Elephant Journal Puts its Twist on Same-Sex Marriage


Elephant journal out of Boulder, Colorado makes same-sex unions their winter ’08 issue cover story. The journal focuses on meditation, organics, fair-trade, vegetarianism, alternative health practices, bodywork, the arts, ecofashion, and yoga, so the “yoga twist” cover angle seems entirely appropriate.

(via adrants)


  1. Streller says

    Is it just me, or is that drawing of the two men totally based on Chris Potter and Hal Sparks from the first season of Queer As Folk?

    Anyway… Boulder, Colorado, eh. Who knew.

  2. ricardo says

    i’d have to say bolder — who knew as well, yet, removed from the other with naropa along with other locations apart from having written about that magazine a few years ago, i enjoyed some of the content separate the tardiness on what graces the cover. yet, in this day and age with potential of telecom standing with a retardant — the delay doesn’t come as a surprise much as the consideration of how people have come to represent relations regardless of sexual union. such as some projects haven’t come to represent much inspiration when one considers the source of publishing. liked their content a few years ago, but i can’t speak for it at present — all things considered.

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