Steven Klein Takes No Hairy Prisoners for C-in2


Steven Klein photographs a line-up of prison bitches sentenced to a thorough buffing and waxing for a new set of ads for underwear brand C-IN2. This is currently running on billboards on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia according to their website.

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  1. says

    These ads aren’t new – they’ve been in gay publications for most of 2007. I used to really like C-in2 underwear, but they’ve gotten really tacky in their new styles. Kitsch patterns, bad cuts. It’s a shame. They used to make great classic cuts and sexy, wearable colors.

  2. AdamN says

    Yep, this is pretty much the opposite of hot for me. Plastic, pale, high cheek-boned lanky, hairless boyz with tons of product in their hair is really not on a turn on for me. But whatever floats your boat I guess…

  3. Jordan says

    They’re as skinny & hairless as me (but not blonde), but I like ’em older and bigger and with hair myself.

    Yeah, C-in2 is ‘ok’, but Unico underwear is much better. Fits better, and is much hotter. Aussie Bum is also a winner.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    When Andy posted this ad I knew…I knew…I just knew you were going to comment.

    Actually, when I saw it, I immediately looked at the real pretty one (3rd from the front) and I yelled, “why, there’s our JORDAN from Towleroad!” (my co-workers thought I’d hit the bottle too early). You told us about your fierce 29″ waist, but you never mentioned about how nicely you filled out the front of the jockey shorts. No, need to keep secrets, JORDAN.

    Y’all “regular” gay guys may not like real pretty men, but prison trade just loves them. I should know…I mean, I use to know.

    Sour grapes, that’s what they got, JORDAN, just SOUR GRAPES!

  5. Ash says

    I live in Melbourne and drive past this billboard on Chapel St almost every morning. And I have to say, even though they’re indeed skinny, hairless men, this is the only underwear ad that’s ever effectively turned me on.

  6. Jordan says

    You’re sweet.
    Actually I don’t look anything like that guy. (I’m prettier and I’m blonde).

    I’ve so far managed to avoid going to prison, since I know it wouldn’t be a very pretty place for someone like me (the gangbangs wouldn’t be like in porn I assume), although some of the men are actually very hot.

    Thanks though for your concern.

  7. jaimie says

    why does the issue of body hair have to be so political and divisive? Some people have some, some people don’t. Some like it, some don’t. Fags need to stop fighting over every stupid fucking little thing.

  8. Miles says

    Prison is not sexy. Prison sex is not sexy. Prison sex is almost always rape of “bitches” like these by straight thugs with no access to women.

    My best friend went to prison, like millions of other Americans have, for a nonviolent offense and was raped starting on day one.

    Fuck anyone who fetishizes this form of torture, fuck comedians who joke about it, and fuck the wardens and guards and politicians who let it happen.

  9. Gregg says

    @Jaimie – Amen!

    @Miles – you really can’t tell others what is or is not an appropriate fantasy. Many fantasies – rape, incest, brutality, torture, gang bang, cheating – are popular themes in gay porn and fiction, but the reality of such scenarios would most likely be far less than ideal to say the least.

    If the fantasy doesn’t work for you, fine. That’s understandable considering your experience. But it certainly can be hot for others. I think you’re confusing fantasy with reality.

  10. Raze says

    I agree with Jaimie as well. I started an internet group 10 years ago for guys who are into body shaving. It’s my number one fetish to be smooth and to be with another smooth, hairless guy. I never bash guys who are have hair or are hairy or who are into hairy guys. I’ve always felt there are plenty of guys to go around for all of us to find our perfect type. But it never seems to be the other way. There’s always bashing of shaved/waxed/clipped guys. And the idea that “Chelsea” is full of shaved guys is ridiculous. The Chelsea look is where you try to be “naturally smooth,” so guys into that look almost always have their pubes intact, something fetishists like me would never enjoy.

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