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King Tut: Egypt's Ancient Ruler Unmasked


Following a two-year restoration, during which the famous Egyptian King's male member was thought lost and then found, King Tut went on display, unmasked to the general public for the first time in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt.

The Independent writes: "Naturally, the face the world can now see is a lot less idealised than the lustrous and splendid golden mask. It is shrivelled and leather-like from the embalming process. But, if less idealised, it is a lot more human and exhibits one very human characteristic in particular: he might have been the lord of all he saw, but young King Tut had buck teeth. The mummified face clearly display the "overbite" which was characteristic of the Thurmosid royal line to which Tutankhamun belonged."

The restoration also saw the mummy be put into a CT scanner so researchers could perhaps determine the cause of his death. The results ruled out a violent death for the ancient ruler (who many thought was assassinated) but revealed a fractured left thigh, leading some researchers to speculate that Tut may have died of an infection brought on by the injury.

Archaeologist Howard Carter opened King Tut's tomb 85 years ago, in 1922. Carter's benefactor, Lord Carnarvon, died seven weeks after the tomb was opened, giving rise to the legend of the "curse" of King Tut's tomb. Carter lived another ten years.


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  1. He had some sexy lips. I aint crazy about the feet though.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Nov 5, 2007 10:34:37 AM

  2. Derrik, would you PLEASE get out of my head! lol.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Nov 5, 2007 11:00:06 AM

  3. Derrik, would you PLEASE get out of my head! lol.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Nov 5, 2007 11:00:27 AM

  4. Girl's looking a little ashy.

    Posted by: Brian | Nov 5, 2007 11:13:30 AM

  5. He looks healthier than most of the guys I dated in my 20s!

    Posted by: Allen | Nov 5, 2007 12:34:11 PM

  6. Colin, meet Tut. Tut, Colin.

    Posted by: anon ( | Nov 5, 2007 12:49:00 PM

  7. I can see it now - will make Tut the "Hot Slut of the Day" soon! LOL

    Seriously, though, I wonder how I would feel if I knew that people would be checking out my dead body over 3000 years later.

    Posted by: Jake | Nov 5, 2007 1:57:48 PM

  8. Why so much botox in the forehead, when there are such awful bags under the eyes?

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 5, 2007 5:11:36 PM

  9. God...He reminds me of my cousin Malik...long face and all...

    Posted by: Shabaka | Nov 5, 2007 7:05:08 PM

  10. Derrick...I swear, you're a mess...

    Posted by: Shabaka | Nov 5, 2007 7:06:14 PM

  11. That overbite is killing me though.

    Their dental skills must have been limited back in the day.

    Posted by: Jordan | Nov 5, 2007 8:08:17 PM

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