Brian Paddick Named Liberal Democrat Candidate for London Mayor

Brian Paddick, the former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police and Britain’s highest-ranking openly gay law enforcement official prior to his retirement, has been named the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor in an election scheduled for May 1st of next year. He’ll face incumbent mayor Ken Livingstone of the Labour party and Boris Johnson of the Tories.

PaddickThe Guardian reports: “In his first speech after being chosen, Paddick said that crime was the ‘number one priority’ of Londoners and urged them to look at his track record. ‘I am going to work with the commissioner to transform the relationship between the police and Londoners so that all but the tiny lawbreaking minority will have trust and confidence in, and be justifiably proud of their police service,’ he said. ‘The effect on crime and disorder will be dramatic.’ With all three major parties fielding well known names in next year’s poll, the stage is now set for the most high-profile mayoral election since the position was introduced in 2000, as Paddick locks horns with the controversial Livingstone and the eccentric Johnson.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Paddick’s tell-all memoir was scheduled for publication on April 7, one month before the election, and the former officer hinted at sensational revelations: “You will be very surprised by some of the things in it, I can assure you.”

More on the potentially explosive memoir here.

Brian_paddickFollowing the London Tube bombings in July 2005, Paddick was thrust into the spotlight, and made news again after he claimed he was being made the fall guy in order to protect the job of Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, following the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician who was mistakenly shot to death in connection with the bombings.

Still, Paddick’s popularity sparked rumors that he was going to get involved in politics as recently as last May.

A 2003 profile in the Guardian noted Paddick’s sense of humor: “Mr Paddick is relaxed enough to laugh at himself and told a gay magazine: ‘My last staff officer got promoted and went to royalty protection. In his leaving card I wrote, ‘Same job, different Queen’.'”


  1. Dutchguy says

    My boyfriend and I met him in person a couple of years ago in a London club. We ended up drinking a good deal of the night away together with him and his significant other. I’m not sure he is still in the picture though.

    BTW, he’s hotter in person…

  2. Zeke says

    It would be awesome if gay men could score a European hat-trick by holding the mayor’s offices in its three top cities (London, Paris and Berlin).

    Two down, one to go!

    Oh, and as hard as I try to not be a shallow gay male, I can’t help but co-sign with the comments above. WOOF! We just can’t fight our nature! :)

  3. Zeke says

    DUTCHGUY, I believe you about him being even hotter in person.

    I ran into, and had a beer with, Robert Irvine (the hot English muscle stud from Dinner Impossible) in the airport in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. He too is hotter in person.

    My husband was SOOOOO jealous when I put him on the phone with Mr. Irvine. Dinner Impossible is one of his favorite shows.

    OK, that was my shameless and off topic name drop for the week. After two weeks of holding onto it I just had to find a way to shoe-horn that little story into one of these threads! 😉

  4. Joshua says

    He’s also something of an Enviromentalist….my partner and I met him at a party in 2005 for the animal welfare group I work for. A very nice, intelligent and hot man.
    But, he dosen’t stand a chance of winning, the Lib/Dem’s aren’t popular enough in London. Though he might pull a lot of Livingston’s support. People want someone with less controversial actions, but intelligent enough to do the job. He could win that way.
    Boris is a hoot, and great fun to get drunk with, before he quit drinking, but too flaky for most.

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