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Wayne Besen on the "Ex-Gay" Nude Warrior Adventure

At PageOneQ, Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out discusses the latest trend in "ex-gay" reparative therapy, The ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure:

Ritual"This cult-like national program is a $650 weekend boot camp where participants - mostly straight - are greeted by large, intimidating men dressed in dark clothing and faces painted black. During their stay, the men are forced to take cold showers, survive on about four hours sleep, and subsist on very little food. In follow-up meetings, the activities include shaving another man's face, kidnapping a member of another camp group and changing clothes with other men. The idea is to help them get in-touch with their feelings and uncover and heal deep wounds that are barriers to successful lives."

One "ex-gay" who committed suicide after attending the camp described its bizarre rituals which included "blindfolded walking tours in the nude, people blowing sage smoke in his face while 50 or so naked men danced around candles, men sitting in a circle discussing their sexual histories while passing a wooden dildo called The Cock, and naked men beating cooked chickens with a hammer."

Besen adds that the wife of a man who attended the project told a Houston paper why he left: "So, everyone was sitting Indian-style in a big circle in the lodge when the man leading the group said, 'if you wish, you may reach over and grab your brother's dick. If your brother doesn't want your hand there, he can remove it.' Well, my husband told me he just froze. And, from that point on, he just wanted out."

Uh, yeah.

ADDENDUM: A reader has notified me that Wayne Besen recanted his claims that the Mankind Project is anti-gay and that their New Warrior Project is an "ex-gay" retreat. Besen's mea culpa is here.

Wayne Besen: Nude warrior adventure [pageoneq]
Truth Wins Out [official site]

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  1. Is this supposed to be make them more gay or less gay?

    Haven't guys been doing this sort of thing for years in order to get in touch with their masculinity or whatever?

    Posted by: Meeg | Nov 30, 2007 12:05:38 PM

  2. I went to there training a few months ago despite some not so positive things that was said by and colleuge. I had been drawn to there website on more than one occasion for several years. And being the curios man that I am, I went I have to say I am happy that I attended. There was not one bit of ANTI-GAY remarks or comments. On the contrary it was very supportive to each man for his own uniqueness. The training is not for everyone its challenging in many ways and very rewarding. As a man on a spiritual path I feel it helped me get clearer on some things in my life. If your drawn to it at all, I say go.

    Posted by: Michael | Nov 30, 2007 8:36:29 PM

  3. The Mankind Project is about becoming a better man, not a straight man. I went through it in 1999 and am a stronger, healthier gay man today than ever. I highly recommend it. Besen's article is unfortunately skewed and contains false information. He will hopefully be correcting some of that soon. Read more at www.straightguise.com

    Posted by: Joe Kort | Dec 1, 2007 9:17:01 PM

  4. This "Man Project" would never be endorsed by a Christian Ex-gay org such as Parents & Friends.20m.com or Exodus International. This sounds as pagan and New Age as it gets! I am sure that most Christian Churches would not approve of this ackward attempt at masculinity. True masculinity is learning to have a right relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not based on "pseudo-masculinity" Touching another persons penis while you are blindfolded sitting in a circle sounds pretty stupid to me.

    Please read my new book And Such Were Some of You: One Man's Walk Out of the Gay Lifestyle if you interested in reading about true examples of masculinity. True masculinity is finally growing-up and walking past the hurts of our earlier lives. True masculinity is learning how to control our basal sinful nature and submitting it to God. That's when you really become a man...when you submit yourself to God and say; "I have failed Lord; let's do it your way now"!

    Posted by: Anthony Falzarano | Aug 26, 2008 5:14:53 AM

  5. Mr. Falzarano,
    “True masculinity”, as you put it, doesn’t need the lies and fairy tales of your pro-slavery Bible. Your Bible was not written by God therefore it is not the word of God. Your statement “True masculinity is learning to have a right relationship with Jesus Christ” is absurd because there are no scriptures with Jesus commenting on “true masculinity” or homosexuality.
    Your sites proclamation of the “gay political lobbyist machine that is destroying America!” is nothing more than fear and hate-mongering disguised has religion. You feed like a parasite on the innocent gay people that must endure and surfer through the bile and hatred you and your religion force on them on a daily basis.
    As a Deist I’ll pray that your victims (a.k.a. your followers) will discover the truth that God loves them as they are and that they see you and your book for the lie that it is.

    Posted by: 1♥ | Aug 26, 2008 9:39:19 AM

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