Romney Opens Fire on Huckabee with First GOP Attack Ad

The GOP race is beginnning to get more contentious. Mitt Romney’s campaign began running the first GOP attack ad (above, right) in Iowa today, challenging Mike Huckabee’s record on illegal immigration. Huckabee began running the ad on the left on Monday.

Talking Points Memo notes: “Such elevated rhetoric — including the Romney campaign’s mass e-mailing Monday of an anti-Huckabee Web column — reflects a growing sense of urgency at Romney headquarters, where the game plan all year has been predicated on bowling over rivals with victories in lead-voting Iowa and New Hampshire. With Huckabee taking the lead in polls in Iowa, which votes Jan. 3, and Sen. John McCain of Arizona coming on in New Hampshire, which votes Jan. 8, campaign officials have been debating whether to hit harder or simply take shots only as they present themselves…Romney officials are divided over how serious the threat is, noting that Huckabee is just beginning to face the same media scrutiny Romney has already encountered but also operating under the assumption that ‘Huckabee is for real.'”

Wait till the gloves come off on who’s more “pro-family.”

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  1. Sebastian says

    Poor Mitt the android, after that “amazing” speech about his cult, he still has to resort to this? The GOP, the party of negative ads continues, and, just wait until the main election, ugh.

  2. Mike says

    Rather disappointing that a country of 300 million people can’t field ONE statesman/woman running a positive campaign without bad mouthing everyone. Triumph the insult comic dog has more dignity.

  3. gws says

    Mitt is doing this ad in a respectful way. He’s not throwing dirt, folks. He is just basically saying “we’re two conservative candidates and THIS is where we differ”. Credit Romney for this so-called “negative” ad with focusing on issues and not settling for personal attacks (as so many of Romney’s detractors are doing…). I say Mitt’s attitude IS presidential and statesmanlike.

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