Gay Man Attacked on DC Metro Train

Dcist reports that a gay man was attacked by a group of six or seven men on a DC Metro train last Friday night:

Dcattack“‘Nathaniel,’ as he’s referred to in the report, was riding alone on a train Friday night. As the doors closed at Metro Center, the group surrounded and beat Nathaniel, kicking him as he fell to the floor and yelling ‘faggot’. Nathaniel managed to get off the train at the Smithsonian station, and he ran up to the station manager’s booth to report the incident. He said Metro Transit Police would not drop him off at his house, only to another Metro station. He believes that the attackers targeted him for money and their realization that he’s gay ‘escalated their rage.’ Nathaniel also believes that Metro surveillance cameras caught footage of his attackers, but has yet to hear of any arrests related to the incident.”

According to the Metro Police, they “responded to the scene immediately and spoke to the victim and took an official report. Officers said the victim never told them that the assailants had used anti-gay language during the assault. Indeed, he had been injured during the incident, however the man refused medical aid and signed a waiver that he refused to receive any medical attention. Officers indeed did volunteer to drive the man home, however he said he only wanted the officers to drop him off at the Eastern Market Metrorail station, which they did.”

(FOX5 video)