News: Sean Penn Badgley, Scottsdale, Hello Kitty, Giorgio Armani

road.jpg Sean Penn: The future Harvey Milk ends his 11 year marriage.

Pennbadgleyhot02road.jpg Penn Badgley: hot and bothered.

road.jpg Censorship debate continues surrounding the BBC’s dubbing, and then undubbing of the word “faggot” from The Pogues’ Christmas tune “Fairytale of New York”. Times Online: “The present consensus is with MacGowan – that there is nothing wrong with using the word ‘faggot’ in this context. Lighten up, you Milly Tants. My unfashionable counterview is that there is something very wrong in using it, that Radio 1 was right in its original decision and should have shown more balls and stuck by it. ‘Faggot’ is a term of anti-gay abuse; in this song it is most definitely an insult…To say that you’re offended these days is to risk being accused of being humourless; of not getting the joke. It’s the same risk you run as a woman who is offended by the endless parade of breasts in magazines such as Nuts. The new casual homophobia is couched as a perfectly acceptable, knowing joke, and coincides with a general feeling that gays have had quite enough equality: equal age of consent; civil partnership ceremonies (but not marriage). That we are getting a little too big for our boots.”

road.jpg First shots of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

Hxroad.jpg Fashion designer and Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth talks to NYC’s HX magazine about his reaction to Sarah Jessica Parker on the show and his cameo in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, among other things: “When I watched [the reaction] back I was like, ‘I am so gay.’ Which is fine. I embrace the gayness. I’m super-gay. I’m a big ol’ queen…[The Sex and the City cameo] was completely unrelated. A friend of mine knew the person that was casting the extras, so he called me up and said they needed a gay guy with a good body, and I was like, ‘Alright!’ But she’s super-nice and totally genuine. It was very painful for her to do the critiques because she doesn’t like being mean.”

road.jpg Fans swarm Giorgio Armani as he visits his NYC Soho Armani Exchange store: “Everyone rushed him and started asking for autographs. It was mayhem.”

road.jpg Hello Kitty for Men, coming soon.

Scottsdaleroad.jpg Scottsdale, Arizona bar owner converts to a gay nightclub after year-long dispute over the banning of a transgender patron: “Owner Tom Anderson (pictured on right, with co-owner brother Ted) said he made the transition in an effort to ‘change Scottsdale.’ The city saw a number of high-profile anti-gay and hate crimes this year, said Sam Holdren of Equality Arizona. Anderson made headlines last year when he banned a transgender woman from Anderson’s Fifth Estate after female customers complained about transgender patrons using the women’s restroom. The woman, Michele DeLaFreniere, filed a discrimination complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.”

road.jpg A theory on Rednecks vs. Gay Marriage: “…if we are trying to explain (but not excuse) why the churchgoing divorcees oppose it, the answer is that they see homosexuality, married or not, as non-traditional. The churchgoing divorcees are not asserting their family virtue, logically conceived, but their family virtue as traditionally defined. It is the traditional definition of family virtue that prevails in the communities where the churchgoing divorcees are trying to ingratiate themselves, as a way to compensate for and cover their fractured family lives.”


  1. woodroad34 says

    “The churchgoing divorcees are not asserting their family virtue, logically conceived, but their family virtue as traditionally defined”

    Hate to tell you, bitches, but divorce wasn’t too long ago a non-traditional “choice”. So get over your sanctimonious bad judgement and go swill another Budweiser or whatever the hell you low-grade Britney wannabes drink nowadays.

  2. DW says

    Shane McGowan and the pogues were great creators of poetry which has brought much beauty and insight into the world. I want a world in which FairyTale of New York is allowed to exist whole. Which side should gay people be on: creators of power and beauty or small minded censors who want to forbid the saying of one word regardless of the context? What a boring world such censors will produce if allowed to. It will be a world that ultimately will oppress us, or any of us who prefer spontaneity and newness to simplistic world views and power games. The spirit of gay censors is the spirit of the puritans and fundamentalists.

  3. Jordan says

    I’ve had ‘Hello Kitty’ stuff for years, but I called mine ‘Hello Clitty’

    But I like the ‘Happy Bunny’ stuff much better….it’s much more smart-ass.

  4. McQ says

    Okay, let’s review the placement of the offending “slur.”

    Kirsty MacColl: “You’re a bum. You’re a punk.”
    Shane MacGowan: “You’re an old slut on junk, lying there almost dead on that drip in that bed.”
    Kirsty MacColl: “Ya scumbag, ya maggot, ya cheap lousy faggot, Happy Christmas your ass. I pray God it’s our last.”

    Kids? This is not Steve and Edie. Nor is it some hip-hop idiot dissing us or using a slur usually directed at us to diss someone else. it’s two singers, in character as two incredibly messed-up, loathsome, end-stage, addict/alcoholics.

    Where is the outrage on behalf of I.V. Drug Users? or Sexually-Active Women? or Larval Stage Houseflies? or Condoms? (Imagine how hurtful it must be to be a lifesaving, heroic Condom only to find yourself referred to as a “scumbag”?)

    Where is the outrage, people???

  5. gay as life says

    “Nor is it some hip-hop idiot dissing us or using a slur usually directed at us to diss someone else. it’s two singers, in character”

    But one of the characters is “using a slur usually directed at us to diss someone else”.

    You can’t dismiss this slur simply by calling it “art”. If it were the word ni**er being used by a white person in a derogatory context, there would be no question about omitting it. The word faggot is used here only as a slur, and could be replaced by any number of derogatory words without losing any meaning or character (though, granted, the rhyme “maggot” would most likely also need to be replaced).

    This is not similar to Puritanical censorship, where sinful phrases or ideas are banished. This, instead, is an attempt to break the cycle of hatred directed at gay people.

    It is ludicrous to equate the use of the word faggot with the other slurs listed in the song. Being a gay person can be completely fulfilling and healthy. IV drug use could not be called a healthy lifestyle. The word “slut” implies far more than a “Sexually-Active Woman”. And, give me a break, maggots and condoms are A) not people and B) not an opressed minority fighting against oppression.

  6. DW says

    I can, in fact, imagine plays, poems, novels, songs written by whites, or other who are not black, in which the n-word is used and which it should not be censored. For instance a play, poem, or novel, or song in which a disturbed person (perhaps an alcoholic) calls another person the n-word in order to make a point about being disturbed. No reasonable person would call for the word to be struck because of the context. No reasonable person. (Another example: There are those who call for the censorship, or even banning of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, for the use of the N-word, although that book is an anti-slavery novel. Those people are unfortunate and not reasonable. As much as the “feel” oppressed by the novel they cannot be allowed to censor it.)
    Gay AS Life ignores context and his/her hand-waving about minority status and “fighting against oppression” is misleading. Again I would repeat if the Gay As Life people among us were allowed full unlimited power for then we would be truly oppressed, heavy handed they are, and willing to reduce everything to one simplistic political note. No one, I repeat, no one except the censors (who will change with the day) will win out in such a world. In such a world Mark Twain is also not allowed to be read.

  7. gay as life says

    DW – I think you may be exaggerating my opinion. I don’t think the song itself should be censored, but I do believe that a BROADCAST of the song which will reach the masses should be bleeped appropriately. In the same way, I would not suggest the banning of Huck Finn, but if Huck Finn were being read aloud on a radio broadcast, I would say that it should be bleeped.

    Context is always necessary, and a media broadcast often skews context.

  8. DW says

    bleeping is defacing and really distorts the meaning of the art. it is not banning, although there are those who would call for that, but i think artists have a presumptive right to have their art displayed whole. this right is a strong claim, there may be some contexts in which it can be overturned, but those must be very very few and those asking for the distortion, bleeping, censorship or banning must meet a very very high standard. the pogues song, and Mark Twain, do not even begin to approach that standard.
    Look we all want a world free of prejudice and oppression but easy calls for censorship, or easily achieved censorship, is too high a price to pay. There are competing goods here and I believe attacks on creativity, including the right of artists to display their works as they want, in the long run oppresses us all. The world is complex, it would be easy to say every time the n-word or faggot is used we bleep or censor, but that is just not how complex situations can be addressed. What is the next word, what is the next idea, that gets bleeped or banned, the list is possibly endless. Christians can call for bleeping and banning of works that “mock Christ” (Piss Christ), Muslims the same, etc. etc.
    But the worse is that you shut down the willingness to take risks and that will lead to a flat, boring, society, and one not able, in the long run to resist any new threats to itself and one not fun to live in. Easy censorship leads to fear of newness or or risk. We should not be encouraging fear among artists or people in general. If you think FairyTale of New York is oppressive of gays with the word “faggot” unbleeped then write a better song or poem to challenge it. That’s the hard thing. Calling for defacement is easy.

  9. gay as life says

    Equating bleeping a word in a song with overarching censorship is a bit extreme. It is, absolutely, a thin line that must be tread in deciding what should or should not be broadcast. But since a wide range of profane language gets bleeped I see nothing wrong with bleeping the word faggot.

    No, I do not think Fairy Tale of New York is in and of itself oppressive of gay people. But the way the word faggot is used in the song adds to a pervasive homophobia in society.

    If the word faggot in the song were used in a context where the usage itself is called into question and/or analyzed in some way, then I would have no problem with it. I’ve been using the word here, because we are discussing it. But in the context of the song, it is simply used as a slur with no reference or nod to the hurt which the word can cause. There is no antidote in the song. It is simply used as an easy curse.

  10. Mark says


    It is a dirty, hurtful, loathsome word. It degrades us and serves to separate us from humanity. But as much as I loathe the word I would never condone censorship.

    Censorship is far worse that bigotry, I would rather be called a fag then not be allowed to say the word for fear of who it would offend. Censorship grows of its own accord, ban “Fag” for its impropriety and how long before “Gay” follows suit? As has been noted by others, censor the individual, not the word. Condemn the person who uses it to intentionally cause harm, do not ban the word in any other context.

  11. gay as life says

    To clarify – I did not say to ban the word faggot. I said that in the context of this song, where faggot is simply used as an easy slur, it is appropriate to bleep it for broadcast.

  12. Andrew says

    Regarding the Bruce Banner Hulk news…
    I grew up watching the TV series and recalled the man being named David Banner so I Googled it. I found out that according to Stan Lee, Universal changed the name because the name “Bruce Banner” sounds like a “gay character” name, and “David Banner” sounded better for the character.
    There are other opinions as to the name change, but whoa to the 1970’s.

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