Washington GOP Rep. Richard Curtis Resigns Amid Gay Sex Scandal

Washington State GOP Representative Richard Curtis has resigned following a gay sex scandal in which Curtis claims he was the victim of an extortion attempt. However, extortion appears to be the least of the problems for the married Republican. Today, he submitted his resignation to the House leader.

Curtis_2Washington House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt issued the following statement this afternoon:

“I am very disappointed by the news reports of the conduct by Rep. Curtis last week in Spokane. After discussing this matter with House Republican leaders, he has submitted his resignation, which we feel is best for everyone involved. The troubling details continue to emerge, however, it has become clear that he can no longer effectively represent the constituents who elected him. We pray that Richard and his family have the strength and support they need to meet the personal challenges they face.”

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  1. Paul says

    It’s hard to be too gleeful given what his family is going through, but this guy got what he deserved. As I’ve said before, so many people get in scandals because they’re cheap—to cheap to hire hookers or, in this case (perhaps), pay them what’s agreed to. Though in this case the guy was playing with fire regardless.

    The truly upsetting thing is the thought of this gay in drag. He’d be one fugly woman.

  2. JR says

    This whole thing is just ugly. Having been personally involved with someone that has self-loathing issues, it makes me sad to know that this is the sort of thing that happens to men that hate themselves. Something like this was bound to happen to this guy. Too bad his family is now caught up in it. It is sort of odd that it has become such a pervasive news story. Does this go on with Democrats? It has to, right? Interesting. Discuss.

  3. says

    It became such a big(ish) story because of the hypocrisy. He is a Republican with an anti-gay voting record including voting against the recent Washington domestic partnership bill.

  4. JR says

    Just want to clarify that what I meant was that this (Republican hypocrites) has become such a pervasive news story, not this specific story. Every few weeks there’s something else about one of these guys either in a restroom, or online or somewhere else. They’re always “not gay” (except for Foley) and “the media” is distorting the facts. Curtis has made this one even more interesting by admitting to the details in a police report but making a statement that he did not engage in any of the alleged activity. Huh?

  5. thin mint says

    This is what I was saying in the other thread: I have a feeling that the Repubs are deliberately cutting loose all their gays at once. Otherwise, it strains credulity that SO many Republican lawmakers would be arrested for the same thing in the space of a few months.

    My guess is that these guys have been fooling around with little effort at discretion for years, knowing that they could count on their party’s clout to keep their peccadilloes out of the news (hence Craig’s attempt at a quiet guilty plea, which he thought would make the story go away.)

    But now, the party leadership has decided for whatever reason to withdraw its patronage without warning, catching a bunch of guys off-guard.

    Does this make me a conspiracy theorist? I’m kind of the opposite of that, though, because what I think is that a conspiracy of silence has been abruptly discontinued.

  6. Nita says

    HE ROLLED OVER TOO SOON. What is this? If he’s the victim of an extortion plot, then HE’S the victim. This isn’t crack, and even if it was, if his citizens felt he was doing a great job they’d still vote for him!

    I don’t get this rolling over. When you roll over that quickly, it means that there are other things going on in the background that fighting would reveal. He’s ‘guilty’ of a lot more than just getting rolled by hustlers and vaguely worded but bluntly intended attempts at bribing the cops through his office. Was he paying off hustlers with government money? getting them jobs? unrevealed drug habit?

    I have no sympathy for wifey because wifey probably knew the whole time, but put status above a divorce and getting a real (straight) man. Like the wives who claim their husbands can do whatever they want as long as they’re discreet and it doesn’t come back to wifey. That (as with all things) is just my opinion, though.

    Dude should have fought.

  7. Nita says

    Thin Mint wrote, “This is what I was saying in the other thread: I have a feeling that the Repubs are deliberately cutting loose all their gays at once. Otherwise, it strains credulity that SO many Republican lawmakers would be arrested for the same thing in the space of a few months.”

    Why would Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by orchestrating the entrapment of closeted gay men? closeted gay men in the party are RICH! gay men the past 25 years have been some of the most effective backers of the Republican party.

    If so many lawmakers are getting arrested, it just means those men caught were sloppy in their ‘trolling for anonymous sex’ skills.

  8. Nita says

    By the way, “But now, the party leadership has decided for whatever reason to withdraw its patronage without warning, catching a bunch of guys off-guard.”

    withdrawing patronage? you may be right about that.

    the only problem I have with that is that the only people the Bush administration has really cared about is those who don’t show ‘loyalty’. I will bet dollars to donuts Bush himself does not care about whether someone is gay, straight, or zoo — as long as that person is loyal to him.

    so, goes back to, again, if ‘patronage’ is withdrawn, there’s other stuff going on that has nothing/little to do with trying to intentionally send a warning to gays. and if those guys didn’t have their ear to the ground to know to be more discreet….. then perhaps the chaff should have been separated from the grain in the first place.

  9. Leland Frances says

    Still looking for someone to create a site with one of those automatically updating calendar/clocks a la the Backwards Bush clock or how much money Bill Gates made today, though in this case the theme would be “Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds Since The Last Closeted Repug Was Busted.”

    This is your chance for fame and maybe even a TV interview by everyone’s favorite closet queen talking head, Anderson Cooper!


  10. Rafael says

    Mike Jones’ allegation that he had sex with Larry Craig could support the Thin Mint’s theory. It was just very suspicious that Mr. Jones would come forward with such a claim out of the blue.

    On the other hand where are the log cabin republicans? don’t they have anything to say? or any support to lend to their fellow closeted party members? I’m amazed at how insignificant they are, even within their own party.

  11. So Left I'm Right says

    There’s no conspiracy here, there’s just that much hypocrisy and bullshit among the Republican haters. Six years of unbridled rule under a fanatic administration and you get sloppy. Not a surprise that they all “come out” of the woodwork now, if you will. I cannot wait until the Larry Flynt story…stay tuned. I’m guessing a major closet-case US Senator.

    Let us not forget that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no sense in which one cannot recognize that Democrats have a long and (not) distinguished history of corruption. But people who don’t condemn others for their sexual orientation/preference/actions cannot be held up as hypocrites the way the sicko closet case Rethugs can when they get caught.

    Do you really feel sorry for these people? I guess I feel slightly sorry for their families, who didn’t have any control over this kind of nonsense, but I do not ever feel sorry for the Republican politician who makes it a point to legislate hate when he gets caught with his proverbial pants down. Fuck this faggot along with the rest of the hypocrites in that party of sad, debilitating hatred.

  12. DC Arnold says

    I feel for this guy’s family but I learned in my coming out days that a bookstore encounter should never progress past the occupied booth. Stupid is as stupid does.

  13. Choirboy says

    I’m tellin’ ya, there’s something in the water in Spokane. ALl kinds of these types running around there. I should know. Used to be one of ’em.

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