FOX Radio Host Mocks Heath Ledger’s Death, Brokeback Mountain

FOX News host John Gibson revelled in Heath Ledger’s death yesterday on his radio show, finding a new opportunity to mock Brokeback Mountain (and by proxy, gay love), which in 2006 he called a “gay agenda movie,” Think Progress reports:

Gibson“Playing an audio clip of the iconic quote, ‘I wish I knew how to quit you’ from Ledger’s gay romance movie Brokeback Mountain, Gibson disdainfully quipped, ‘Well, he found out how to quit you.’ Laughing, Gibson then played another clip from Brokeback Mountain in which Ledger said, ‘We’re dead,’ followed by his own, mocking ‘We’re dead’ before playing the clip again.”

Gibson called Ledger a “weirdo” with a “serious drug problem” and suggested that Ledger killed himself because he had “a serious position in the (stock) market” or perhaps “watched the Clinton-Obama debate last night. I think he was an Edwards guy, cause he saw his Edwards guy was just completely irrelevant.”

Listen to the audio at Think Progress.

What a sad, pathetic individual.


  1. John says

    Isn’t John Gibson the same idiot who told White America to “make more babies” because statistics show a sharp growth in the Hispanic population?

    The anchors at FOX are retards.

  2. says

    It’s getting to the point where I am not sure I can even patronize stores, restaurants, bars, etc. that actually have Fox News on their TVs. It drives me nuts to walk in and see businesses playing Fox News!

  3. Sebastian says

    Fox Noise and its virulent hatred of anything not white, straight and Republican is horrible and awful enough,but now this ugly, and, I do mean UGLY “man” is so uncouth as to mock the death of Mr Ledger? I’m at a loss for words, but, not suprised, they are as vile as that Phelp’s boob when it comes to spewing hateful words.

  4. says

    I love how people are just so up in arms about the gays and how the gays are such a threat to everyone and anyone who promotes the “gay agenda” deserves things like this. Yes we are such a danger to the institution of marriage, you are right. Yes, yes straights…everything was going swimmingly for you until this…yes, yes this is the thing that will ruin your reputation. Not your years of grotesque appearance or awkward social graces. Or that Felix Ungerish way you clear your sinuses. No, no, no it’s THIS. Do you hear yourself talk? I might kill you tonight.

    Sorry, had to throw out a little Stewie from Family Guy.

  5. DC Guy says

    This is disgusting. Regardless of one’s position on gay issues, has Fox really stooped so low as to mock someone’s death on national TV?

    This guy owes an apology to the common decency of the country, let alone to Heath Ledger’s family and friends.


  6. Marco says

    He did the mocking on his radio show, not tv, although it’s Fox affiliated I believe.

    He’s a moronic fuckhead who hates everything nont straight and white like his bizarre man mane. Another Fox tool bag full of hate.

    Nothing more.

  7. says

    This is Fox News anti-gay propaganda at its most blatant, and expect to see it get much worse during the campaign.

    The fact is that a heterosexual actor, the father of a two-year-old child, is being publicly lambasted in this manner because he portrayed a homosexual is the real issue. The man is dead and straight and still he gets fagbashed.

    The network is setting up ‘talking points’ for its heterosexist viewers.

    This is hate talk. This is verbal gay-bashing.

  8. DC Guy says

    I looked at this scumbag’s website, and you can call his show from 6pm to 9pm, EST:

    Now — The John Gibson Show
    Call in! 1-888-788-9910

    Talk to John Live on Radio
    Monday, December 04 2006 @ 11:52 AM EST
    Contributed by: rogerp
    Views: 1839
    Make your thoughts and comments known to John by calling his radio show (6pm – 9pm EST) or emailing John

    Yes, you can make your complaints, comments and suggestions known to John during his radio show on Fox Radio stations around the country or live on the web htttp://

    This site is not set up to explore your comments because of traffic issues. But even better you can confront, inform, congragulate or tease John directly on his Radio Program. Trying to locate your local station, go to If your local station is not listed email Fox right away to get the program in your area.

    So Tune in tonight right after his “Big Story” show and get him riled up. To check on the topics for today go to

  9. Nick says

    It is FAUX News and this is what America listens to. People still think there is hope for this xenophobic,homophobic, racist, sexist, hatefilled country? And it is only going to get worse as the economy continues to tank as people need more demons to blame for their empty, uninformed misogynistic lives.

  10. gay as life says

    DWH – you are absolutely right. This is plain and simple gay bashing.

    What a scumbag Gibson is. I’ll bet you anything he’s “pro-life”, yet he revels in the death of someone.

    This man wrote “The War on Christmas” book. Somehow, I doubt that Jesus would giggle at and mock someone’s – anyone’s – death.

    I am glad that this hypocrite’s words reveal the scumbag that he is, and might even wake up some of those who have been fans of his. This kind of heartlessness tends to not go unnoticed.

  11. angrycitizen says

    FUCK these mother fucking hate mongers and their incredible ignorance. Fox should not even be on television spewing their poison day in and day out, let alone the shit eating, moon howling right wing assholes who leave comments on this site.

  12. Danny says

    Ignorant hate filled speech. The simple mindedness it takes to say something as judgmental as he said, when he said it… even if it was his opinion. Will the world ever change?

  13. hank says


    I feel heartbroken about Heath.

    I can’t remember where I read that playing Ennis ripped him open in a way he couldn’t put back together- referring to his reputedly troubled personal life of the last few years.I can believe that. To have dug that deep and exposed himself in that way, around the most taboo issue for any young man- whatever his own sexuality; to take so much homophobia on his shoulders in terms of how he and the film were received, to create this unprecedented performance, which , because it was so uniquely real, had real transformative power for so many men…

    there should be a gay honor guard at Heath’s funeral.

  14. Alex Padres says

    This is simply revolting. How sad that an individual in a position to communicate to the masses abuses such privilege to make fun of another’s death. Simply pitiful. Talk not only about lack of integrity and dignity, but also bad taste.

  15. Michael Bedwell says

    Thanks for the contact information, but if his show is done the same way as it was years ago [as most are] when I tried to comment on-air, there are screeners who actually answer the call and you have to tell them what you want to say and he/she decides whether or not to pass your call on [and will likely tell him through his earpiece what you’re going to say even if they do let a critic through.

    So you have two choices, 1., be honest and hope they have the balls to allow on a critic on; or 2., make up something entirely unrelated and claim you want to talk abou that or claim to agree with him about the damn fags and, once on, go for it.
    But NOTA BENE, fascists like him are ALL about CONTROL and if he’s in no mood to be dissed, however eloquently and/or civilly on air you WILL be cut off.

  16. peter says

    I am a pretty strong guy with a thick skin. All the anti-gay shit I’ve read in relation to
    Ledger’s death I shrugged off as disgusting and ridiculous. This fucking guy Gibson though, actually brought a tear to my eye and now I just want to drive my foot so far up his ass he’d really want to quit me.

  17. Hephaestion says

    Fucking complaining to Gibson. Who is his boss? Who are his sponsors? We need to get their names and get this man FIRED immediately. These comments make “nappy haired hos” look like NOTHING.

  18. victory_radio says

    John Gibson makes me sick, and the one thing that makes me feel better is reading all of the comments posted here. We are powerful, motivated, smart, and ANGRY, and these are the traits that so many bigots ignore when they stereotype us as weak and feminine. We can rip Gibson to shreds.

  19. David in Toronto says

    I’m not obsessed with Heath Ledger, but this is so beyond the pale, I think we should forward this around to as many people who will listen. This is so shameful. Even I behaved better when Regan was shot.

  20. MCnNYC says

    Calling into the show only helps his ratings.
    File an objection with the FCC.
    Start targeting his sponsors.
    But hell if CNN features the homophobe Glenn Beck on Wolf Blitzers Situation Room lets face it- coporate Media America doesn’t give two F@#KS about hate speech.

  21. Maverick69 says

    One easy way to settle this…

    One of us will have to be brave enough and take one for the team and…… BLOW HIM.

    Ofcourse with pictures and a video.. Just to make sure.

  22. ahpace says

    Anyone who can mock and take a persons tragic accidental death to suit their own agenda has no moral values and I would let his sponsors know that “Is this the type of immorality they want associated with their product or service?” because it isn’t what I would support when recommending products or services. Take the sponsors away and they have nothing.

  23. lou says

    Gibson also said on air that “non-Christians will have to answer to God for believing in the wrong god.” Seriously.

    How is exactly was that hatejibe newsworthy? Didn’t stop foxnews keeping it on air.

    Fair and Balanced? My FUCKING ASS.

  24. says

    I know people think this answer isn’t enough, but I am confident that this man will get his. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but he will get his. And I will not resort to cursing him because I am better than him and will not stoop to his level.

    I will complain to whomever you guys decide is best to complain to. Just let me (and everyone) know.

  25. dave says

    This is the lowest form of “journalism” imaginable. What a miserable creep this man must be. What a fucking vampire, making a living off the death of another human being.

  26. Tom says

    Such an ugly fuck, inside and out. Can you imagine spending 5 minutes in the presence of this asshole? What a pathetic, small and miserable life he must lead. A fucking prick, through and through.

  27. shane says

    Why hasn’t this asshole been yanked from the air? If it had been any other minority group you would hear people screaming for his head on a stick.
    There’s still one group left that it’s okay to discriminate against. :(

  28. secretagentman says

    Thank god the CRTC (Canadian version of FCC) doesnt allow Fox News to broadcast here. As far as complaints go, Fox is all about money so hit the sponsors with your complaints. Daily.

  29. Mark says

    Special thanks to Marc re: contact info @ Fox News. I just zipped off a good one (E-Mail) to Mr. Gibson. This is an excellent oppurtunity to send him back to the “stone age” if we (gay men who can “spell” & “bite” with words) all let him & Fox News know exactly where we’re coming from & what this means to us.
    Note to Mike: GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

  30. Disgusted American says

    Just wait til the Disgusting PHELPS clan picket his funeral…it’s gonna get UGLY! These Hate Mongers are gonna be shown for all Nation to see….Jake G. is keeping a low profile, but I have no doubt he will make some kind of statement when this shit hits the fan!

  31. Don says

    I met “Gibby” about ten years ago when I did an appearance on MSNBC (where he worked at the time) to discuss the topic of Internet security during one of his anchor slots. He was an absolute douche bag, taking every position opposite from mine merely to get me riled up and, I realized, simply to fill air time. That’s the real problem: too much time to fill on air. I’m sick of them all, and as they say, “I weep for the future.”

  32. Bob R says

    The best way to deal with people like Gibson is through the pocket book. Find out who his sponsors are and go after them. Let them know you think that this creep is despicable and vulgar and if represents your product/company then I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I don’t usually support boycotts because I believe in free speech and they are so often used by bigots like O’Reilly and company to attack progressives. But, there is a line and to me this is clearly hate speech, and hurtful to a grieving family. I cannot wait to piss on Gibson’s grave.

  33. Mark says

    After I let loose a tirade of profanity laced verbal objection, I am now wondering if this will become that defining moment in our quest for equality.

    Between the Phelps and Gibson – this may just finally push us all over the edge. I know I am.

    I finally want to push back. I finally want to hurt them. I finally want to go there and bash their fucking faces in. I am ready to fight with everything I am.

    I’m tired of being wrong. I’m tired of being ridiculed. I’m tired of being denied.

    Yes – I AM down to the primitive need to survive. And these bastards are my fight.

    We need the entire gay world to surround the Phelps if they attempt to attend Heath’s funeral – and we need to silence their nasty hate filled speech. Where are OUR fucking rights? Where is the simple act of decency Heath and his family deserve.

    Or are we stupid little faggots just supposed to take it on the cheek like a bunch of pussies waiting to be fucked again? We’ve been fucked before…once more is no big deal. Right?

    I’ve had it. Anyone who would like to help organize a counter-force to the Phelps for Heath’s funeral service – please contact me.

    Secondly – the windbag at Fox has got to go. We need to raise as much hell as we can until they toss his ass – and that hairpiece – right out the door. I propose a full march against Fox and Gibson.

    It’s time folks. It’s now or never. Or we can just keep on taking their shit for the rest of our lives.

    I am gay – but I am a man FIRST! I have inalienable rights – and I tired of being denied.

  34. Eric says

    The best way to deal with this is stir up a media shitstorm, guys. Who’s with me? I know lots of people working at magazines, web sites, newspapers, etc. I’m sure you do too. Even if you don’t, go to the web site of a favorite news outlet and click “Contact Us.” There’s a way to submit a news tip. Some mainstream news outlets would love to jump on this story, because it’s a way to continue the Heath coverage for another day. Imus got fired because of media pressure on the sponsors, not because people voted with their pocketbooks. Media pressure needs to be swift and intense, and it has to happen right now. Start making those phone calls.

  35. Mark says

    All – I have sent an email to Joshua Kadison asking his permission to use “Beautiful in my eyes” to drown out the Phelps and their hate chants.

    If you are unfamiliar with the song, please pull it up on amazon to give it a listen. It is on the Painted Desert Serenade album.

    You can support this effort by writing to Joshua at

  36. sweetgirl says

    i work with children of our troops who are deployed and john gibson was rude, dismissive and uncaring about their plight and our mission when i met him. who would behave that way about innocent children who miss their parents?? it’s no suprise to me he was horrible and disrespectful regarding the sad passing of heath ledger and heath’s sweet daughter who is now fatherless.

  37. Dawn says

    Get a god damned grip! He was a actor in a role, it had nothing to do with his personal preference. Its not funny when anyone dies… gay or straight. shame on you!

  38. Sandy says

    I am so sick and tired of people who claim to be Christian people with such hatred. No ones death should be made a mockery! I am a Christian and I am sorry, MY BIBLE says to “Love thy neighbor as thy self”, it also states that we are all sinners and that God is a loving God and a forgiving God! NO ONE knows what was in Heath Legers heart! NO ONE knows if he had asked for forgiveness and redemption from God? Not that he needs to ask for forgiveness for playing a part in a movie role, but for things he has done in his life. People take this movie role to heart like it is true or something. IT WAS JUST A MOVIE!!!! He is NOT GAY!!! John Gibson, Ed Phelps and all of the other “Christian HATERS” will all have to answer for the things they are saying and doing too! What about the commandment “Thou Shall NOT JUDGE”? Yes John…. “YOU will be judged with the same measure that you judge”!!! Leave this man and his family alone! It is a sad, sad time for his family and friends, NO ONE should be mocking him at this time! IT IS WRONG! And doing it on the air, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED! SHAME ON YOU!!!Many of us people think that YOU are a “WEIRDO” and should NOT be on the air! Sooner or later, you too shall pass, maybe your family should suffer by hearing people mock you! Hopefully, your viewers find “a way to quit you”!

  39. says

    I can’t wait for Gibson’s death so that we can have a good guffaw with his fellow media sharks (or what’s left of the fourth estate) as they make fun of his demise. At least Heath Ledger made a good-looking corpse. If he thought the Ledger story was ‘fluff’, then follow every mother’s advice…”If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” He should;ve kept his big yap shut and not reported it. Stick with real news. But oh wait…it’s Fox. They don’t do ‘real’ news.
    His behaviour was just cruel and unnecessary.

  40. Jake says

    I think Patrick Henry wants us to send our bile to this guy,and though I agree I also think this is a perfect commentary on the depths to which Fox News et al will sink to purvey their sick message, which by the way has nothing to do with reality. They’re the worst kind of human beings and they only address those who are stupid enough to listen.

    Send them your bile/vile, whatever you like. People this stupid and filled with hate will never hear it.

  41. Patrick says

    If enough of us call his show, the phone lines will be so jammed up that the other hate mongers can’t get through. Or better yet maybe we should jam the phone lines of the executives at Fox

  42. Cody says

    Fuckin give this asshole AIDS and that new and improved Staph Infection and his stupid fuckin’ wife and kids if they were stupid enough to be apart of the bastards little fuckin’ perfect world.

    Die in hell you sick fuckin’ bastard.

  43. john Bull says

    Mr John Gibson, you just make me more than sick. You do deserve to appear on the telivision or talk to a radio. People like you who seems to have more contact and more understanding to the world should be the example. You just lucky that I am not your boss, You have never get the chance to use my network to spair again the shame. I believe that you have save enought money to continuo your life without working. I am ok the that you should put away from TV and Radio. My thoughts go to Heath Ledger’s family and especially his little daughter. may God help his entired famly for this tragic event.

  44. Ben says

    Talk about hate. I just read this entire comment section and found more of the exact same thing you all are bitchin’ about-hate in some form or fashion. Not every gay person hates Fox News, not every right wing person loves it. He, just as we, have a right to speak how we feel no matter what (That’s why we have the military defending us whether or not you agree with the war-it’s still a basic function of the military; to protect individual liberties) and just because it was tactless doesn’t make it any better or worse. It’s freedom of speech in action and it’s why we’re America.
    Just a guy in the South…gay, former military, and Fox news watcher (know thy enemy)….It’s really not about the news, it’s about the numbers.
    And it is also your right to protest in any form you like….Just an op….

  45. rickT says

    I’m sick of these extremist fascist moral turds…vile disgusting Gibson…a pig of a human…And I agree with most of you guys,no more taking this crap from anyone: we need another Stonewall: one they will never forget.
    And Heath, my heart is broken, I just can’t get over it; it’s just too much pain for me. RickT

  46. world citizen says

    This person (are you a person? )obviously has a very small brain. They fotgot the part not to think in a box. Let me think (yes I can)you
    are the kind of person? who switches channels
    when two woman or man and woman are making out
    on your very large flatscreen. Don’t make me laugh.
    And no! I’m not a guy and no lesbian either, that is probably what you are thinking right now considering you’re a small minded person.
    You’re probably small in every sence of the word.

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