1. Mike says

    And…and…then, oh God this is funny…then she said ice cream. LOL! Of all the funny twists in life…of all the desserts! She said ice cream! LOL OMG I love this show. God! What incredible writing!

    Why is this show still on?

  2. says

    The real story is what happened to the new gay neighbors? They only had one or two lines in last week’s episode (even though a huge party scene took place at their house) and they didn’t appear at all in last night’s episode. The preview for next week also doesn’t show them. When will they appear again?

  3. queendru says

    Her husband Orson talked about remembering his circumcision because it was done at 5 when his dad was out of town. His mom had said she was taking him for ice cream.

    Well, obviously he didn’t want Bree to circumcise the baby but she did it anyway.

    I was happy to here Orson’s arguing that it should be up to each grown man to decide whether to get circumcised or not.

  4. Jonathon says

    I am one of those who wish I still had my foreskin intact. It is a real shame that so many boys are circumsized with no real reason, other than “tradition”. True, there are a few health factors that uncircumsized men have to deal with that circumsized ones don’t, but I feel that it is better to leave the foreskin alone than to remove it.

    I have actually come to prefer men who are uncircimsized. They’re a lot more sensitive and having the extra skin means that their cock moves more easily inside a condom and are less likely to break one, increasing their pleasure while still protecting me.

    Then again, I have had a couple of partners whose foreskins wouldn’t retract and were a bit deformed. These guys really needed a circumsizion in order for their penises to work properly and to be able to engage in “normal” sex. There are times where it needs to be done, but the other 99% of the time they should leave the little boys’ penises alone!!

  5. says

    How is it possible for a person who’s uncut to say “it’s ture we have more pleasure.” Unless you’ve been both recently, I’m just not buying.

    I say this as person who, by the way, probably won’t choose to circumcize my kids when I have any.

  6. Jordan says

    Exactly Ryan. I’m not buying the bullshit about foreskin being so much better. Unless you’ve experienced having both (and remembering), you don’t know.

    I do know that aesthetically speaking, uncircumcised dicks are a turn-off for me, but that’s just a personal preference (yeah, I’m a picky bitch).

    I love Bree, but I thought the storyline about Gaby was much funnier (I hope they really did kill her husband), and Lynette’s adventure with her mother was priceless (and sad).

    And is it just me, or is Carlos getting hotter each season?

  7. john says

    I have seen some really nice uncut ones but have also seen some that were just gross. Same goes for cut ones.
    DIcks are like snowflakes they are all different and all beautifull depending on what you like.

  8. nic says

    imo, uncut dicks are more attractive. the last consideration for me, though, is to whom that wonderful organ is attached, irrespective of foreskin.

    i think that it is illogical, if not irrational, however, to mutilate the human body. is the journey from the warm mother’s womb to the cold, outside world not traumatic enough for every baby without subjecting the male ones to another trauma?

    should we automatically excise the appendix because a baby may later develop appendicitis, or perform tonsillectomies because the child may get throat infections later? that’s crazy.

    70% of the male population on this planet is uncut. europeans, asians, non-muslim africans, and latinos are mostly uncut. hell, even prince william is uncut. only jews, muslims and americans routinely circumcise. humans have survived millennia without this needless procedure.

    in explaining my preference for uncut wee-wees, i offer this: i look at them as xmas or birthday presents that are twice-wrapped. you tear off the first wrapping (the boxers or briefs, duh) to see the major gift. then, you peel back the second wrapping to reveal the second surprise.

    “ecce homo!”

  9. AmateurKinky says

    I’m Uncut and I’m Asian.

    I think Circumcised Penis is somehow deformed, even though sometimes I get turned on by the idea of circumcision and think about getting cut myself

    I’m also not very comfortable about Parents making such a decision for their boys – I mean you can get cut anytime as a adult but foreskin never grows back by itself

    But I do agree that if you come across a unhygienic partner, a cut penis might taste better

  10. shane says

    Amazing how those with foreskin think that’s how it should be.
    African Christians also circumcise.
    International health organizations are promoting circumcision after it was discovered that circumcised males had lower rates of HIV infection.
    Studies have also shown that there is no decrease in sensitivity as a result of circumcision. There are lots of nerve endings in the glans.
    Choose? Uh, I don’t remember getting it done and that’s the way it should be. I have friends who had it done as adults – NO THANK YOU!
    It’s a little peice of useless skin that made my d*ck much better looking once removed.
    There are lots of hygiene-related conditions that afflict uncut men – some of them very painful. Plus, too many uncut guys don’t wash their d*cks.
    And don’t even get me started on the snuffleupenis!!

  11. says

    ^^ African Christians also circumcise. ^^

    Coptics, yes. Others, no. Over 90% of the world’s xians don’t. Catholic Church officially says don’t.

    ^^ International health organizations are promoting circumcision ^^

    One desperate ineffective charity. Actual medical associations around the world condemn circ. Even the Israel Medical Association doesn’t recommend it.

    ^^ Studies have also shown that there is no decrease in sensitivity as a result of circumcision. ^^

    Not true. In a rigourous US study mapping the pleasure receptive capacity of 17 spots on the penis, the top 5 were all on the parts circ amputates. The most sensitive part of a cut man was near his scar.

    In a Korean study of men cut as adults, only like 20% would admit sex was different after circ. Of those, most said it was worse.

    ^^ There are lots of nerve endings in the glans ^^

    Pain receptors, yes. The highest concentration of pleasure receptors is in the frenulum (severed or crushed in circ) followed by the ridged band (excised in circ).

    ^^ It’s a little peice of useless skin that made my d*ck much better looking once removed. ^^

    Although as you say you say you have no basis for comparison.

    ^^ too many uncut guys don’t wash their d*cks. ^^

    That’s not grounds to mutliate someone.

    Every mammal on earth evolved his foreskin before there was surgery or even soap. Foreskin feels really good.

  12. says

    Bree’s comments about the “necessity” for doing circumcision at birth “so the baby won’t remember it” is based on a common myth. Evidence is mounting in the fields of medicine, psychology and bodywork that trauma to infants and children – though it may not be consciously remembered later – can have lifelong effects.

    The Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health is a leader in this field (

    For anyone who doubts the severity of the trauma or that it can make a lifelong subconscious impression, simply watch scenes of an infant being circumcised (a good source is “Whose Body, Whose Rights?” at

    Despite recent dubious “studies” showing alleged medical advantages, no medical association in the world recommends infant circumcision. It persists because of social custom.

    Genital cutting of children is a human rights issue, where not only children’s genitals should be left intact, but their right as well to make such a personal medical/social/aethetic decision when they’re old enough to understand the consequences.

  13. nic says

    thanx RON LOW and TIM SALLY. you guys answered point for point the rationalizations for mutilation. i’m on the side of the angels on this. (and yes, i do say that with irony.)

  14. James Loewen says

    Having personally experienced life and sex without a foreskin, and then after years of foreskin restoration experiencing sex with a partially restored foreskin I can tell you that sex is better with movable penile skin, as nature intended.

    There are no reasonable arguments for cutting the genitals of children, only pathetic excuses.

    For those who claim to be offended by the sight of intact genitals, give your head a shake. What other culturally induced biases/prejudices do you have?

    The cavalier attitude that “there are plenty of nerves left in the glans” after circumcision (amputation of the highly erogenous foreskin) is wishful thinking on the part of those who wish to justify what was done to them. Which of your other senses are so richly endowed that you would up part with part of them? Your eyesight, your hearing? Why do you justify some dolt with a scalpel censoring your sexual perception?

  15. says

    Circumcision is mutilation and torture. When will we get out of these dark ages of genital mutilation? While it’s true that babies won’t remember it being done- it doesn’t mean they won’t find out. I didn’t find out about circumcision until I was 22 years old. Now I’m fucking pissed off this is happening and continues to happen. I’m restoring using t-tape and trying to educate others that cutting the genitals is wrong. You wouldn’t cut a girl’s genitals, why is it acceptable to cut a boy’s? Absolute insanity.

  16. Victor Lazlo says

    West of the continental divide, especially in California, most babies are no longer cut at birth. But you’d never guess that from TV and film scripts, including Desperate Housewives. Hollywood is behind the curve here, even though I suspect that a lot of boys born to stars nowadays are being left intact, just like other southern California boys. I conclude that scriptwriters are tone death to the rise of intactivism in California.

    Of course, the bulk of the audience for TV and film live east of Denver, in the land of Wonderbread eaters and mall rats. Tens of millions of families in the American heartland cannot accept the anteater look. Mom and Dad don’t want to see a foreskin when they change a diaper or give a bath. They don’t want to check when he becomes retractable, then teach him to keep clean under there. All this is soooo gross, ya know.

    Dad has guilty memories of wanting to tease the uncuts in the summer camp and high school gym locker room. Mom thinks “If I had dated a guy whose looked like that, I would have gagged” then shudders. It’s so much easier to pay a doctor $200 to cut the thing off, and set the mind at ease once and for all. That what is cut off could make sex smoother and more fun is something that millions of Americans close their eyes to.

    I know that this is supposed to be a gay place. But I want you all to know that some straight women have made very eloquent posts on the web about the sexual glories of the foreskin. Try Topix Human Sexuality. Foreskin can rock, man.

  17. Sue says

    Well, I have been with circumsized and uncircumsized and sex is way better uncircumsized. I think it is because of the movement and the dick doesn’t look weird to me at all. If you aren’t going 2 circumsize your son, then you need to teach him/them how to clean it. So I love it natural!

  18. Marcwolf says

    If I went to the doctor and asked them to remove over 16 square inches of skin from my hands, complete with sensory nerves they would think I was insane.
    On the other hand – they would not think me insane for having a circumcision.
    Fortunatately I am intact.

  19. Lanna says

    I must say that many people from USA are very narrow minded. I was born in a country where genital mutilation of either sex is practically illegal. I love INTACT men, and I find the foreskin beautiful, and fun to play with sexually. And I always use condoms, so there is no way I’ll be catching any STDs. Intact men, you have something men who are proud of their mutilation can only dream of! NATURAL IS THE BEST!

    P.S. I am a girl.

  20. Timbeau says

    There are way too many cut who think that just because they don’t have a foreskin they don’t have to wash their dick. Uncut men are cleaner because they KNOW they have to wash under the skin. Keep you whistle clean or it won’t get blown!

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