Zachary Quinto: More Spock in a Mock

Spock1_2 Spock2

A few more images of Zachary Quinto in his Spock make-up and mock turtleneck/sweater get-up from the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek film. This is pretty amazing casting. Anybody wanna nibble on that ear?


Zachary Quinto is Spock: First Look [tr]
Flashback: Heroes’ Sylar Hits the Sauna [tr]

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  1. Rex says

    Smart move as an actor on his part…any actor who signs on to StarTrek….is PART of STARTREK forever….Look how good its been the the actors before him!

  2. MikeinSanJose says

    He looks more like a Romulan than a Vulcan, but a hot ‘n’ sexy alien either way!!


  3. says

    Yeah I’d nibble on that ear! And yes, I will agree with Rex, he does look more like a Romulan than a Vulcan, but since they’re descendent from the same … oh man, my geek is showing.

    Anyway, yeah, way cute Quinto either way!

  4. Jordan says

    OMIGOD, Andy, how could you do this to me?

    You’ve forever ruined my Sylar fantasy. I’ll never be able to look at him again in the same way. He used to turn me on like noone’s business with the whole evil personified, but now I’ll only see this.

    Oh well, with the writer’s strike, we’ll prolly not see him back on ‘Heroes’ anytime soon.