Armani Exchange Announces Winner of Underwear Model Search



Last night, at an intimate dinner hosted by Armani Exchange and GQ, Ryan Barry was announced as the winner of the nationwide search for the next A/X underwear model. While I served on a consulting panel of judges (which, let me tell you, was a grueling task!), the most influence over the decision was exerted by the results of a public internet polling process.

Here are the three finalists, shot by photographer Matthew Scrivens at Pier 59 in New York this week: Ryan Barry (above), Daniel Lee (below, left) and Michael Bellantuono (below, right).

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Behind the Billboards: Clint Mauro [tr]
Clint Mauro for Armani Exchange — A/X Underwear [tr]
(note: a/x is an occasional advertiser on towleroad)


  1. Jordan says

    All 3 are hotties that I’d do unspeakable things for, but I agree, Ryan is the most gorgeous.

    But what is with the underwear? It looks like something your grandfather would wear. I like far skimpier styles myself.

  2. Nick says

    I’m usually the last person to step into the whole race thing, but it’s so predictable the the whitest looking guy won. Gotta love the gays for perpetuating the same boring stereotype of white males as the pinnacle of hotness.

  3. says

    It’s not possible to develop a body like that, or I should say, without a little extra body make-up and Photoshop. Drooling over pictures is a little like believing in unicorns. That being said, Ryan does have the best body of the bunch.

    I don’t think race is a factor here at all, btw. Ryan’s body is the best. He looks the best in nothing but underwear, nuff’ said. I actually think he looks more ethnic than usual in that photo.

  4. JLS says

    Wow he is ridiculously hot. I love that he has skinny legs.

    A|X underwear though, yeah, way too expensive and not very soft, and unflattering cuts. Definitely wouldn’t buy it.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Do straight guys ever wear jockey shorts anymore?

    They’d probably start to itchin’ and sweatin’ between the cheeks–why, they couldn’t function. I think Gay guys can wear jockey shorts, bikinis, thongs, etc. because we have more control over our private places…except on a Saturday night.

  6. peterparker says

    Ryan Barry has a gorgeous face and a perfect body. I would bet that body came from a combination of genetics, spartan diet, long and regular workouts and a generous supply of steroids (they don’t all make you big).

  7. dons888 says

    Oh Give me a break. This guy Ryan advertised himself for this “contest” at He also claimed to be training for the Olympics, PHD candidate, honors graduate, etc. etc. Now he aspires to be an underwear model? WTF? Too bad low self esteem and insecurity trumps his intelligence. He had to pay for advertising so he can win this “contest” for modeling an underwear. The gay community needs better role models than trash loving z-listers.

  8. JR says

    To each his own. Of the three, my personal choice from these photos is Ryan. BUT, I see him from time to time at the gym and all I can say is make-up and good lighting can make ANYONE look good.

  9. Dom says

    I’ll take all 3. Don’t bother to gift wrap, I’ll just carry them home the way they are. And don’t worry about the warrantee because I can assure you that I AM NOT BRINGING THEM BACK!!!

  10. says

    Y-Fronts and every variation there-of; support a man anotomically in the proper manner. But get real- we buy underwear based on the Sex factor. That in mind; I’d be more inclined to part ways with my beloved Hanro’s if Daniel Lee were on the box.
    What were you guys smoking?????

  11. Joshua says

    Someone above was right… could interchange their heads and no one would notice. No definetion or difference in their bodies at all. They could be one of 100,000 other gym bunnies across the nation.
    You want me to buy your underware, then show me how they look from behind, and use a MAN as a model, a happy trail would be a nice touch.

    And yes…..str8 guys wear jocky’s, in fact most do. As to colour and race, remember this is a retail business, and they are going to go with someone who is like the vast majority of their potential market.

    I feel for you Andy, picking one who looks better would have been a total bitch, since they all look alike……lol

  12. nic says

    i don’t envy you your job at all! what with getting invited to judge these boring affairs and getting the vapors and taking to your bed every ten minutes. you poor, poor dear.

    anyone of these guys are (ahem) “acceptable” to me. but, ryan is a little bit more acceptible.

  13. resurrect says

    hot white young muscle stud smooth tight hung built stud.

    — pick 3 – change the face and body – and spin again —

    let us know when another one’s ready for the game.

  14. Dan says

    To all those people who feel so compelled to yell out how unattractive/unremarkable these people are: please check your self-image issues at the door. The rest of us really don’t care.

    Those people who were honestly bored by this just skipped to the next story.

  15. says

    I think that of the three pictured that he took the best underwear shot.

    However, I think he’s extremely generic looking. If that’s what they were after, then they certainly got it.

    Granted he’s good looking, has great body…but he lacks the “IT” factor.

  16. nic says

    @ ANON (,

    you make a good point. instead of the many nay-sayers, we could invite yea-sayers to participate. how about we vote on latinos, asians, africans, true scandinavians, ad infinitum, instead of text-book stereotypes? for this we don’t need republicanism; we need a truly democratic process.

  17. resurrect says

    re: Dan’s comment on self-image. don’t think anyone has called these guys unattractive or unremarkable. they are – as miles and joe in atlanta noted – generic ideals of male beauty we’ve seen a hundred thousand times. nothing different and nothing that stands out from a hundred other beauty queens.

    what that has to do w/ my self-image I’m not sure – but seriously, a person doesn’t have to be envious to be critical of this look.

    not bored.

  18. Ernie says

    You sees ’em incorrectly, Dan. I’m not bored by guys in underwear; hardly. I’m bored by cookie cutter models who are being put forth as everyone’s ideal, when they’re not. Bored by the remarkably generic models, not the story; there’s a difference. Calls ’em as I sees ’em, just like those who adore these boys. Whatever self-image issues I may have are unrelated to the triplets above, trust me.

    Check your presumptions at the door.

  19. gr8guyca says

    Reichen is dating one of the few guys who could make him look less handsome. When he stood next to Lance, I thought, “Wow, Reichen’s hot!” But next to Ryan, I think, “Wow, Ryan’s hot!” Of course, I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed. In fact, I’d be glad to invite them both…at the same time. (Damn! I just got drool all over my keyboard.)

  20. gabe says

    These three guys were at the Armani Exchange Christmas party Wednesday night and at one point, they were egged on to strip off their clothes…shirts and pants.
    They made me feel fat and plain looking, LOL!!!

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    You’re right, SOULBROTHA. No diversity, but again, who’s buying jockey shorts? Expensive jockey shorts at that. And speakin’ of which, Andy, there’s been no chocolate icandy on this blog for a while. What’s up with dat, bro? If you can’t find dark chocolate right now, give us a Latino or Arab or Asian…SOMETHING!

  22. Tom says

    All three had a good look. However, there was no dening Ryan this honor. The face, body, expressions, etc…..
    Congratulations and I will look for those billboards and SIGH!

  23. AaronJ says

    Reichen gave HIM up? Hmmm, maybe he was struck blind for doing the nasty like my mom told me would happen. Other than that, there is no explanation.

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