Gunman Shoots Up Dallas AIDS Agency with High-Powered Rifle


A shooting in the early hours Monday morning caused thousands of dollars of damage at the AIDS Interfaith Network in Dallas. Eighteen bullets tore through the agency and a van they use to transport patients was destroyed. The weapon used is assumed to be a high-powered rifle given the size of the bullet holes and the damage done to its targets.

The AIDS Interfaith Network provides not only spiritual and emotional outreach to those affected by HIV/AIDS but also operates a ‘Care Team” which provides in-home services to those incapacitated by the disease.


  1. peterparker says

    The person or people who did this should be forced to be a ‘buddy’ (supervised of course) to someone who is sick with HIV disease until the point at which the HIV positive person or the perpetrator dies.

  2. Paul says

    Actually the person who did this should be locked up for about 30 years, and given prison HIV rates, would probably learn quite a bit about HIV services firsthand.

    What a sick, disturbed act.

  3. Wayne says

    Well, believe it or not the thought is that this person already has HIV. Several of the center’s workers have reported a patient who has become increasingly violent and psychotic after learning that he was HIV positive last week. He’s the main suspect at this point.

  4. Brian says

    What a horrible act. It’s amazing no one was killed. I hope they find the gunman, poz or not, and lock him away… hopefully in a place where he can get the psychiatric care he so desperately needs. But given the almost nonexistent support for mental health care in this country, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Pugzz says

    No matter who it is we all have to be concerned about the increased level of gay bashing and hate crimes. Young men and women need to take this to the streets. There needs to be more role models for people “living” with HIV. More outreach to those who want to come out and are scared. Help to protect your brother and sisters. My generation did.

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