Perkins: Rudy Giuliani Would Support Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment


The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins claims that “Giuliani told him in a private meeting that if the Defense of Marriage Act appeared to be failing or if multiple states began to legalize same-sex marriages, then he would support the constitutional amendment.”

Giuliani neglected to mention marriage at all in his speech to the Values Voters Summit over the weekend, so Perkins said it was “nice to hear” an anti-gay pledge from the former NYC mayor.

The Hill also reports that Mike Huckabee was far and away the most well-received candidate at the summit, and Queerty’s Andrew Belonsky has more on the former Governor from Arkansas’ appearance.


  1. Anonymous says

    The Republicans have proven themselves to be the party of the far right. None of the Republican presidential candidates deserve our support, ever! Our best hope is that the Republicans go down in flames in 2008 and the power of the religious right goes down with them.

    The Family Research Council and Traditional Values Coalition are truly frightening organizations. The hatred they preach is astounding.

  2. Leland Frances says

    I rest my case on the two-faced Giuliani [actually I don’t but…].

    And, yet again, yesterday NBC’s Tim Russert referred to rude Rudy on his show as “pro gay.” Mainstream media does NOT take us seriously or they would not be endlessly repeating that lie.

    WHERE is GLAAD? Asleep at the switch as usual.

  3. Bill H says

    I’m sure others have made similar promises to similar groups in the past, on both sides of the spectrum, only to not fulfill them. On the other hand, it was Clinton who ended welfare as we knew it. My point? It’s all politics. What they do in office is much more important than what they say they’ll do before they get there.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t mean to insult our Italian-American brothers and sisters–I swear I don’t, but this demonic creature reminds me of some kinda’ Mafia Chiefton–ruthless and seedy. ‘Course, I’m only going by Hollywood movies and documentaries.

    Don’t get mad at me, I love Pacino, DeNiro, Scorcese, Ford Coppola and Sophia Loren. I even like Pelosi, but I can’t stand that Satanic Republican bastard who keeps using “9/11″ like some campaign slogan.
    WHat? Is he going to have a campaign jingle based on “9/11″?

  5. says

    Oh, has this man let me down! I voted three times for Rudy as Mayor of NYC. The first time he lost to the horror show that was Dinkins. But NYers finally realized that they voted the wrong guy in and voted Rudy for 2 terms. His administration cleaned up NY to what it is today (despite some moronic views that Times Square is too gentrified. Yeah, it is…better that anyone could walk on a gentrified 42nd street at midnight with no fear of being bombarded by the sex shops, the pimps and prostitutes, the druggies and the slimy dregs of society than having to suffer for years with it being one of the most dangerous places in NY. Screw you, naysayer’s – you’re mostly all transplants anyway). Sure, he had his problems as Mayor (like his far-too often defense of the police-over-civilians), but ya know what? I didn’t want a buddy as mayor – I wanted him to kick some ass and to clean up this amazing city I grew up in. And he did. Plus, he was the gay-friendliest mayor I can recall in my lifetime (I’m only old enough to go as far back as Beame).

    And when 9/11 happened, the world (and I) thought he was a hero. Alas, as history turned out, he was far from it. And he’s been pimping 9/11 ever since (including a fundraiser where he charged – and I kid you not – $9.11 a plate. This man has no shame!). Once a hero now a foe, he has personified pure ugliness…and hypocrisy. How I ever had faith in this guy boggles my mind.

    But this election is starting to scare me…the only person worth the presidency is John Edwards (unless you count Al Gore – but he’s not running) – and there’s no chance of his victory.

    If it’s Rudy VS. Hilary, do we really win?

  6. Leland Frances says

    Glad you’ve come to your senses about the poor man’s Godfather, Jeffrey, but, however imperfect she is, and she is, to say all that about Giuliani and imply that Hillary is remotely the same boggles MY mind.

    One of his PAID advisors is former Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle who’s said that “amending Iowa’s constitution to ban gay marriage is a quality of life issue…[an important] signal we send our kids.” Nussle also wants the US Constitution amended to ban gay marriage.

    Giuliani has condemned New Hampshire’s domestic partnership law saying it’s “too much like marriage.” You don’t hear Hillary or any other Dem doing that. They aggressively support domestic partnerships and federal benefits for same gender relationships.

    She was wrong to vote to authorize the Iraq invasion, but Giuliani has a hard on to continue that AND invade Iran. And he’s shamefully claimed that electing ANY Dem President would ipso facto result in American’s being killed. But what can you expect from someone who rimmed homo demonizer George Bush with public praise at the 2000 and 2004 Repug conventions?

    As mayor, he never worked to see that New York would, like San Francisco, implement a contracting law that would require companies doing business with it to provide domestic partner benefits to their employees and also provides civil rights and workplace protections to transgendered persons.

    In 1989 as candidate for Mayor, Giuliani criticized Mayor Koch’s plan to offer bereavement leave to gay city employees, calling it (through a spokesperson) “an ill-conceived political giveaway.”

    In 1993, he opposed Mayor Dinkins’ ban on travel by city employees to Colorado, imposed because of a boycott to the state’s antigay ballot initiative.

    Soon after becoming Mayor in 1994, Giuliani supported Ruben Diaz, who sat on the Police Department’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, who wrote a homophobic and AIDS-phobic column about the upcoming Gay Games being held in the city. The Mayor was quoted as saying, “I don’t condemn him” and said Diaz’s views reflected “a couple of thousand years of moral theology.”

    Soon after becoming Mayor, Giuliani eliminated the Office of Lesbian and Gay Concerns as well as liaison offices to other communities.

    Giuliani opposed the inclusion of lesbians and gay in multicultural curriculum.
    He appointed openly homophobic Irene Impellizzeri to the Board of Education and appointed AIDS-phobic board member Ninfa Segarra as Deputy Mayor.

    Giuliani defended the use of force to control demonstrators marching in honor of slain Matthew Shepard, furthering a perception among a number of communities in New York that the NYPD was becoming increasingly independent under Giuliani.

    Hillary, like all the Dems, supports eliminating DADTDP. Rudy would keep it.

  7. Castigator says

    Any Log Cabin Republicans crossing my path are going to get a swift kick in the balls, or my fist upside their head.

    Fucking hypocritical self hating bastards, I will burn your houses down!

    Ooo, did I say all that out loud?

  8. Bill Perdue says

    Giuliani’s political two step polka, like Hillary’s and Osama’s, keeps him ‘allemanding’ to the right. ”One step forward; two, three, four steps to the right.”

    The Republicans are in deep trouble because George Bush is arguably the worst president in US history. His murderous oil war is increasingly unpopular and prone to failure. His veto of children health millions learned that his real motto is “No child left Standing’. Republicans are afraid to share a platform with him and squirming to distance themselves.

    As der Gubernaor recently said “In movie terms, we are dying at the box office.” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), quoted by the Los Angeles Times, on the state of the Republican Party.

    The only thing Republicans have going for them is the Democrats’ abject record of treachery. They promised to end the war and instead they fund it and support broadening it. They’re building permanent air naval and military bases and transforming the Green Zone into an immense colonial fortress. They arrogantly voted to order the Iraqis to divide their country and to turn over its oil assets to American companies. They’re for an attack on Iran. Following the treachery of DOMA and DADT their exclusion of transsexuals from all civil rights protections and pulling the teeth of ENDA are no surprise.

    The repeated treachery of the Democrats is the best and only chance the Republicans have for winning.
    A Republican politician is a baboon in a people suit with a totalitarian christian attached at the hip. A Democratic politician is a Republican in drag.

  9. anon ( says

    Memo to Tony P.: Rudy’s lying to you, dear. Rudy’s main problem was that he cleaned up the city but didn’t clean up the govt. He was far too tolerant of endemic corruption. Right now, his pro-abortion stance is killing him with those on the religious right, so any anti-gay rhetoric on his part should be seen as a way to bring back those voters. However, abortion is far worse in their minds then anything gay.

  10. CLAYTON says

    I’m starting to pay more attention to Ron Paul …..
    Gay marriage is not the most important issue for me in this election and it shouldn’t be for anyone else either.
    It will happen eventually, what matters is if the country is still even running.
    the war, healthcare, global warming, education… let’s try and get a little perspective.

  11. Leland Frances says

    Poor Comrade Bill. Like anal warts he just keeps coming back.

    He’s so busy sit-spinning on his own dildo of toxic hate and lies that he can’t keep them, er, straight.

    Like all tin pot socialists, his first language is not English but Orwellian Newspeak.
    War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength, Democrats = Republicans. Gays Without Job Protections Are Good.

  12. says

    Unfortunately the only candidate in my opinion that is worth anything is Joe Biden. However he is not likely to win the nomination, and I am registered in the wrong party.

    I am likely going to vote Libertarian Party for president.

    When I ran for state house in 2002, people were more pissed at me for being openly gay and supporting gay issues than for being anti-abortion.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    Frances is losing it. Again.
    Inventing and Smiting straw men is a job for children and idiots although most of them aren’t as lazy and out of it as he is. When he’s not wailing at straw men he’s having senescent hissy fits but neither count as acceptable substitutes for providing cover for pro-war Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton, the Heir Apparent, or the antiENDA politics of Frank/Pelosi or the rightwing move of a candidate like Obama who associating with an ex-gay bigot. Too be honest, though, Obama’s going to have to move a whole lot further right if he wants to catch up with Hillary Clinton, who’s been wooing ultra rightist Faux News owner Rupert Murdoch since she arrived in New York.

    Frances’ repeated attempts to gloss over the damage done to us by the Clintons DOMA and DADT is inexcusable. He’s in a midget army of rightwing conservatives like Andrew Sullivan and rightwing liberals like John Aravosis who are in the shameful business of being apologists for bipartisan bigots who bitterly oppose ENDA and support it’s substitution by a toothless imitation.

    They’re lined up against a united, militant proENDA activist majority – those 300 groups taht Frances pretends don’t exist one minute and rails against the next. Before and especially after the 2008 election those activists will begin rejecting dependence on Democrats and Republicans and looking for independent ways to organize.

    The disgraceful rightward movement of Sullivan, avarosis et al, is the inevitable outcome of their being apologists for candidates like Clinton and Giuliani. They’re ensnared just as surely as Hillary Clinton was when she took the cowards way out and voted for the invasion of Iraq, and now she has to vote for war budgets every time they come up. She’s arrogantly joined Bush in demanding that Iraq be split three ways and that Iraq turn over it’s petro assets to US companies like Bush’s cronies in Hunt Oil of (you guessed it) Texas. She supports the invasion of Iran.

    The Democrats and Republicans who voted and continue to vote for the war are just as responsible as Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld and Gates. Their victims include Over 650,000 murdered Iraqis and as of today the GI death toll is 3,834 and the number of wounded is 27,753.
    Hillary’s mystery money men. Congress Wants to Split Iraq in Three Pieces, But Who Asked Them? California Nurses Association, NNOC, AFL-CIO, US Labor Party founding union. “Hillary Learned the Wrong Lesson from 1994 Health Care Fiasco Interview with investigative journalist SEYMOUR HERSH: ‘The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing’ Her Way: A New Book Explores Hillary’s Iraq Problem and Why It’s Not Going Away By Arianna Huffington, Posted May 30, 2007.

  14. vinny says

    Why does everyone keep saying “religious right “? There is nothing right about them. How bout Religious Reich, Religious Zealots, Religious Wrong, Religious Hypocrites? Come on people….Isn’t it time to call a spade a spade?

  15. anon ( says

    Sullivan has a schoolgirl crush on Obama right at the moment. Though before it’s all over he’ll no doubt have one of his hissy fits and run away into the arms of someone else. And his politics has been moving to the left recently, not to the right. His ridiculous tilting at windmills trying to define conservatism as a form of monastic self-discipline shows him to be a lover of ideas (particularly his own) almost to the point of neurosis. Those sky-castles just aren’t there.

    People who follow politics (it’s as insane as train spotting only more tedious) need to develop a calloused reverse cynicism: don’t think you are the only ones being lied to. Dobson has already publicly stated that under no circumstances can he support Rudy because of his abortion stance and other evangelicals have said the same thing. They simply haven’t picked their guy yet. They’d probably love to be able to support Jeb Bush, but that sound out of the question right now.

  16. qjersey says

    Guiliani has been played both sides against the middle since he first ran for mayor of NYC.

    A man who ends his marriage during a TV interview as the face for the sanctity of marriage? That’s as good as “family values” man Gingrich having an affair and then serving his first wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital.

  17. SeanR says

    Guiliani is willing to use gays as a political football in the same way he uses the memory of 9/11 to cover up how he was regarded prior to the terrorist attacks. As I recall, he was a lame duck.

    He has no right to play the marriage card given his own story … one marital breakdown is unfortunate, two seems to say something about his marriage. Sleazy and not in a good way. While Hillary’s marriage may not have been perfect, she’s stuck in there and one has to admire how she does not regard marriage as something to be consumed and disgarded.Moreover, it says a lot about how he treats women.

  18. Gianpiero says

    In the picture he looks like he’s about to trip over his shoelaces–which I hope happens, figuratively, sooner rather than later.

    This clown has to be stopped by the voters.

  19. says

    To the homosexual activists, and theo-phobic polemicistsm I offer you a different perspective…

    Let’s picture Rudy Giuliani as a Democrat (which he was for most of his adult life.) He has perfect credentials on Social issues like child-killing, partial birth abortion, federal funding for “poor women” to have abortions (read “black women” – whose sons will likely grow up to be criminals in Rudy’s world – so let’s kill them before they grow up and rob little old white ladies to satisfy their crack addiction), and his support for so-called homosexual marriage; add to that his unblemished betrayal of the Second Amendment, and he would be a stellar Democratic candidate – with the ethical stature of Al Sharpton, Al Gore, and Hillary herself.

    For talk radio and blogging fun, (while outside the N.Y. Times definition of acceptable mainstream debate) his personal life would serve as an inspiration to Bill Clinton. And finally, his treachery to the Catholic Church makes John Kerry look like a faithful communicant. Did you know that during his tenure as mayor Rudy revoked the permit of the Ancient Order of Hibernians for their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade? (The Hibernian’s are a faithful Catholic Fraternity) The sin of these rabid Catholics (in Rudy’s Reprobate World) was that they would not allow homosexual floats to process in a Catholic parade. The Catholics went to Federal Court, and got their parade permit back. Rudy went to Mass, and got communion.

    All this to say – if Rudy was a Democrat, GOP loyalists who put party ahead of principle would denounce him as Satan Himself – or at least Mayor Beelzebrooklyn – Lord of the N.Y. Flies. If he were a Democrat, Rudy would be the poster boy of GOP attack ads and fundraising appeals. Move over Willie Horton.

    But since the Republican Party and Republicans keeping power is evidently the heart and soul of Rudy supporters (like Texas Gov. Perry and NY House Member Sessions) they will betray Life, Marriage, Self-defense, and The Church Herself as long as a fellow Republican snatches power. Rudy may wade through the blood of the innocent to reach the thrown; he may be a stench in the nostrils of angels – and the nostrils of devils for that matter – but at least Rudy is a stench that comes from our stable. (And maybe we’ll get a cabinet appointment if he gets elected because we betrayed Life, Truth and Justice early in the process. “First loves” hold a special place in every political fornicator’s heart.)

    So, for those intolerant zealots who put principle ahead of party, party on. Fight on. Make political life miserable for Rudy, and the treacherous political prostitutes that are rushing to his harem. Maybe God will see from His heaven, and chastise Rudy (instead of the entire U.S. with a Giuliani Presidency) with the whips those young sodomites carry in their parades of diversity.

    And let’s answer the obsession of hating and fearing Hillary. It goes like this: “If it comes down to Rudy and Hillary, who would you vote for?” That’s easy; neither. Both of their social and family agendas were birthed in hell, and they can both take them back to the hot place. And for those who demand a Dante-esque debate on degrees of hell (thinking that Hillary is worse), you may find that Hillary’s pure evil is far less putrid and damnable than the hypocritical and seductive evil of Rudy’s caliber.

    Or put in political terms, an enemy outside the camp (Hillary) makes you vigilant; an enemy in the tent (Rudy) makes you dead. He can cut your throat in the night, or poison your food in the day. Rudy will slowly destroy the meager gains we have made, and will set the core of the GOP at war with itself. He will set the pro-life movement back 20 years; he will aid those who scoff at our right to self-defense; and believe me, he will be marching in the homosexual parades while assuring the religious right that he supports family values. At that point, the GOP will be a perverse echo of the Democratic party.

    So, if it comes to Rudy and Hillary, just say no. Vote for an independent that does not have blood on his or her hands, and do everything in your power to deny Rudy the White House.

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