News: Ellen DeGeneres, Volcano, Tim Hardaway, Catapult Bashing

road.jpg NYT lead editorial on ENDA: “Winning a majority in the House required a painful decision by the bill’s sponsors to jettison language extending the prohibition against employment discrimination to transgender individuals. As a result, some gay rights groups opposed the final bill. We sympathize with the groups’ sense of injustice, but disagree heartily as to strategy. Transgender people should be protected from discrimination, and we hope they soon will be. It would have been regrettable, however, had the sponsors refused to compromise, and as a result, lost the chance to extend basic civil rights to the millions of Americans who would be covered by the current bill.”

Magmaroad.jpg Magma surge the size of Los Angeles builds under Yellowstone: “The remains of the Yellowstone supervolcano in the US is huffing and puffing and rising by up to 7 centimetres a year, say researchers… But the researchers, led by Wu-Lung Chang of the University of Utah in the US, caution that the movement does not mean an explosion is imminent. Calderas – the massive craters that are left behind when a volcano collapses – all over the world go up and down over decades.”

road.jpg Father of Italy’s gay movement, Massimo Consoli, dies at 61 after battle with cancer: “Consoli was a prolific writer, theorist, and self-trained historian with 40 books to his credit, mostly on homosexual subjects, as well as an indefatigable archivist of materials on homosexuality. He was also a tireless and talented lifelong organizer who pioneered the first modern Italian gay organizations.”

road.jpg Catholic church in Italy bans transgender parliamentarian Vladimir Luxuria from being a bridesmaid at her relative’s wedding.

Ellenroad.jpg Page Six slams Ellen DeGeneres for being a scab: “The TV chat host crossed picket lines to tape her show Tuesday, the day after the union went on strike. ‘There’s a writers’ strike going on, and here in Los Angeles, it’s a huge story,’ she told her studio audience, defending her strikebreaking. (The episode will air today.) ‘I want to say I love my writers. I love them. In honor of them today, I’m not going to do a monologue. I support them and hope that they get everything they’re asking for. And I hope it works out soon. In the meantime, people have traveled across the country. They’ve made plans. They’re here. I want to do everything I can to make your trip enjoyable and give you a show.’ It’s a decision DeGeneres may come to regret.”

road.jpg Personal assistant to famous NYC realtor and punk rock pioneer Linda Stein arrested for her boss’ murder: “Formal charges were pending against Natavia Lowery, 26, said police spokesman Paul Browne. She “made statements implicating herself” in the killing, he said.”

road.jpg Britney Spears buys a shiny new Mercedes to continue breaking the law in.

road.jpg Gay and lesbian film festival Tim Hardaway still working on his gayhab: “I know a lot more now and I’m willing to talk to people and I want to make sure they understand that my words were terrible and I didn’t mean them.”

road.jpg Homophobic thugs in England ambush motorist using stones and a catapult! “He said a group used a catapult to fire stones at him and his car before hurling homo-phobic insults at him too. Police say the man immediately phoned for help and officers from the Tandridge neighbourhood team arrived within minutes to sweep the area in search of the suspects. Police believe they were men, but because they were hiding officers were unable to issue a description or confirm an exact number of suspects.”

road.jpg Navy doctor guilty on all counts in case involving secretly taping midshipmen having sex…


  1. peterparker says

    I have to say I am gaining respect for Tim Hardaway. The man seems to have gone on a personal (and unpublicized) journey of soul searching and come away with a changed attitude toward our community. Bravo, sir!

  2. says

    If Ellen DeGeneres really gave a shit about the writers (and the directors and actors who will benefit next year on the WGA struggles) she would show up to her set, give everyone that showed up a donut and spend 20 minutes answering their questions (ala Carl Burnette) then sending them home. Enriching Warner Bros. by taping a show is not helping anyone and she knows it.

    I don’t believe her BS about being contractually obligated. With the money she makes for Warners, they’re not going to touch her or any of her people for exercising their protected right to strike.


  3. seeldee says

    @David B.

    That’s an interesting observation and a simple yet gracious solution to Ellen’s problem which would allow her to show solidarity with striking writers and still respect the folks who’ve travelled across the country to see her show. It makes me wonder what Ellen’s motivations are for staying on the air. After all, her show is not the only daytime talk show in the middle of November sweeps…

    While we’re on the topic, something I find interesting is that there are other daytime shows that remain on the air everyday, like Oprah and Martha Stewart, but I haven’t noticed that Oprah or Martha are being subjected to a backlash. I know neither Oprah or Martha do a monologue, but they must have staff writers who are on strike right now, too. Hmm.

  4. mark says

    About the personal assistant who killed her boss. The NYT reports that the assistant said, “She kept yelling at me about everything.” While I understand that being yelled at is not grounds for homicide, I still feel a little bit of sympathy. Privileged people seem to think they can just yell at the rest of us whenever they want. Apparently there are limits…

  5. borut says

    As far as I remember from the Catholic weddings I attended in the past, the couple have to vow that they will educate their children according to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and the witnesses to the marriage have to vow that they will help them with this task. I don’t understand why a LGTB person (or anyone who is against degrading LGTB people, which is exactly what the teachings of the Church do) would want to do this or even be present at such an event. I’ve stopped going to Catholic weddings altogether.

  6. Davey says

    FWIW, the “catapult” referred to in the story out of England more than likely refers to what we commonly call a “slingshot” here in the States. I know it’s more interesting to make a mental picture of a large medieval device flinging boulders, but that’s probably not what happened.

  7. nutso says

    Ellen Degeneres las lost her friggin’ mind. You simply don’t cross picket lines, whatever the reason. And like most show business unions, the writer’s union has strong ties to the entire industry. Ellen has been getting too big for her britches lately anyway, much like Rosie before her.

  8. says

    I agree with PETERPARKER, Tim Hardaway seems to be genuinely willing to change his ways and he should be applauded for it. A lot of other homophobic public figures could learn a thing or two from him.

    So transgender person can’t attend a wedding as a bridesmaid? Easy one. Kick out the priest and go with a gay friendly denomination. I know, easy for me to say, but maybe that’s it…Easier than they think!

  9. David says

    I LOVE the Ellen backlash.

    I find her intolerable and that whole dog “scandal” was icing. She seems like such a phoney.

    Re: Tim Hardaway… I certainly wasn’t surprised when he said what he said (well, I guess I was surprised he said anything at all considering he was pretty much irrelevant), but I’d agree with PeterParker regarding his journey, except for one thing. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people say “I didn’t mean what I said.” He obviously meant it at the time. I guess just owning up to his ignorance/bigotry and THEN speaking about the personal transformation would be cooler. Whatever, I know I’m just splitting hairs.

  10. says


    Oprah and Martha Stewart have segment producers, just like Regis. There aren’t writers per say. They’re live interview shows, so the segment producer has written down some “talking points” for the host to cover with the guest (or in Martha’s case the steps involved in demonstrating a craft/recipe) – you know, it’s those blue cards you see them fiddling with sometime.

    Segment Producers are not writers in the traditional sense and are not represented by a guild. (Neither are reality show writers – and they should be, they work in sweatshop conditions)

    David B.

  11. Sebastian says

    Good for Hardaway and those he can teach some tolerance to about the glbt communites, he is willing to learn why his words were so hurtful, and hateful and to try and change his heart, which is where it counts.

    Poor Brit, Brit, someone get her back to Louisiana, this whacko is going to harm those kids with this nonsense.

    Ellen? She just seems to be in one mess week in and week out. I’m sure she knows just how fickle this society is…..

  12. Brice says

    Ellen is getting to much into the “Rosie realm”. First, the emotional breakdow over the dog (which, no matter how you slice, she could’ve avoided had she read her own contract) and now she’s crossing picket lines out of “concern” for her guests.

    Gimme a break, this dyke needs to be taken down a peg or two.

  13. says

    Although I would love to hate everyone like it seems some people do, I love Ellen and think that producers and hosts of talk shows should end the portions of the shows that involve writers and continue with other aspects of the shows that don’t. The cameraman isn’t striking. Why should he not get paid because they aren’t taping because of the strike? I know it adds pressure to the studios to close down everything but I think the shutting down of comedies/dramas (because they need writers for everything) is enough.

  14. patrick nyc says

    I liked Ellen back in the Johnny Carson days but these last few years she has just crawled into bed with Rosie, Anne Hesche and every other opportunist who takes us for advantage. The Ravoltas and Cruises prove it’s not just a woman thing.

    Screw them. One of my closest freinds is a Show Runner for NBC and he is not crossing the line, facing breach of contract, as many studios have done today.

    Go back in your hole Ellen and take the lot of you with you.

  15. Jordan says

    Ellen has for sure let her fame and money go to her head. She’s probably been abducted by the scientologists and reprogrammed, as well.

    Thank god the person who killed Linda Stein has been caught. She seemed like she was a pistol, and a really fun person,(read her biography) and it’s a shame that’s she’s gone…(hey, anyone that stood up to Madonna)

    And I was disappointed about the Navy sex story. I was hoping it was involving him taping midshipmen having sex with each other.

  16. Ryan says

    To be honest, nothing matters more but the AUDIENCE! Of course – Ellen’s still in it for herself – but that doesn’t make her excuse any less true…most writers aren’t worth the money these days anyway – the idustry has become a JOKE!!!

    In an Ideal world, the writers would be both the most-paid and most-talented part of any production, but unfortunately most television – JUST SUCKS!

    In the end,the good writers need to be paid more – all the others should lose their jobs! The industry should stop producing crap…period.

    Ellen is not the enemy, and she’s a great TV personality that’s exactly where she ought to be – ON TV – regardless of a writers’ strike.

    I’m not much of a fan of Ellen’s, but crap like this is really frustrates me. TONS of people wouldn’t even fucking notice the damn strike if television shows weren’t airing and making references to it!!!! … and how could they???? even talk-shows play re-runs ALL THE TIME regardless of whether a strike is on or not.

    …eh yeah, I’m ranting up a CRAZY storm. See you guys later. LOL

  17. north_star says

    Why not cross picket lines? Not everyone has to agree with strikers do they? And what’s with all the “Ellen has become too big” bullshit. Typical. Someone makes it and someone else, sooner or later, must exclaim how they have “forgotten where they came from.” Oh please. That stupid dog bit and suddenly she’s a bitch. Oh, and Rosie was always, always an opinionated person. Much like Donald Trump, who seems to only be praised for his brazenness. Sad to see so many “enlightened” gay men still think opinionated women are bitches.

  18. UBitches says

    North_Star is right on target.
    You people are sad. Ellen didn’t kill anyone but you would’nt know it from you people. I beleive you people do nothing to help the Gay community. All you have is your bitching. Can you people please contribute more to society than being a stupid butt fucked cocksucker. When you have done as much for the Gay community than Ellen then I’ll respect you. But of course you are all nothing more than hatemongers.
    This must be a Republican site

  19. queendru says

    The union isn’t putting food on your table or a roof over your head. The dog thing was silly but I have no problem with Ellen continuing her show here. She’s keeping all sorts of production people working whose unions are not out on strike and I applaud her for that. She could be one of these lame people taking donuts out to striking writers knowing she personally has plenty of money in the bank to see her through the strike or she can keep dozens of people working.

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