1. Jack Scribe says

    Has Sam ever come out. Or is he in the armoire with Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper? Ryan’s in a whole other “I’m really not gay” universe.

  2. Ken says

    If holding hands with your boyfriend in the Fire Island Pines constitutes as “coming out” then Sam has definately “come out”.

  3. kostar says

    when/what of this fire island hand business?? sam champion is the gayest thing on GMA. i think he secretly lusts for chris cuomo (and who doesn’t???). ryan gaycrest will be one of those old queens who eventually releases a tell-all biography when he is 92yrs old and everyone will act shocked. that or he will OD with an underage male hooker in the next 5 years.

  4. noah says

    Isn’t this whole conversation kinda sad? Making an innocent conversation between an openly gay man and someone who is allegedly gay seems really petty. It would be one thing if they were deliberately playing it for laughs, tongue in cheek, but otherwise it only serves to build on internalized homophobia about there being something wrong with being gay.

    I don’t know. I guess given the false controversies of late about Will Smith and the savage attacks on Spears kid for being pregnant, I’m struck by how low people can go to sell ads and make a buck.

    Yeah, Jamie Lynn Spears’ mother is a piece of work, but let’s get real about going after a 16 year old for getting pregnant. Kids make stupid mistakes. They aren’t adults. Just because the kid’s mother is vampire wanting to make a cash off her kid’s mistake is no reason for tabloids and others to go after the kid’s jugular.

    Similarly, Will Smith says one thing and trash rags and sites twist it into a big bruhaha.

    While all this crap is disseminated, it only serves to deflect people from real stories: the economic disaster brewing in the U.S., political and social disaster in Pakistan, global warming, health care crisis, etc.

    I’m all for light, frothy news but not this kind of mean-spirited, pointless crap that only serves to hurt people and put money in the pockets of sleazebags.

    So, here’s another way to think about the Sam Champion and Ryan Seacrest story:

    Champion is an out gay morning personality. His credibility has just been attacked not because he did anything wrong but just because he is having a stupid conversation with another supposedly gay man.

    How do you think the conservative suits at Disney, the company that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on its radio network, will react if they feel that their cash cow Good Morning America might lose its “credibility” because of a gay employee? Put yourself in Champions place when he gets forwarded links to this story? Yeah, this will be great for his career.

    Take a look at how the pathetic crap about the “Superman Returns” movie hurt the film’s box office. Because the director of the film is a gay man, the gay gossips declared that the leading man got his part by sleeping with director. Then the stories started about the actor’s big crotch in spandex. Next, stories appeared questioning whether Superman was a gay character even though the character had been around for 70 years as a heterosexual character always in love with Lois Lane.

    So, if the director weren’t a gay man, would all of this happened? Realistically, no.

    Do you think that the studio bosses who invested somewhere between $150 to $200 million in the film didn’t think later that they might have made more money off the film had they chosen a “straight” or perceived straight director?

    Be honest about this. An openly gay director was given the chance to make his dream film about an iconic American hero who has always been a “family” character. He was given a huge budget and a chance to create his vision of the character.

    Instead of championing the director and the triumph of his selection, gay rags acted sophomoric.

    Did these pathetic controversies hurt the film. Yeah. They did. Instead of a marketing campaign focused on the film and the hero, more time was spent on deflecting this kind of trifling crap. Yeah, the movie wasn’t stellar but this was a significant chance for the director’s career, re-launching a major franchise picture. The gay press & blogs who trafficked in juvenile innuendo did nothing to help the gay cause.

    How many studio heads will take the risk of handing a similar franchise release to a gay man if they are worried about the same thing happening?

    At some point, we have to start to realize that businesses are filled with very conservative people who are afraid to take risks. When they do take a risk that supports the community and an individual, shouldn’t we try to support them?

  5. Butter says

    Noah: TL,DR

    But yea, this video is pretty pointless. Are we supposed to go “HA HA they are SO gay” over this!? Closeted people make my stomach turn.

  6. Tim says

    Yeah, the banter in this clip is fully of double meanings that are fun to parse. However, Sam’s energy level when around Mr. Seacreast during earlier segments today was at an all time high. I was half expecting Sam to put his arm around him and go in for a big kiss during the “Ryan gives a coat to charity” bit.

    Also, I’m happy to read that someone else sees the playful banter that, maybe, borders on flirting between hunk-a-newsman Cuomo and Sam.

    But overall, leave Sam and Ryan alone. Sam has brought a lot of new energy to GMA and I like him and the current crew a lot. Regarding Ryan, if he says he’s not, then take that statement at face value and move on to more important issues.

  7. Tom says

    How about some video of Christopher Cuomo ?? He is sooooo beautiful, and thankfully did not inherit the fug from his father.

  8. Kamasutra Jones says

    Over at the Today Show they call GMA “Gay Morning America” because of the plethora of gay folks on the show, Sam and Robin included… Still, I love Sam. He and Chris have turned around the show. And, I miss him on channel 7. Best weather in the city.

  9. Kris says

    Why is it that some of the worst homophobes I’ve ever known are gay themselves?

    Instead of being critical of other gay men, we should be outraged that we still live in a society where gay men and women still feel that they need to remain in the closet. How TRAGIC it is that so many gay men and women have been brought up being told that there is something wrong or sick about being gay.

    How about supporting our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, instead of criticizing them?

  10. says

    Kamasutra Jones is the best comment handle I have ever seen in my life.

    My compliments to you, KJ.

    I knew nothing of Sam Champion’s “family” afilliation until just now, as I have not lived in NYC for years now — the last ABC7 Weatherman I can remember is Storm Field.

    Of course, I should have noted that his close friendship with La Ripa (that stick named Kelly) telegraphed it.

    And, the very shiny hair.

    By the way, isn’t the other guy’s official name “TV’s Ryan Seacrest or “The Seacrest” or something like that?