Mike Huckabee: God and Prayer Responsible for His Recent “Surge”

At the Liberty University (the Jerry Falwell-founded institution) Convocation Ceremony, the man who believes gay marriage will destroy civilization explains the reason for his recent “surge” in the polls.

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Huckabee to GQ: Gay Marriage Will End Civilization [tr]


  1. he is evil says

    The dems should be getting more press about Huckabee’s pardening of a convicted rapist, who when set free raped and murdered two more women. And why did he parden the rapist? Because the woman he was in jail for raping is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton.

    He’d make as horrible a President as the idiot, alcoholic we have now!

  2. B says

    When I saw the reoublicans debate on CNN, It reminded of politicians in Middle East and other Conservative countries. All they talk about is God and Morals. and they are the first to be in middle of scandals.

  3. Jonathon says

    Technically, Huckabee has committed blasphemy against God. He has also committed one of the “Seven Deadly Sins”: pride.

    Huckabee was unqualified to govern Arkansas and he sure as hell is unqualified to be president of our country.

  4. nic says

    ohmyfuckin’god! there is so much wrong with this, from the questioner to the answer from huckabee. this kind of shit is just scary. haven’t we had enough of the holier-than-thou types? i doubt that any god would give a rat’s ass about this fundie buffoon.

  5. Gregg says

    Hmmm… Even more than the content of this speech, I am concerned about the lack of comments on this post. I don’t think folks are taking the Repug threat seriously enough.

  6. nic says


    you’re talking more about the lack of commentary, not the vociferousness therein. gotcha! yes, where is the outrage?! if we do not pay attention, we cannot make a difference.

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