“Pro-Family” Leader to Hold Gay Fetish Film Screening in DC


Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

December 3, 2007
Via Courier

Ms. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker
House of Representatives
United States Capitol Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Madam Speaker:

Because you frequently extol San Francisco’s values to the rest of America, we are compelled to call your attention to what actually takes place at the Folsom Street Fair and other egregious and offensive “gay pride” celebrations in your Congressional District.

I was in San Francisco with a videographer on Sunday, September 30 and verified but a small segment of the most immoral and outrageous sexual behavior that ever disgraced the streets of any American city. On Wednesday, December 5, at 1:00 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, we will release the un-retouched DVD of the public debauchery which we videotaped during the city’s Folsom Street Fair just two months ago. Included is raw and unedited verification of:

• Large numbers of men walking on public streets either fully or partially naked;
• Groups of men engaged in orgies on the public street, including acts of oral sex and mutual masturbation, as crowds waked by and snapped pictures.
• Fully exposed men “greeting” other men by grasping other men’s genitals and massaging them in full view of passers-by. The police stood by and did nothing;
• A man sitting on the curb in broad daylight masturbating as crowds of people gawked and took pictures (he even posed for photos with others as he sat there naked and aroused);
• Theatrically dramatic sadomasochistic whippings and floggings – drawing blood and turning the willing “victim’s” skin bright red;
• Abundant flaunting of female nudity and real or simulated sexual acts;
• “Master-slave relationships” in which one man or women would “walk” their subservient “slave” with a dog-collar and chain. Others imitated animals (dogs and ponies) as yet another “fetish” on display: we talked to one woman whose mouth was bridled like a horse;
• Blatant anti-Christian bigotry in the form of “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” men dressed in drag mocking Catholic nuns, greeting incoming attendees at Folsom; one male “Sister” wore a shirt that read “Bottom for Jesus” (“bottom” refers to his position in anal sex); entrance stickers featured a twisted, S&M-fetish version of DaVinci’s “Last Supper” painting;
• Young children with their parents witnessing this perverted and revolting spectacle.

Additionally, Madam Speaker, we have been told that you were presented with an opportunity to condemn this heinous event and the blasphemous artwork used to promote it. Folsom Street Fair’s promotional poster featured a drawing mocking Leonardo DaVinci’s classic “Last Supper” painting by substituting sexual fetishists with their “sex toys” for Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. You refused to denounce both. In fact, we understand that you maintained that Christianity would not be harmed by the poster. Were Judaism, Islam or any other religion so offensively mocked and affronted, would you have remained silent? We doubt it.

As a respectable lady and practicing Catholic, we assume that you have not been present at the Folsom Street Fair to witness the rampant public nudity, street orgies and perverse sexual extravagances that are allowed to occur there, on San Francisco’s blocked-off city streets, without police intervention. We give you the benefit of doubt that you are not fully aware of what actually takes place.

Nevertheless, it’s time for San Francisco’s cover-up to end. Decent Americans can no longer remain silent about this outrageous, licentious and egregious conduct and illegal, flaunting behavior that insults basic decency. Radical sexual activists, pandering politicians and complicit media can no longer disguise and misrepresent reality. The truth is out.

We are, of course, aware that both you and San Francisco city government pride yourselves in the city’s (misdefined) reputation for “tolerance.” Paradoxically, it has been widely reported that when Christian, military and other advocates of traditional values voice their views (such as the 2006 “BattleCry” Christian youth rally), they have been protested, threatened, condemned by city officials, and even assaulted by unrestrained opponents. Where was San Francisco’s much-vaunted “tolerance” on those occasions?

In your October 6 speech before the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign (portions of which we will show on Wednesday, December 5th at the National Press Club), you said:

“People always say it is easy for me … to be out front on these issues because San Francisco is so tolerant. Tolerant? It’s not about tolerance. It’s about respect. It’s about the respect we have for each other. It’s about the pride we take in our community. That sentiment is now spreading across America.”

Should the profane, disgusting and bigoted behaviors we witnessed in your district in San Francisco be “tolerated” by the rest of America? How much tolerance is too much tolerance? Are you proud of the Folsom event? Should the rest of America tolerate public nudity and homosexual orgies on their city streets? Where was the “respect” for people of faith who saw their Lord blasphemed by Folsom organizers, working with the grotesquely anti-Christian Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (which was a major beneficiary of Folsom)? Notwithstanding your pandering before the partisan HRC audience of homosexual advocates, your assertions about San Francisco and failure to condemn the extreme and public perversions at Folsom impugn your veracity as a credible national leader.

After viewing what undeniably took place at a public, outdoor event in your Congressional District, as characterized above, we hope you will publicly disavow such conduct – including the “Sisters'” bigoted mocking of Christianity. As Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives — for all Americans — you have a national responsibility to condemn these public perversions and use your great influence to stop them from happening in the future in San Francisco. We are calling upon you to muster the necessary courage to take the leadership to which you were elected.

For more information about Americans for Truth’s coverage of the Folsom Street Fair, please refer to our website at www.AmericansForTruth.org or contact us by telephone: 630-717-7631. I will be pleased to be of whatever assistance possible in accurately clarifying this important matter.

Most sincerely,

Peter LaBarbera
President, Americans For Truth


  1. Brian says

    Now if only there were a fetish weekend featuring pasty closet cases with double chins… Miss LaBamba would be the grand marshall.

    Dude is a tool and a douchebag. Anyone who gives a shit what he thinks is so far beyond rational discourse that we shouldn’t even worry ourselves.

  2. Larry the Leprechaun says

    Is this another individual who has access to a PC and claims he’s speaking for all of civil society? I reckon I’ll set up the “Gays for Truth about homophobes who should get real jobs”.

    With the money wasted on their crazy campaigns, how many poor children could be vaccinated, fed, clothed..?

    Oy vey!

  3. the queen says

    poor miss labarbera, she just can’t give into her obvious obsession with homosex. she must have some wild wet dreams i’ll bet. but what she really needs is to be put in a sling, lube her ass real good, and get worked on by a bevy of hot, sweaty and muscled dildo wielding leather daddies. not only would it be an act of theraputic mercy but it would also put a stop to all this nonsense.

  4. Rodolfo says

    Andy, I trust you’ll do the responsible thing and post the video here for all to see.

    Knowledge is power, people.

    (Do parents really bring their kids? That’s fucked up.)

  5. Pugzz says

    Since we all know S&M and other fetish related sexual behavior is not just a “Gay” thing I do hope someone with good editing skills will make the straight version. It’s just as prevalent and not just in San Francisco.

  6. Gregg says

    He’s so offended by the parody of the Last Supper painting, but he doesn’t event know the correct respectable way to refer to the original artist.

    If using only one name, it is “Leonardo”, not just DaVinci as “da vinci” just tells you where Leonardo is from. Picky, I know, but it goes to show how deep his knowledge and research actually go.

  7. wtf says

    I wish we lived in a tolerant society where we could all have our freedom of expression without consequences. HOWEVER, we do not…The gay community must distance itself from the fetish community just as we dumped the pedophile group NAMBLA if we ever want to get into the mainstream of politics and American life. If we insist on including the fringe elements, ie, transvestities, fetishists, pedophiles, we will stay on the outside looking in and never get equal marriage, ENDA, or equal rights in the military.

    Is Focus on the Family funding the Folsum event?

  8. Brian says

    Oh, right on, WTF. I can’t wait to shop at the Gap and drive a Ford Taurus and live in a suburban tract home that has pretty brick work on the front and cheap siding on all the other side. I’ll take my white partner to Applebee’s for dinner once weekly, and make pretty homosex in the missionary position with the lights off. Maybe after that we can pray to Jesus to forgive us for what we’ve done, and to help us be accepted by all the other boring, white, middle class, unimaginative, boxed-in straight (or straight-appearing) people. My goal should be to spend my life in a state of generalized torpor in a low-ceilinged room reading USA Today.

    Please. Our rights have nothing to do with the fetishists. The people who would deny us our rights are denying them because they think we’re all going to hell. That includes boring white-collar professionals.

    The thing we (as a society, not as homos) need to distance ourselves from is fundamentalist religion.

  9. mike says

    Gee, conservatives are soooooo obsessed with gay men, gay customs and gay sex, aren’t they? I mean, OBSESSED! They talk about gay fetishes more than gays do. What’s the deal? It’s like the conservatives’ “answer” to wikipedia, conservapedia. The top 10 searches on conservapedia are concerned with alleged gay sex–mostly “gay” sexually-transmitted diseases. Expect some new statistics by the Heritage Foundation to pop up on the conservative “shout” shows (Fox, H&C, Rushie-Poo, etc.) that will show how gays and their sexual “habits” are dangerous to America. You know, I’m beginning to think that the only good evangelical wing-nut is a dead, evangelical wing-nut.

  10. shane says

    What we need to start doing is getting videos of Mardi Gras, spring break, etc. to show journalists how nasty and perverted those sin-laden breeder-folk are.

  11. mike says

    Gee, conservatives are soooooo obsessed with gay men, gay customs and gay sex, aren’t they? I mean, OBSESSED! They talk about gay fetishes more than gays do. What’s the deal? It’s like the conservatives’ “answer” to wikipedia, conservapedia. The top 10 searches on conservapedia are concerned with alleged gay sex–mostly “gay” sexually-transmitted diseases. Expect some new statistics by the Heritage Foundation to pop up on the conservative “shout” shows (Fox, H&C, Rushie-Poo, etc.) that will show how gays and their sexual “habits” are dangerous to America. You know, I’m beginning to think that the only good evangelical wing-nut is a dead, evangelical wing-nut.

  12. anon (gmail.com) says

    What about Burning Man? That’s really a showcase.

    LaB is ex-gay? That explains why he went personally to film the fair.

    People bring their kids??? Alas, such a demonstration of lack of judgment probably is indicative of general parental incompetence that closing down the fair won’t fix.

    I do expect though that pressure will be put on the fair to cool it with the nudity and sex, just like fetish gatherings in other cities.

  13. the queen says

    i wholeheartedly agree with you brian but personally i don’t mind going to hell because bette davis, tallulah bankhead, and johnny carson will be there.

  14. Wheezy says

    @ anon,

    Yeah, some straight couples brought there kids. Pushed ’em around in strollers. But that Catholic site that put up the pictures of Folsom used a 3-4 year old picture of a gay couples kids, none at all of the straight couples. They carefully left out all the pictures of straight fetishists (except one where to man was the “slave”, how un-natural, a woman in control!) and showed all gays. Folsom is not exclusively gay fetish, it is fetish, period, whether you’re gay, straight, or bi.

  15. says

    Is anyone else concerned that events like the one he is showcasing really damages our credibility as a gay community? It is like the pride events that showcase a bunch of people taking “pride” in themselves by letting their sexuality rather than their personalities take center stage.
    I am not some prude but I have lived enough to know that it is our similarities which bring us together and our differences that divide us. To get these people to shut up and see us as brothers and sisters, we need to give them something more positive to talk about.

  16. Kathy says

    Isn’t this just special? I expect at least some in here to say “This isn’t the truth about homosexuality.” I expected SOME to express disgust with PUBLIC displays of sexual activity. I expected decent people here to condemn this kind of thing that paints all gay people as sexual deviants.

    But no.

    What is wrong with you? First you take delight in calling Ben Johnson all the names you probably hated when you were young and kids thought you were gay. All those comments at Wonkette and Americablog are full of tolerance! Is it ok to make gay jokes if your a Democrat?

    I’m a conservative, I know gay conservatives. People like the ones at this fair makes them sick because it it doesn’t represent being gay. Or maybe you think it does?

    You should all be ashamed, not because you are gay, but because you feel you can’t condemn ANY sick behavior, even if it contributes to the bigotry of gays.

  17. Brian says

    Kathy, take the stick out of your ass. What the hell are you doing cruising gay sites anyway? There are plenty of sexually unusual festivals focusing on straights. There are very few for gays. People are allowed to have sex whenever they like, with whomever they like, in as many different ways as they like… as long as it’s between two (or more) consenting adult participants and doesn’t harm anyone else. Just because you think it’s sick doesn’t mean we all should. The thing that created and continues to contribute to bigotry against gay people is the nasty judgemental behavior from self-righteous religious bigots. I’m not saying you’re one of them, but you’re sure sounding like one right now.

    And no, it’s not okay to make gay jokes if you’re a Democrat. It’s okay to make SOME gay jokes if you’re GAY, sweetie.

    Perhaps you’d be more comfortable cruising marthastewart.com. I can guarantee you won’t be offended by any sexual behavior on that site.

  18. SFshawn says

    The Folsom Street Fair happens to be the 3rd largest fair in the state of California behind the Rose Parade and the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people who bring millions and millions of dollars in to San Francisco’s business coffers. This kind of “condemnation” is just going to make it all that much more “controversial” and bring out more folks next year.

  19. says

    I can’t wait for LaBarbera to make a film about our local county fair. Lots of strange carnies, animals penned up before they are taken to a slaughter house, disgusting friend food, and people wearing too-tight, too-revealing clothes. It is an awesomely disgusting sight.

  20. DC8 Stretch says

    Pot, calling Kettle. Hello Tate, hello WTF. If it is our “similarities that bring us together…”, then you both must have a lot in common with LaBarera, et al. because you all seem to have set yourself up as the moral arbiters here. Wagging fingers at deviants has been what the Moral Majority has been doing for years, glad to see you aspire to join them.

  21. says

    I can’t wait for LaBarbera to make a film about our local county fair. Lots of strange carnies, animals penned up before they are taken to a slaughter house, disgusting friend food, and people wearing too-tight, too-revealing clothes. It is an awesomely disgusting sight.

  22. Kathy says


    I agree that people can do whatever they wish as long as it’s with a consenting adult. That isn’t the point. The point is that THIS IS PUBLIC.

    If you can’t see the difference, then I can’t help you.

  23. Rex says

    nad Im sure he’ll leave out that its a Fetish for ALL sexes..NOT just the Gays aka Homosexu-els…Hmmm, how about all those Heteorsexual partys in New Orleans (Mardi Gra…or after a World series events of Hets, doing everything under the sun?) where can I find this guy to Punch him right in the mouth? I HATE these Eff’ing Religious wingnutz who are “es-cared” of sex…we need to find dirt on this DIRT BAG! Larry Flynt can you help?

  24. Brian says


    Nice job distancing yourself from your previous bigoted comments about people who are different from you and your conservative buttoned-up homo acquaintances. Now your beef appears to be with the general issue of public sex.

    What is acceptable in public is an issue that is determined and regulated by the local community. Are you a resident of the Folsom Street neighborhood in San Francisco? If not, then you can keep your opinions of what goes on there to yourself. I thought conservatives were all about “state’s rights” and “local control”. Apparently that only applies when you agree with what’s going on.

  25. CPT_Doom says

    I wonder how many of the commenters have actually attended the Folsom Street Fair, and how many are merely relying on Ms. Peter’s descriptions. I’ve attended this fair, as well as the Dore Alley Festival, Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL – each January in DC) and International Mr. Leather (IML – each May in Chicago). I am both a proud gay man and a proud member of the leather community.

    I don’t question that many of the sexual practices enjoyed by leathermen (and women, as noted above this community is pansexual) are not typical of most Americans. I understand that many people find leathersex a turn-off. That’s absolutely fine. No one is being forced to engage in anything that they do not like.

    But to have people, particularly allegedly progressive and/or gay people, decry the leather community because it’s “icky” – well, the cake has been taken ladies and germs. Demonizing and stereotyping others, particularly when you don’t necessarily know of what you are speaking, is more than unhelpful to the entire community (isn’t the whole trans-inclusive ENDA debate all about adding a group many gays and lesbians find “icky”?). It simply perpetuates the negative attacks of people like LaBarbara.

    I can tell you that 85% of the people at the fair are either straight, gawking, tourists, or true S&M leatherfolks – the ones who “stand & model” because leather looks hot. Yes, you will see occasional glimpes of nudity – but far less than at your typical Mardi Gras parade, and it is nearly impossible for the public at large to stumble into the Fair – you have to cross through many different metal chutes – designed so that the fund-raisers can hit you up for donations before you enter.

    Did I mention that the leather community gives thousands each year to charity (hell, the local leather bar in DC had a charity toy drive last Saturday night)?

  26. Seattle says

    Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of who commits it. Yes, we gay people have suffered because of our sexual orientation. That does not give us the right to go have sex in public, especially where children might be exposed (due to their stupid parents). Thankfully this is an extremely small percentage of gay people who do this. Unfortunately it makes for great camera fodder for the right wing.

    This gay man is disgusted by these public sex acts by this small number of gay people as well as by the ones that take place at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, whether by gay or straight people.

  27. Chesnut says

    To Kathy: I’m just wondering…do you think Mardi Gras in New Orleans should also be shut down? Most straights and conservatives seem quite comfortable with that yearly fesitval.

  28. Ernie says

    Anyone who thinks that LaBarbera & Co. are truly outraged by “bad behavior” is fooling himself. They get off on it, and they know other people will get off on it, feigning disgust when actually they’re titillated out of their minds. Why are they so concerned with the goings-on of one tiny pocket of the nation for one tiny moment of the year? Because it plays into their politics and into their fantasies.

    And, as others have pointed out, there’s no shortage of “bad behavior” among heterosexuals, and their behaviors are a lot easier to stumble upon than ours. We could live the most dull, sanitized lives in the world, and the right wing wouldn’t love us any more, or wish to grant us any more rights. Compared to the truly “icky” things going on in the world, a blow job on the street is downright proper. If someone’s offended, don’t look!

  29. wetcnt says

    Kathy, do you live in San Francisco? If not, then why do you care what happens there? It’s only publicized by these crazy anti-gay and anti-sex groups. No one is forced to go to the event. No one’s children are held down and forced to watch it.

    I mean I wouldn’t attend the event, but why do you care if there are people who want to and their is a neighborhood that doesn’t care as well?

  30. wtf says

    The only one’s who benefit from this PUBLIC display of fetishism and sex are the right wing nuts who use it to raise money for their causes. Those funds then are used to attack gay rights initiatives, field anti-gay candidates, etc…

    Folsum and the like are thus indirectly but quite effectively harming the gay community. Keep it INSIDE and no one will care what you do.

    By the way, I live in a fabulous period house in a mixed gay-straight community, I volunteer for gay rights causes, and donate money to them as well, I have a hot partner and am completely out…Just because I have a sense of decency does not mean I want to drive a Ford Taurus, live in tract housing in the suburbs, etc…as someone mentioned above. Put your money and time where your mouth is and stop being so short-sighted. This is not about freedom of sexual expression; it is about being smart politically when we have bigger issues than fisting and leather on Folsum Street.

  31. says

    WTF: fess up, are you Kirk or Madsen? Is this 1989? Haven’t we gotten beyond throwing the marginal people under the bus to gain the approval of the majority? It’s classic hegemonic policing of ourselves — they don’t even have to force us to do it, since we’ve bought their propaganda and do the job for them, like blacks trying not to be “too ghetto” or women who are proud of their position subordinate to men. If anything’s icky, that is.

    “Keep it inside… ” maybe inside a closet then? I’m not saying you’re closeted, just that you might notice the similarities even in your own rhetoric. Those damn leather queens shouldn’t be so in-your-face. Or maybe no gays should be?

  32. peterparker says

    Dear KATHY,

    I’m in complete agreement with CPT_DOOM and BRIAN (and KATHY, your posts show that you clearly know NOTHING about Folsom Street Fair).

    As someone who has attended Folsom Street Fair more times than I can count, I assure you, the vast majority of the people who attend Folsom are straight, tourists, gawkers, or people who simply wanted to play ‘dress up’ for the day. The number of true ‘leatherfolk’ is in the definite minority at Folsom. Having said that, there is definitely BDSM play and sex play going on in the street (remember folks, exhibitionism is a kink). But it isn’t as though someone decided to randomly engage in a sex act on a random street in a random city at a random time on a random day. Folsom Street Fair is outdoors, yes, but it is also a designated event with gates (guarded by SFPD) that you must enter in order to attend. Anyone going into the event knows what they are getting themselves into, partly because you can see the occasional scantily clad person going into the gates of Folsom Street Fair, but also because there are signs posted at the gates calling attention to the fact that you are about to enter an adult oriented event that may include nudity. Labeling as ‘inappropriate’ public masturbation or oral sex at Folsom Street Fair is like labeling girls flashing their tits for Mardi Gras beads on Bourbon Street as inappropriate.

    Moreover, KATHY, Folsom Street Fair does not occur on a tree-lined street populated by families living in little cottages with white picket fences. The fair occurs on Folsom Street and a few side streets in the SOMA district of San Francisco. This area is largely industrial, though there are, to be sure some apartments above the shops and businesses (in fact, a fairly sizable condo development went in at the epicenter of Folsom Street Fair about three or four years ago). The apartments and condos in this area are inhabited mostly by young singles who want to live in the SOMA area so they can be near the bars and clubs and nightlife. Anyone who chooses to live in this area is aware they are moving to ground zero for Folsom Street Fair. The families living in the area are aware that the day of Folsom Street Fair is when you plan a nice, all day outing to the beach or the mall or to an amusement park.

    And speaking of families, I’ve seen parents (gay and straight) bring their children to Folsom Street Fair, and I believe it is entirely inappropriate. In fact, I believe Folsom Street Fair should bar entry to anyone under 18. However, parents of all stripes will makes all sorts of bizarre and irresponsible choices for their children. My brother (a conservative like you, KATHY) once allowed my nephews, who were about 6 and 9 years old at the time, to swim with a small alligator that had found it’s way into the pool in the backyard. My brother thought it was ‘cool’ that the kids got to swim with an alligator. Frankly, I would have preferred for my nephews to have been at Folsom Street Fair. Inappropriate as that would have been, the worst that could have happened is that they would have seen someone engaged in sex play.

    KATHY, maybe you should attend Folsom Street just once before you go on websites castigating the behavior of those who attend. It might give you a different perspective on the event. Hell, it might give you a different perspective on life.


  33. Brian says

    “I live in a fabulous period house in a mixed gay-straight community, I volunteer for gay rights causes, and donate money to them as well, I have a hot partner and am completely out”

    Wow… smell you, Mary.

    I think the best thing for gay progress in the United States is for each gay person to live their lives authentically and openly in a way that will bring them joy. This will look as diverse in the gay community as it does in the straight community. I love that you are active in gay rights advocacy. So am I. I just think that it’s important to note that conforming to the norm isn’t going to help anything. No one’s going to change their minds about gay rights because we’ve all of a sudden become “respectable”.

  34. peterparker says

    Dear WTF,

    How nice of you to inform us that you live in a ‘fabulous period house’ (Is anyone else imagining glass bricks and prints from Nagel that take you instantly to 1985!). How nice of you also to inform us that your partner is ‘hot’ (Is there anyone who doesn’t think their partner is hot?). Why don’t you post pics of your ‘fabulous period house’ and your ‘hot partner’ online and give us the link so we can judge for ourselves?


  35. Henry says

    It’s about validation, isn’t it? I mean, for those condemning the fair, it’s about how a small group of people (of all sexualities) can be used to represent the totality of our community, and that’s pretty bullshit. I completely understand how half of us here want the rest of society to think of us not as deviants or “different” but as people just like them. And thus the hate of the fair.

    So there are two very distinct groups: those that care what society thinks and those that don’t really give a damn. Which basically sums up the problem with our community, in that half of us condemn and half of us condone. It seems to me, however, that stuff like fetishes are irrelevant to our community. I think we’ve established that the Folsom Street Fair isn’t exclusively a gay event and that it is, in fact, enjoyed by many types of people of all sexual orientations (hate that word). It’s unfortunate that this is the type of “scandal” that the conservative obsess over, but our reaction shouldn’t be to disown or propagate this kind of stuff, anymore than we need to associate ourselves with a hero/murderer that happens to be gay. These things, good or bad, are not gay only: they are applicable to all of society. The fault is in the sex-crazed republicans and in ourselves, for beating the shit out of each other and demanding that we all think one way.

    It’s astonishing to see how intolerant our own community can be toward diversity of thought and lifestyle. But then again, I suppose I’m just young and naive.

  36. Ernie says

    Ah, what a pleasure it is to read Brian’s and Peterparker’s pithy, thoughtful, sane comments. Tho we’re picking on Kathy, there are more than a few posters here who seem hell-bent on sanctimoniously condemning lives that happen not to match their own “fabulous” ones.

    We do indeed have bigger issues than the Folsom Street Fair, which is why we shouldn’t be drinking the right-wing Kool-Aid that magically makes everyone believe that some leathermen and gay pride drag queens define gay life worldwide. (Not that I’d personally mind if it were so.) Anyone who buys that simple-minded propaganda will never be our political friend. Repeat, never.

    And, as others have pointed out, you don’t just stumble into the FSF on your way to Disneyland; you go there purposefully, at your own risk. That’s what happens in public. You take your chances. On occasion you might get offended or see something that you don’t care to participate in. C’est la vie. Move along. Save the pseudo outrage for people who hate us no matter how lovely our home decor or how breathtaking our boyfriend happens to be.

  37. anon (gmail.com) says

    They tried to have a fetish event in PA recently, but I think there was some confusion because it turned out to be just a bunch of fat guys in overalls standing in a barn.

    Has anyone noticed all the fetish elements in the current SciFi series TinMan? Villain = Kink in that world.

    I’ve been barred from many a street fair over the years as sight of my frame frightens children under the age of 65. Sigh.

  38. BIGGAYNEIL says

    excuse me but aren’t there pleanty of hetero fetish events, is he up in arms about those or is that perfectly acceptable behavior for straight people ?

  39. BIGGAYNEIL says

    excuse me but aren’t there pleanty of hetero fetish events, is he up in arms about those or is that perfectly acceptable behavior for straight people ?

  40. bryan says

    Folsom Street Fair is a leather fetish fair not a gay pride event. It is attended by more heterosexuals than homosexuals these days. And one thing this dipsh*t guy forgot to mention is that no one is forced to be there, no one is forced to look at any of the exhibitionists do their thing. The whole fair is a sloppy mess in my book and I haven’t gone in five years, but I defend the right for this parody to exist.

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