Vallejo, California Mayoral Candidates Battle to Be a First for City

Davis Cloutier

There’s an interesting mayoral race going on in Vallejo, California where Gary Cloutier and Osby Davis are neck-and-neck. As of yesterday afternoon, Davis was ahead by a single vote.

Either candidate’s win will be a first for the city. Should Davis come out ahead, he’ll be the city’s first non-white mayor. Should Cloutier prevail, Vallejo will have its first gay mayor.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: “The winner will be decided after the county tallies some 6,000 absentee ballots and 840 provisional ballots in the coming days, and the new mayor will make history by being the first gay or non-white mayor in the Bay Area’s ninth-largest city. In recent years, the blue-collar city of 117,000 has become one of the most diverse in the region and the nation, while drawing attention for an influx of gays and lesbians looking for affordable housing and tolerance. At the same time, the city is struggling to revitalize its economy after the closure of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard a decade ago. Gary Cloutier and Osby Davis – who each tallied 5,158 votes in a field of four candidates – represent the new and old Vallejo to many voters.”

Vallejo Mayor’s Race in Dead Heat [sf chronicle]


  1. ValleHo says

    Vallejo has actually become a big little gay town. There was a huge influx of LGBTers over the last ten years because the old Victorians were affordable, the views were nice, and you are still in the Bay Area. We even have 2 gay bars! I moved here quite by accident a few months ago and was surprised to find so much queerness.

  2. Xavier says

    I am also from Vallejo, although I do not live there now, and as a black gay man I can only imagine how difficult it would be to make a decision on who to vote for. Vallejo’s large black community has been looking to have a voice that is more in line with its proportion of the population and for many Davis represents this. However Davis is a product of the old guard African-American political hierarchy in Vallejo that in my opinion has done little to address the problems of the black community there. Whether Cloutier would effectively address the problems of the economically disadvantaged in Vallejo or not would be the question that I would ask. Does his candidacy in effect simply represent the influx of predominantly white upper middle class well off residents (irrespective of their sexual orientation) to Vallejo?

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