Towleroad Guide to the Tube #234

SPACESHIP TWO: The unveiling of Richard Branson’s new spacecraft.

CUECA FUNK: Brazil’s newest dance sensation?

GEORGE MICHAEL: His cameo as guardian angel on the new TV show Eli Stone.

UFOs: Larry King on the recent spate of sightings in Stephenville, Texas.

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  1. Vi Agara says

    Interesting to combine Virgin’s public civilian spaceship with the Texas UFO sightings. Why the major media coverage now? Civilians in space are going to see some and talk? Disclosure coming to prepare the world?
    Are aliens among us? I have heard both sides of the arguement and remain unconvinced either way. There is still too much unknown to determine.

  2. Rad says

    Cueca Funk… I get the impression that they are a bunch of very inhibited and consciouses straight boys gyrating in their underwear, realizing that, now committing to video, the audience will, indeed, not be the Latin women they so disparately want to impress, but drooling old gay men obsessing over 1/2 naked Latin youth. This does nothing for me.

    Give me the Rugby team on a pub crawl, any time!

  3. wetcnt says

    If there are aliens flying around, why don’t they appear in a city?!! Why always way out in the middle of nowhere to a bunch of rednecks?

    All evidence points to these aliens being the trailer trash of the universe.

  4. Derrick from the Betty Ford Clinic for Drunk Ugly Talkin' Queens says

    Good, Lord! I thought I’d only posted one stupid statement during my drunken visit to Towleroad on Saturday. Oh, well, I apologize. The only thing that needed deordorization on Saturday afternoon was my Bourbon reeking breath. Sorry, to all the beautiful immigrant folks whose presence is what makes America beautiful (hell, with a line like that, I should be runnin’ for president).

    Seriously, it was a stupid and small-minded comment. No wonder I can’t get me a fine Latino lover, I’m too busy being an asshole…a deordorized one, of course.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Lord, I thought I commented on this thread. It was the stupid comment I made about Turks on another thread.

    Can you have residual weekend alcohol running through your blood stream that causes brain dysfunction on Monday?

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