Disney Pimps its Ride: First New Monorail Car in 20 Years


Though most of the changes appear cosmetic, Disneyland unveiled the first new monorail car in 20 years yesterday, hoisting it from a flatbed truck onto the track in Anaheim.

Honestly, for two decades to have gone by, I would have expected a bit more, but I suppose they’re going with the philosophy that you don’t screw with a classic.

(via boingboing)


  1. Derek says

    That looks so much like the original monorail design sketched by a Disney engineer back in 1950s. The history channel just did a program on the “Secrets of Disney” or similiar and there was a segment on the monorails of both parks. I love subways to this day because of my waiting for the monorail to come into the Contemporary Resort where I once stayed as a kid. The flashing lights in the DC Metro are enough to give me an echo of that same excited feeling.

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