1. Brian says

    Just goes to show ya that skinny guys can be hot too. Hotties come in all shapes and sizes.

    My friend David has been studying the various kinds of hotness, through a course of academic inquiry to which he refers as “hotology”… looking at what makes someone hot, can one transition from not-hot to hot (or the other way around), can one be hot and not conform to the generally accepted societal definition of hotness, etc. Does anyone have any interest in adding to the discussion?

  2. Kevifabulous says

    I don’t think this guy from UGLY BETTY is hot and not conforming to societies definition. I think the fact he works out so much IS conforming to societies view. Some people are just so vain they can’t actually look at a face and say “That’s cute”, they have to see the “whole package” (meaning just the body in gay terminology). This guy is naturally cute, but he just works out a lot. The fact he works out is what gets gay men interested. Here is my academic inquiry, That a gay man would take someone with a hot body and ugly face OVER someone who is naturally good looking with a so/so body.

  3. melpel says

    Brian, Christopher Gorham was in Jake 2.0 where he played a sort of bionic man. He needed to have a good physique for that role, and he obviously has been very good at keeping it up. I personally think he is very cute (before I saw the hot body) and I think it just comes down to a matter of what types interest you. Not everyone is attracted to the football players and wrestlers. And it just so happens that Christopher Gorham is definitely my type, even without the hot sexy body.

  4. Bill says

    Well, this guy is cute and he does have a hot body. I think most of us are initially attracted to the whole package; it’s the physical appeal that draws us. It is the brain and personality of the object of our affection, however, that truly wins us over in the end and causes us to fall in love. Often, the hot body is not enough.

  5. tonyg says

    Hmm, I always thought this actor was adorable, way before I saw his body (this is the first time I’ve seen it). I watched that show he was on with Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing just because I found him quite fetching.

    I disagree that gay men only check out the body. Sure, a lot do, and a nice body is a good thing. But the face gets us – like, do I care if Jake G’s body is perfect? No, he’s beautiful, and whatever his body’s like is a-ok with me. (Just an example – I have a feeling Jake’s body is pretty darned buff.)

    Actually, although Chris Gorham’s chest is something to behold, I think he’s a bit TOO thin here in these pics – that lower left pic is kind of… creepy? If he were a woman, he’s be in tabloids right next Nicole Richie.

  6. rascal says

    “Hotology”?! I hope to God you’re kidding. Years ago when I used to get stoned too much my roommate and I spent half a day composing an extensive “academic” letter to the makers of Teddy Grahams explaining that the ratio of cookies with the arms in the “up” position to the “down” position did not match the depiction of the product on the box. That effort was infinitely more worthwhile than “Hotology.”

  7. Brian says

    Rascal… LOL… yeah, “hotology” is not an actual academic discipline. It’s an ongoing fun conversation we’ve been having, usually after a first martini, over the past 2 years. :-)

    I totally agree with Kevifabulous that the fact that Gorham works out does conform to one of the ideas of mainstream hotness. But it’s interesting that we can see so many different body types and still identify the person as “hot”. Guys can be twink-hot like the kid from Queer as Folk, muscle-man hot like the Chelsea stereotype, daddy hot like Christopher Meloni, intelligent hot like Jon Stewart, bad boy smack-me-around hot like James Laurenitis (the defensive player for Ohio State… look it up if you don’t know him yet). It’s interesting how the brain can assign hotness so many different types of people. It also points out the silliness of those Manhunt ads that say “white only” or “under 20 only”, or whatever. People have their own tastes, of course, but isn’t it fun to realize that there’s a hottie in every size, shape, and color?

  8. soulbrotha says

    I agree with Melpel & Tony G. I totally thought that “Henry” was hot BEFORE I saw his body. I have always been attracted to face first, brain/personality second, and body last. The cute nerdy guys (“Steve” from Sex in the City) always drive me wild.

  9. Kevifabulous says

    To update, I am not saying EVERY gay man takes body over face. I am, however, saying that the MAJORITY of gay man prefer body to face. Materialism and Appearance are tied to a lot of gay men’s idea of what is “hot”.

  10. Becks07 says

    I honor the right for anyone to find anyone attractive — so I hope I won\\\’t get flamed for saying I don\\\’t think this guy is cute AT ALL.

    In fact, the whole dynamic of unattractive-faced guys being driven to their last gram of body fat is kind of sad, so they can somehow \\”fit in\\” to a perceived gay paradigm.

    In a better world, the reveal would have been a great wit or a truly compelling into the human condition. And a 10\\” cock LOL

  11. Daniel says

    I’ve thought he was adorable since the first time I saw him years ago and still think so.

    I love the way we can all sit at our computers and psychoanalyze someone we’ve never met all based on our own biases.

  12. David Robison says

    I love the glasses (I’m married to a nerd) and I think he’s adorable. I find his body at little grotesque though. I was looking forward to something human, not humanoid. And maybe, just maybe, a touch of natural hair. Oh well. Mustn’t let something human like body hair get in the way of squeaky clean Madison Ave./mainstream porn sex.

  13. nillachino says

    I’ve liked CG since Jake 2.0 (and it’s too soon demise one of the reasons I can’t get into Chuck). I was so excited when he became a love interest for Betty. He is simply gorgoeous. The “new” hot body is just icing.

    I stopped my dvr playback on the preview for a good 5 minutes when it aired. wow.

  14. says

    Men don’t naturally have ripped muscles: it takes a lot of work. In fact, I think the pecs make him look rather lopsided (but I wouldn’t throw him out of bed, as if I had a choice!) As for the nerd factor, neither he nor Betty are unattractive out of character, but their characters are made up to be that way. I don’t forget that the sensitive intellectual is a gay stereotype: it’s no wonder he is an icon to some. I think others of us are interested in the picture because it’s a male celebrity we know showing skin, so it therefore has prurient attraction.

    In any case, the ripped revelation plays to the general tenor of our society to value slight (ecto- to mesomorphic) builds. In that sense, he fits a rather strong social ideal. To come from the opinion touting “how cute a skinny guy can be,” seems rather misguided. Endomorphs and non-gym rats are routinely eschewed in our culture, especially among the majority of gay men.

  15. a9k says

    For what it’s worth, he was also borderline aesthetic/athletic on Odyssey 5 too.

    Kind of an astronaut bad boy with a motorcycle and the requisitte long hair.

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