Chad Allen in Bed with Rent Boy in Little Dog Laughed


Those of you in Connecticut have a chance to see actor Chad Allen in a production of Douglas Carter Beane’s The Little Dog Laughed set to run from January 25th through March 9th at Theater Works in downtown Hartford. The show also stars Jeremy Jordan (pictured). This, by the way, is not Jeremy Jordan the musician nor Jeremy Jordan the porn actor, but an entirely new Jeremy Jordan who has just emerged from Ithaca College’s Performance Studies.

The Little Dog Laughed, which tells the story of a closeted Hollywood actor and his rent boy, made a transition to Broadway in late 2006, but closed shortly thereafter, prompting Variety to wonder if gays had abandoned their love of the theater.

UPDATE: New profile of Allen in the Hartford Courant


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  1. ZackF says

    Jeremy is a good friend of mine from Ithaca College, and an extremely talented performer. I had the chance to work with him on a number of productions, and he’s just great, so check him out!

  2. gay as life says

    Gays haven’t abandoned their love of the theater. They’re just sick of the damn closeted actor / street hustler gay storylines. Oh yeah, and the damn insane ticket prices. And the lukewarm reviews. And crap like Spring Awakening that wins a Tony award… Hmmm, maybe we have abandoned it.

  3. says

    I caught this show when it was on Broadway, and despite it being SAVAGED by the Towleroad minions, I thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. The dialogue was crackling and the audience was roaring.

  4. David says

    I agree Michael but I can’t imagine this show without Julie White who was nothing short of phenomenal.

  5. Paul R says

    I can imagine the show with these two. Actually I can imagine a lot of things involving these two.

  6. says

    Yeah, if it were Jeremy Jordan the porn actor, the show would be much different.

    Chad had better bring an enormous penis hopped up on Viagra, otherwise it’ll be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. I’m just sayin…

  7. says

    I am strong enough to admit that I am the only towleroad reader with Jeremy Jordan’s “Right Kind of Love” on my iPod.

    Aaah, the 90210 days..

  8. says

    Candy Buckley is a great performer and I’d be intrigued to see her take on the role. But after seeing the original production and Johnny Galecki’s -ahem- qualities, I don’t know if even the lovely Mr. Jordan could top it.

  9. John says

    Rick, Dan B–

    While I do not have any of Jeremy Jordan’s music, I was SO HOPING that someone on here would remember Mr. Jordan’s appearance on 90210, and you have made my day.

    Do you guys remember the way they introduced him? Where Tori Spelling, in full early 90’s fluorescent spandex regalia, is browsing the racks of a music store and picks up Jordan’s CD and squeals “Oooooh Jeremy Jordan!” and then it cuts to the music video?


  10. Eric says

    That Jeremy Jordan, the singer, also appeared in Gregg Araki’s amazing, hallicinatory film “Nowhere” about 10 years ago, I recall. He was quite the hottie then.

    I saw “The Little Dog Laughed” on Broadway near the end of its run and found it to be only sporadically funny. It had a homophobic undertone, despite being written by a gay playwright.

  11. nyrker says

    I saw this on Broadway. Fortunately I didn’t pay for the tickets. The dialogue was dull, the acting was uninspired (with the exception of the actress playing the agent and even she was tiresome after a while) and the plot meandered aimlessly. All in all a very boring theater experience.

  12. says

    I interviewed the cast last weekend for the Hartford Advocate. Jeremy Jordan is a dreamboat in person. Candy Buckley seems like a real cougar but in the best possible way.

  13. Dan says

    Jeremy Jordan also appeared in NBC’s Smash. It is a real shame when shows like Smash get canceled, but things like Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo get renewed. Speaks volumes as to the societal problems we have today.