Jodie Foster Thanks Her “Beautiful Cydney” in Award Speech


At the 16th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast, which I mentioned earlier today referencing Travolta’s quippy one-liner, Jodie Foster received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, and in her acceptance speech thanked “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.”

While leadership certainly hasn’t been her forte in this area, we’ll accept it as her coming out.


  1. FunMe says

    Geez what “courage” that gurl has.


    With all the power she has in Hollywood, imagine how much farther she could help with human rights. Instead, she prefers to be closeted after all the awards (including one Oscar) and respect in the industry.

    As far as I’m concerned, she can stay closeted. She BORES!

  2. jno says

    Good for her, and everyone else chill. People come out on their own timelines, and as long as she’s not directly voting to take away your rights, let her be in charge of her own process.

    Too much self-righteus judging is dull.

  3. JT says

    JNO says, “Too much self-righteous judging is dull.”

    I say, right on!

    Coming out IS a process, and for everyone, that process follows it’s own path.

    For all of you who came out easily, or and risked and survived, I applaud you. But I don’t know that a actor owes anyone any more or less than you or I, not do I believe that being an actor gives anyone bigger balls by virtue of their profession when it comes to their private lives. Politicians? A different story. But a wee bit of empathy for someone who is just trying to do her job, and stands to lose much, might be in order. Heck, actors who become political are routinely reviled. I applaud the brave. But I understand the not -so ones, and forgive them their humanity and vulnerability. I am out to all of my family, my friends, and those with whom I work. But it wasn’t always that way, and I remember why.

    The hammer whacks down the head that stands above. Some people just don’t want to be whacked. Judge a little less. Feel a little more.

  4. anon ( says

    Hopefully this will do some good, but considering her recent lack of box office appeal it’s sort of a pipsqueak. I suspect this is designed to get the press off her back more than anything else.

  5. Chris says

    So many people are so judgmental about stars who are closeted, why? Of course they could be good examples and do great work for the gay community – but the fact of the matter is, coming out is a personal experience and a personal choice – and they don’t owe us anything. You don’t have to officially come out to love yourself – in some aspects being “in the closet” is to many a logical choice for their life, it’s not always such a place of hell for gays. The intolerance about this is kind of disturbing considering we are struggling to be fully accepted as people in our society.

  6. says

    As far as I know, Ms. Foster has never outright denied being gay – she’s simply lived her life on her own terms. It may be a bit more subtle, but sometimes that’s just as powerful.

  7. says

    God, who cares what this woman does? How do we know that Cydney isn’t Sidney, her lawyer or poolcleaner or dogwalker? I’d just be happier if she made some movies I’d be interested in sitting through.

  8. MT says

    Good for her. As with all of our personal lives, its no body’s business but her own. I agree with JNO. The woman is just trying to live her life on her terms and who are we to tell her otherwise. Isn’t that what we all want?

  9. gwyneth cornrow says

    It’s nobody’s business but her own. She does good things. If she were a closeted reactionary right wing politician who legislated against equal rights, I could understand the uproar, but she’s not. She’s an artist and she doesn’t have to fit neatly into the categories society, and the marketplace, create.

  10. jeff says

    Jesus Christ, guys, she’s not a Republican voting down marriage equality! She’s a fucking actress. And she DOESN’T lie about being gay. She might not speak about it ad nauseum like Lance Bass, but she’s private. We all came out on our own terms and, as long as we weren’t being deceptive or had a platform with which to affect policy, we weren’t hurting others.

    Pick your battles. Get some perspective.

  11. Stephen says

    Let me ask a question: is not traditionally coming out a political statement that there should no longer BE a need to come out? We are who we are. We just be.

  12. nic says

    i agree with gwyneth. jodie foster avoided all the pitfalls of the child-actor career, had a stellar college career and a brilliant acting career; all the while maintaining decency and decorum in public life. more power to her. i do not begrudge her anything. after all, she is the person she wants to be, not the person some of us might wish her to be.

  13. Zeke says

    Regardless of what anyone thinks about her timing we should just be happy for her that she is where she is right now.

    I have to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this method of “coming out” so much more than the “I’m a gay American” version. Rather than making her orientation the issue she made her RELATIONSHIP the issue. I LOVE THAT! That’s the way I come out to people. I never say, “I’m gay”, I just talk about my husband and family just like any other person does. Instead of making a production about my orientation it becomes a benign but important matter of fact about my life and what/who’s important to me.

    In my opinion, living honestly is the best way to come out.

    Congrats to Jodie and her partner.

    Rumor has it that a certain Queen is on the verge of making a similar announcement.

  14. anon ( says

    I think it is disappointing that several posters here think coming out is somehow punitive–a form of penance for past sins. You need to distinguish between outing someone and someone outing themselves. You out hypocrits, liars and defamers. Otherwise, people in the public eye should understand the continuing need for positive reinforcement where coming out will advance the cause of gay rights, including their own.

  15. Gregg says

    Brava Ms. Foster.

    Of course I would have loved her to come out years earlier, but each in their own time. She has never been “anti” gay, and owes no one her identity. It would be great if everyone could come out right now! But it is a process, and a very personal one at that.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    Since when do movie stars come out of the bloset? William Haines? Look where that got him–bigger star than Valentino, career destroyed, replaced by Gable (a bisexual husler according to Mr. Erhenstein).

    Jodie Foster is one of the finest actresses in cinema history. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone for anything. If she did come out, it should be for her own reasons. She owes her achievements to no one but herself…and maybe her mother.

  17. Joshua says

    Oh Zeke, I had no idea Queen Elizebeth is gay. :)

    Foster is an actress(a damn good one) and a human being. She has never, ever done anything to harm gay’s, in fact she has been open and forthcoming in the causes she helps. When and if she *comes out* is her business and her’s alone.

    Zeke is so right, why do we think coming out has to be a big production number, just living your life, normally, talking about your family as if it were the Jones’s next door is the best way I know to make a statement. It’s what I do. I talk in the *we* about my partner and I, to our friends, family and co-workers, and no one thinks a thing unusual about it.

  18. dc8stretch says

    While we make role models of any celeb that ‘comes out’- Jodie should be our true role model for a life lived with commitment. Among our ‘heroes’, Melissa is on her second ‘marriage’ and Ellen on hers, nevermind Lance and Reichen, Jodie’s relationship with Cydney, however discreet, has outlasted them all and defines long term companion. The lady is grace and class and quiet courage in a world where those qualities are too rare- which is why the gay community has been harangueing her to come out for over 2 decades. Our ‘role models’ should be so inspiring.

  19. Justin says

    Along with the toaster, is it part of being gay to announce it to the world? Some of us just don’t want to make a big deal out of it. Even if she did come out this week, next week everyone will be wondering what Sarah Jessica Parker will be wearing in her new movie, or that Elizabeth Taylor is doing a book tour, or that Cher’s long awaited follow-up to “Believe” is finally coming out. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be gay because whenever there’s a portrayal of a stereotype…it’s the ones who perpetuate that stereotype who are whining. I think Jodie is hot! Since I’m a gay man and she’s a gay woman…shouldn’t we then get married? After all, we’re both the same.

  20. Arron says

    Who cares if she’s even gay? She’s a great actress, a devoted parent and incredibly intelligent. We want to be treated equally, we say we are no different then anyone else…and then we criticize someone for not seperating themselves from society by drawing attention to that one single aspect of themselves; their sexuality. If we are more than who we love, why must we define ourselves by who we love? We cry that society only notices our sexuality, then we cry because someone doesn’t put that sexuality first? We can’t have it both ways. I say good for Ms. Foster; live your life YOUR way. Come out now, come out later…come out never, it’s not up to us it’s up to her. If she is or if she isn’t, I don’t care…I still love her acting, regardless of who she sleeps with.

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