuck Bass, who in the last episode came to his buddy’s rescue after his friend was roped into a poker party and completely set up to lose his shirt.
    If anyone was going to be gay on the show it would be Chuck Bass, because he is so narcissistic that he would want both to be in awe of him.
    Peg doesn’t come off as being gay at all…I can’t imagine they can pull that off. And Chace is just a beauty.
    but, the real fun is with the women, they can be such calous bitches, but they were made that way. They too, have some redeeming qualities. the parents are the ones who need a good slap, except for Dan (Peg’s) dad…who is even hotter than the young actors on the show.
    anyhow…i think it is fun, But like Queer is folk or any show that it is what is…you will always have people trying to criticize it.
    it may not resemble your life, but that is what fantasy is all about.

  10. Insideguy says

    If Penn Badgley wants to explore his gay/bi side I am available to consult with him at 555-698-2222. As if he’d ever!

    Gossip Girl is the newest guilty pleasure. Think, 90210 becomes the OC becomes Gossip Girl.

    90210 OC Gossip

    Outsider Outsider Outsider
    Brother & Semi Brother &
    Sister Brothers Sister
    Brendan Ryan Dan
    Brenda Seth Jenny

    The Loner The Loner The Loner
    Dylan Chuck

    Pretty Rich Pretty Rich Pretty Rich
    Blonde Blonde Blonde

    Mouthy Mouthy Mouthy
    Brunette Brunette Brunette
    Andrea Summer Blair

    Troubled Troubled Troubled
    Rich Boy Rich Boy Rich Boy
    Steve Luke Nate

    Younger Rich Younger Rich Younger Rich
    Boy Boy Boy
    David Erik

    Virginal Virginal Virginal
    Girl Girl Girl
    Donna Jenny

    Cool Parents Cool Parents Cool Parents
    The Walshes The Cohens Rufus

    Out of Touch Out of Touch Out of Touch
    Parents Parents Parents
    The Martins The Coopers Darla

    There is no Peach Pit, or Diner on the Pier but it is only episode 3 of Gossip Girl though clearly none of those girls never eat.

    And they say there is nothing new on TV LOL!!!

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