Green Bay Packers: Watch Your Crotch at Lambeau Field


Deadspin reports: “You know, it was inevitable that this would happen at some point: During a Lambeau Leap, some fan grabbed wide receiver Ruvell Martin’s crotch…620 WTMJ is trying to find out who the phantom grabber is, and Donald Driver — who we supposed would know about this stuff — says, ‘that just ain’t right.’ We can’t believe this isn’t a regular occurrence, frankly.”

At the risk of descending into sick prurient territory (although I suppose I’m already there), it’s quite possible that the fan just wanted to say he had touched a real live cheesehead.


  1. RP says

    You know that fat guy in the Favre jersey that is grabbing him probably didn’t know that was what he was touching either.

    You can imagine the ridicule he must be getting from his friends about this.

  2. the queen says

    i just love it. football has to be one of the most homoerotic sports ever. those tight uniforms, studs patting themselves on the ass, kissing and hugging each other after a touchdown, certainly the only time most men can publicly show each other affection and love under the guise of sports. perhaps this is too much information for all of you but since my teens i (amongst many of you I’m sure) ritually practiced self abuse watching football games (with the sound off of course and accompanied by whatever music struck my fancy at the time), and i loved it when the camera zoomed on one those huddles of beautiful asses. just beautiful big sweaty muscular men in all their manly glory. i don’t care a fig for the sport but i adore the men who play it. thanks for the memory.

  3. says

    It’s definitely not the big guy in the green jersey. I think his thick, pasty right hand is the one reaching for air in front of the player’s face.

    I think Ian is right… even without seeing the video I’m pretty sure it’s the guy up front in the white jersey.

  4. Peter says

    If you watch the video at the NFL site, he’s not really grabbing the guy’s crotch. It looks like he’s pulling on his pocket in the video. That may not be true either, but he sure isn’t fondling the guy, however much I wish he was (actually, I wish it was ME doing the fondling).

  5. John says

    Ok, if you watch the video, you see the dude that’s grabbing the crotch try to bite the arm of another dude. The dude has seriously got some issues with grabbing and biting.

  6. Mo says

    I watched that game, and, though hilarious at the time, I think he was just pulling on his pants. Didn’t see any crotch-grabbing. The Pack DESTROYED the Vikings that day. By the end of the game I was so happy I prolly would have given them all a good “grab” myself, if given the chance!

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