Fight Club Coming to Broadway?


Director David Fincher tells that he’s interested in taking his 1999 Brad Pitt film to the stage: “One of the things I want at the 10-year anniversary is to do ‘Fight Club’ as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that. I always saw it as a comedy. Then everybody would look at me like a leper.”

Doesn’t he know that 2008 is the year of the fight?

(via PageSix)

Sean Faris Puts Up His Dukes [tr]
Fighting: Channing Tatum Puts up His Dukes [tr]


  1. Derrick from Philly says


    The second I saw that Andy had posted the above photo, I knew who’d be the first to comment on the topic. You always did like ’em rough, didn’t you, Majesty? I was always afraid the real rough boys would start punchin’ while they were asleep–you know, bad dreams.

    Well, atleast it’ll give a bunch of gay guys a chance to be real “butch” on stage. Oh, come on, there aint a straight musical/comedy actor in all of New YOrk City…in all of America.

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