The Latest on the Trent Lott Gay Escort Rumors


Larry Flynt has posted a statement on his site regarding the rumors reverberating around the blogosphere of Trent Lott and his alleged association with escort Benjamin Nicholas.

The statement defines ambiguity:

“HUSTLER RESPONDS: HUSTLER Magazine has received numerous inquiries regarding the involvement of Larry Flynt and HUSTLER in the resignation of Trent Lott. Senator Lott has been the target of an ongoing HUSTLER investigation for some time now, due to confidential information that we have received.”

Fantastic. Well, hopefully at some point one of these three – Big Head DC, Benjamin Nicholas, or Larry Flynt will give us some real information about what’s going on here.

Is a Male Escort Behind Trent Lott’s Resignation? [tr]


  1. jimmyboyo says


    I am enjoying this soap opera.

    Come on Larry!!!!! Give that hooker some money (more than repubs are) to open his mouth and spill the dirt

  2. Luke says

    I don’t know if its true or not, but, that “model” does look like the sort someone of Lott’s ilk would adore, that Aryan look is quite popular in some circles.

    But, I also have to say, I don’t think the bigot, Lott, would be this foolish to get caught up in something like this.

  3. David says

    I’m sort of over all of these Republican scandals and outings. Despite the fact that most, if not all, are actually true, it just feels immensely circus-like and I end up hating everyone involved.

    I don’t like hating things. I like loving them.

  4. nic says

    awwww, DAVID, you are such a sweet little soul. god loves you.

    but, in the real world, sham-good-men like this asshole do not deserve compassion. people like him are justly hoist with their own petards (with a nod to t.s. eliott and w. shakespeare).

  5. DAVID S says

    There is a kind of poetic symmetry at work here.

    This young escort’s code of “professionalism” equals one thing, really. Assured, continued revenue. These Republican hypocrites, with their sham piety and puritanical finger-pointing, are truly only concerned with money and the power it affords. I am sure for most of them, it started small—a little kickback here, a little palm-greasing there, all the while their own “codes” (often erroneously called “values”—itself a financial-sounding word loaded with double entendre) slowly forming to protect the channels through which money flowed. So there they both sit, in separate backroom money-counting parties, the escorts on one side of town, the politicos on the other, convinced their “codes” are so fine, so utterly upstanding. Ching ching!

  6. jimmyboyo says

    I just thought of something.

    With this kid’s pic even now on huffpo with links to his site and admitance that he is an escort

    WTF do his parents think? I am sure they didn’t know their boy was a hooker. Now they do.

  7. Paul says

    Jimmyboyo, he’s written extensively about how proud he is to be a hooker. And, sadly, most of the hookers I’ve known didn’t exactly have great relationships with their parents. So I doubt he cares. Indeed, he’s probably happy for the publicity—I’m sure he’s fielding calls left and right (literally, politically speaking)!

    He’s probably a Republican, since he seems so much more focused on money than honesty.

  8. Jordan says

    Omigod, that hooker looks like me (xept I’m cuter with better, blonder hair). He could be my brother. And btw, what’s an ‘Aryan’ look?

    Maybe I should start charging ;

  9. mike says

    Um, Luke, don’t dismiss the idea that Orrin Hatch might, um, have a few secret in HIS closet. The Republicans aren’t necessarily a “big tent” party (yet, anyway), but they definitely are a “big closet” party. This thing goes even higher up than Trent Lott. Anyone seen Miss, I mean, Karl Rove lately?

  10. nic says


    you’re on target.


    your calling attention to yourself is off-putting. being a blond himbo is far from attractive. why do you revel in being an easily dismissed, swatted mosquito?

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