News: American Gladiator, Bush and America, Giorgio Armani

road.jpg Sir Ian McKellen named a Companion of Honour, a Commonwealth Order given to Britains who have made outstanding achievements in the arts, literature, music, science, politics, industry, or religion. Said the outspoken actor: “Coming out, coming out, coming out. That’s the only thing I’ve ever done, really. That’s what it can say on the gravestone. That will be the obituary.”

1633773740road.jpg Woof: Ptown Doberman pinscher earns spot in Westminster Kennel Club show in February.

road.jpg Neptune, New Jersey to swear in gay mayor: “Bishop, who will be sworn in at noon Tuesday for his second three-year term on the committee, is also expected later in the afternoon to be picked as mayor for 2008. When that happens, Bishop will be one of two openly gay mayors serving this year in New Jersey, and one of only three in the state’s history. But Bishop, who owns the Melrose Inn in Ocean Grove, doesn’t want his sexuality to be the focus of his tenure as mayor. ‘It really is a small piece of what makes me who I am. It’s as much a piece of me as owning my own business, or having spent years in corporate America. Is it true that probably my experience influences how I approach problem solving? Yes, but they all play into that, and they all make me into who I am.'”

road.jpg The year in Pink: 2007’s celebrity gossip in a flash.

road.jpg Producers “in discussions” with network about American Gladiator Alex Castro’s porn past.

534786road.jpg Giorgio Armani struts his white-Speedoed stuff in the Caribbean.

road.jpg Blistering NYT editorial on Bush and the state of America: “Out of panic and ideology [after 9/11], President Bush squandered America’s position of moral and political leadership, swept aside international institutions and treaties, sullied America’s global image, and trampled on the constitutional pillars that have supported our democracy through the most terrifying and challenging times. These policies have fed the world’s anger and alienation and have not made any of us safer… The White House used the fear of terrorism and the sense of national unity to ram laws through Congress that gave law-enforcement agencies far more power than they truly needed to respond to the threat — and at the same time fulfilled the imperial fantasies of Vice President Dick Cheney and others determined to use the tragedy of 9/11 to arrogate as much power as they could.”


  1. vesper says

    That is a beautiful dog. Oh goodness i want one.

    I love the speedo it is awesome but it is odd to have one such as the one Mr. Armani is wearing to look like underwear. Its really loose. i guess its a lounging speedo? I assumed that they all were tight.This is all coming from a non-speedo informed person. The closest i have come to a speedo is the bikinis in the womens section.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    Dobies are the most loyal and protective dog breed you can get, VESPER.

    If you have the space for them = a yard to play in…..then there are many that need rescueing and a home. Too many buy the pups for xmas not realizing how big they get and then end up abandoning them.

    No guard dog training necessary, it is completly natural to them.

    Pinscher was a tax man and dog catcher. He created the breed to have the perfect guard dog companion to travel with him on his tax collection duties.

    They are clingy!!!!!!!!!!!! “master master master where is master?????? is their mindset. They will even have to go into the bathroom with you when you go to
    do your do. If you are having a romping good time with a date in your bedroom, they will back themselves up into your bedroom door till their butt practicaly merges with the door and guard the entrance till you come out.

    They are a definite on naturaly throwing themselves at an attacker to sacrifice their life for master.

    Their natural tendency is not to bite guard you but rather get between you and whoever. To back whoever into a corner and keep them there till you let them know everything is ok.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    The producers of American Gladiator better show some sense. Alex Castro is my internal, I mean, eternal hero (wishful thinkin’ y’all), and he has a prestine past as far as I’m concerned. I would sell my soul and get down on my knees to tell him that in person.

  4. Will says

    As to the NY Times editorial, all I can say is too little, too late. After what they allowed, and still allow, the administration to get away with, immolation is the only honorable thing to do.

  5. Jordan says

    I dunno about Dobermans. I had one before back at my parents, and that bitch was crazier than me (hard to believe I know), and she had a great life, huge yard, etc., and even tho’ it was ‘trained’, it turned on virtually every one of us (even the maid). I was so glad when it died. Then I got a huge Rottweiler (yes, had to look up how to spell it!), and it was the best dog ever. Even tho’ it looked like a devil dog, it was sweet and a big baby.

    Dobermans can be mental.

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    Was she a rescue dog or did you guys get her as a pup?

  7. Jordan says


    We rescue’ed her. She had been living in an auto salvage yard upstate or something the humane association said. She was for sure crazy (and that is saying something, coming from me…lol). Just a bad experience all around.

    Although I had a roommate once who had a miniature doberman who was precious…and he thought he was a big dog. It was hilarious. He was SO cute… and he looked exactly like the big ones.

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Sorry again to hear about your bad experience.

    The rescue situation is probably what caused the dobie to be crazy.