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Brian Williams: "Marriage is Under Attack"

Jeremy at Good As You caught this bit from Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News picking up a few right-wing talking points.

Jeremy notes: "...even if the gays are not the specific destructive force to which Williams or his writer are referring in this intro, the hyperbolic idea that this institution is being "attacked" is one that is most often associated with anti-gay marriage campaigns. So at best, this was bad news writing; at worst, it's a prominent journalist and news outlet taking some irresponsible rhetorical bait."

Glenn Greenwald also picked up on Good As You's tip on Salon, and notes: "None of this is to say that Williams is concealing some sort of right-wing ideology. But would it ever be possible to compile enough evidence to force an abandonment of that most scared, petulant and patently false Article of Faith among our right-wing warriors and their media allies -- namely, that our establishment press is a "liberal media" that is hostile to conservatives?"

Video: Is this NBC News or 'The 700 Club'?! [good as you]

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  1. Wow...I love how the responsibility for the state of marriage in this country has to do with everyone but the people involved in it...straight, heterosexual people!! Seriously, the victimization is unbelievable. Straight folks have to got to fix their own issues.

    Below is a satirical list of "Ten Things Straight People can do to Save Straight Marriage. These written by Connie Rice (a Civil Rights attorney in L.A., first or second cousin to Condoleeza Rice) and frequent commentator on the NPR "Tavis Smiley Show" of 2004 (a news program that addresses issues the African-American community). They provide good bullet points, especially when debating this issue with religious/conservative relatives (believe me, I know from experience).

    10. Fair Housework & Childcare Act -- Requires married men to do at least half the housework and child rearing duties, or face being charged with a class-C felony.

    9. 'Til Death Do Us Part Amendment -- Outlaw divorce. Heterosexuals get divorced at the drop of a hat. It's the 50 percent divorce rate in the United States that’s the mortal threat to marriage, not gays and lesbians.

    8. Scarlet Letter Amendment -- All divorced persons will have a scarlet "D" tattooed on their foreheads, which can be removed only upon permanent re-marriage to their original spouse.

    7. Serial Marriage Crime Act -- Divorced persons who remarry and fail to stay married are subject to the category 63 mandatory minimum sentencing guideline: life in prison.

    6. Gold Digger Prevention Act (AKA the "Bling-Bling Ban") -- All women selecting husbands solely by an accumulated assets index shall forfeit all claim to their mates' wealth and be forced to take a vow of poverty.

    5. In-Law Limitation Act -- In-laws can only visit their heterosexually married children once a year.

    4. Mistress and Intern Prohibition Act (AKA the Condit, Clinton, Gingrich, Hyde and Livingston Act) -- Do what the Seventh Commandment says. You want to promote the sanctity of marriage? Outlaw extramarital affairs. Also, no members of Congress who have had flings can vote on this act when it comes to a vote -- it'll be a short roll call.

    3. Marital Security Act -- Put LoJack locator devices or electronic bracelets on all husbands who travel to play basketball, attend other business meetings or just leave the house on weekends.

    2. Desecration of Marriage Act (AKA the Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Swaggert Prevention Act) -- All heterosexual persons who make a mockery of marriage with absurd behavior shall be subject to mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for category 37: 30 years imprisonment.

    1. Leave No Child Unborn Act -- To encourage the real purpose of marriage -- which according to President Bush is to provide stability for raising children -- birth control will be outlawed for married couples, who henceforth will be required to produce progeny within the first five years of marriage... or explain to Karl Rove why there's no children.


    Procreation Facilitation Act -- All married mens' prescriptions for Viagra will be tax deductible.

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    Posted by: Don | Nov 20, 2007 10:49:00 PM

  2. Sorry about the typos!!

    Posted by: Don | Nov 20, 2007 11:20:30 PM

  3. Bizarrely, this is almost the exact same intro used by a Sydney news anchor reporting on the story this week on Channel 7 news in Australia this week. I was so shocked when Ian Ross on the 6pm news said "in a time when the institution of marriage is under threat" I thought I must have misheard???

    Are NBC sharing scripts with Channel 7 in Australia???

    Posted by: Drew | Nov 20, 2007 11:39:13 PM

  4. Would you give me a break guys...cmon now everyone is not out to get us. I watched this story last nite and clearly it was made as a reference to the fact that marriage as an institution has been tested overall. Let us not begin to paint every statement with an anti gay/human rights brush...

    Posted by: John | Nov 21, 2007 12:19:34 AM

  5. Brian Williams is a dick and has always been a dick (and no offense to dicks). The guy poses as a "serious" journalist, but it's like this: I served in TV journalism with Walter Cronkite. I knew Walter Cronkite personally and, Mr. Williams, you are no Walter Cronkite. In other words, Williams like his "buddy" Brit Humes represent the "dumbing down" of American news. Watching Brian Williams is like watching ice cream melt.

    Posted by: mike | Nov 21, 2007 5:22:21 AM

  6. Yeah, this sounds like bad news writing in a REALLY awful way. I hope the folks at GLAAD have picked this up and are running after the news producers like crazy.

    Posted by: Kevin | Nov 21, 2007 10:01:55 AM

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