Gay Vallejo Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Public Intoxication

Gary Cloutier, the openly gay candidate in the neck-and-neck Vallejo, California mayoral election (the votes are still being counted) was arrested over the weekend in Palm Springs for public intoxication.

CloutierThe Times-Herald reports:

“Police were called to the area of Arenas Road and Calle El Segundo for a report of an intoxicated man attempting to drive away around 3:45 a.m, a Palm Springs Police Department press release said. Cloutier, 45, was arrested after police found him in the driver’s seat of a newer Cadillac, according to the Palm Springs police report. Cloutier was ‘staggering and could barely stand’ after leaving Hunter’s Bar, according to the police report. He was booked and held at Palm Springs Jail, and re-leased on a promise to appear at a later time, police said.”

The paper also reports that with 400 ballots still to be counted, Cloutier is ahead of his opponent, Osby Davis, by 52 votes.

Either candidate’s win will be a first for the city. Should Davis come out ahead, he’ll be the city’s first non-white mayor. Should Cloutier prevail, Vallejo will have its first gay mayor.

Davis was gracious in his response to news of his opponent’s arrest, issuing the following statement: “My reaction is that the arrest is not synonymous with guilt. My prayers go out to Gary.”

Vallejo, California Mayoral Candidates Battle to Be a First for City [tr]


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    Doesn’t THAT just totally suck. If Cloutier does win the election, how is that any way to start? Davis certainly seems the man for the job showing incredible skill and refined character. I feel terrible for Cloutier, but this should be a wakeup call to Hunters and any other bar, for that matter that overserve. I’ve been to Hunters on several occasions and while it can be fun, waking up in a jail cell is not…ever.

  2. Nikko says

    Pathetic. He’s a drunkard and going for election?! Disgusting! What example does he set?! Where was his discernment? What gay trash! He does not set a good example and certainly doesn’t deserve to win. Typical older gay trash reaffirming what everybody knows…most gay men are hedonistic and self destructive. F*ckin pathetic.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “He’s a drunkard…”

    Oh, come on, NIKKO, so was Winston Churchill. This drunken gay guy could be the next Churchill. THis man still belongs to two minority groups that I do: gays and drunks. Thank God he wasn’t black too.

    I totally understand his line of thinking, “the election ‘s over, baby, I can sauce it up if I feel like it now.”

    I wonder if the other candidates sips a little?

  4. Sebastian says

    He must have really been getting his party celebration on, but, sheesh, why can’t these drunks get a cab??? Or, a trick from one of the bars, who wasn’t getting tanked??I’m sure those clubs and bars were packed, and, not everyone was boozing.

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