Harry Connick Jr.: I’m Probably Gay and Don’t Know It


Harry Connick Jr. jokes that he’s probably gay because he’s a virtual chick magnet:

“I have so many women in my life, I wouldn’t know what to do with a guy. In fact I’m probably gay and I don’t even know it! My life is chick power. My manager is a woman, who has been with me since I’m 18, and my wife is a strong and intelligent woman. I have three daughters. My dogs are all females. Even my sister Suzanna… she just got a double medical degree; she’s now a psychiatrist and an internal medicine doctor and she speaks about 10 languages. She’s so impressive. I’m surrounded by strong, intelligent women.”

Well then, silly Harry, of course you’re not gay.


  1. johnnzboy says

    It’s a completely inane comment – does being surrounded by strong, intelligent women make one gay? And “I have so many women in my life, I wouldn’t know what to do with a guy” – what’s the connection between the two parts of the sentence here? He doesn’t know “what to do with a guy” sexually, socially, or as a family member? Is he unable to make a logical sentence?

    But the fact that a prominent(ish) straight guy is referring to homosexuality in a non-negative way is the positive lesson to draw from this indecipherable word salad – better this than the usual condescending scorn (“I like the gays – some of my favourite stylists are gay” etc) or the “scotch those nasty gay rumours” double-speak (“I got nothing against the gays, bro, I’m just not one of them…” which is generally the only way the homos are referred to in interviews etc from hetero notables…

    Either way, hardly an edifying comment from the still dreamy HCJr…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t know if he’s gay, but he may be “passing”. Where did he get those big beautiful lips?…unless he’s French–you know, like Bridgett Bardot. She had luscious lips.

  3. SeanR says

    Stick to singing, Harry cos you’re making waves on this!

    If he is really gay that’s ok but if this was just a flippant joke, its not helpful as many ordinary decent queers do actually struggle with their sexual orientation and messing about is so last year.

    I don’t think he intended this comment to be reported as his coming out speech (I saw this item on the ‘breaking news’ section of a website in Ireland and it was presented as if Harry came out today. Ooops.

  4. bryan says

    Perhaps he should try it if he’s really concerned that he might be gay…it’s really the only way to find out. Call me, Harry…

    Of course, he might just be a woman..

  5. says

    I guess that makes me straight, you know being surrounded by strong (straight) women and all. My two sisters, my five aunties, two grand mothers. I wouldn’t know what to do with a guy either…until of course those yummilicious lips of his were pressed against mine! And boom! All of a sudden I know EXACTLY what to do with a guy!

  6. woodroad34 says

    Oh, come on, guys! Harry is just saying that he doesn’t hang with beercan crushing, farting/belching, heterosexual men. He socializes a lot with women (faghags anyone?). Give him a break. This is obviously a quote from a larger dialogue. You should all be somewhat aware that he’s fairly gay-friendly. I just wish he was a little more friendly, if y’all know what I mean.

  7. AG says

    I’m . . . sorry, was he saying something? I was distracted looking at his eyes and lips.

    He could sing me the telephone book and I wouldn’t mind.

    (Just sing it to me. Only to me, Harry. Only to me.)

  8. You Didn't Know Me When says

    There’s a few things I haven’t told you
    And before you hear them from someone else
    To clear up misconceptions
    I’d rather tell you myself….

  9. Joshua says

    Isn’t he from Louisiana? He seem’s to have that Cajun thing going on.

    I just know that he’s ok with Gay’s and is a great singer. I don’t get all sweaty wondering who is and who isn’t playing for our side anymore…..lol

  10. JOEJOE says

    Right on BILLY! Good Lord. Let’s not go extremes trying to deconstruct and analyze the intent of every word the poor guy utters. He’s not addressing the United Nations for cryin out loud. He’s an entertainer (and a cute one at that) who’s simply trying to say something positive about the women in his life. God Forbid.

  11. says

    Harry Connick Jr. is a driving force in rebuilding New Orleans. I forgot the commenters on this site love to make a big deal out of nothing. I guess most of you have forgotten about his role on Will and Grace.

  12. rich says

    It’s amazing we’ve come as far as we have, if we can’t even recognize our friends and try to make every straight man an enemy.

    I think ya’ll are just jealous of those good looks.

    good luck with that.

  13. says

    Since we’re quoting lyrics …

    Come by me, come talk to me baby
    Tell me how we can combine
    Will you be my sunshine forever
    Will you be a friend of mine

    Try me out and if you get excited
    Take me home, Id love to be invited
    Once were there, Im sure youll be delighted
    We can rock all night

    Wait and see, we might fit together
    That would be my lucky day
    Come by me, come love with me baby
    Maybe we could run away

  14. Banjboi says

    Listen, he’s fine as fuck, with a voice that melts butta, and calm the fuks down, chil’ren! There’s nothing insulting about his statements. Perhaps the wording is a bit jumbled, but his intentions are pretty harmless.

  15. PG says

    Might make him their bitch, but you ain’t gay if guys ain’t in your daydreams and nightmares. Mind, the thought of a five-minute kiss with HCjr makes me go woody, swoon … I gotta get outta these tight briefs … later guys …

  16. says

    I don’t understand why stories about straight guys making some completely untrue allusions to being gay keep making their way onto this site. It’s very easy for straight guys to joke about being gay without having to actually live the consequences. I don’t think they deserve a second of our attention until they show some genuine empathy.

  17. Hdtex says

    What Harry fails to mention is that his “handlers” are all hunky buff gay body builders…

    I once got cruised HEAVY by him at a closed cast party…It was a costume party and I didn’t even know who he was until the moment was past, and my friends from across the room swept in to tell me what had just transpired.

    You know he’s Republican too….enough said.
    P.S. He ain’t that hot in person…really tall and gawky.

  18. I Smell Poop says

    Whether this phoney like boys, girls or animals: He’s not who he claims to be! Why must this Connick Jr lie about being a native of New Orleans and that his father was the DA there?

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