Exclusive PSA Premiere: Chi Chi LaRue on Barebacking in Gay Porn


Given the recent reports of a surge in HIV infection in men under 30 and an increase in so-called “barebacking” gay porn, 20-year veteran and adult industry legend Chi Chi LaRue has decided to speak out about the importance of wearing a condom, and also the importance of setting an example in the adult film industry. He has recorded a Public Service Announcement on the importance of wearing a condom and vows never to shoot bareback porn.

Channel 1 Releasing has decided to premiere this PSA to Towleroad readers first.

I think it sends an important message. Click here to check it out. (WARNING: NSFW)



  1. dctopman says

    Good message…but boy! that PSA was long! Where will that PSA be viewed…just at the begining of porn videos? If so, it should have been more graphic…if not, then please shorten it up!

  2. Paul R says

    I can’t say I’ve always been impressed by Ms. LaRue’s words and actions, but she controls a lot of porn and her efforts are influential. They should be applauded.

    No one should be engaging in unsafe sex. Period.

  3. Markus says

    Good for her!!! The whole genre of BB-ing becoming more prevalent in conjunction with the party drugs will be without a doubt the next wave of death for our community if people like her (and us) don’t start combating this behavior and mentality!

  4. gay as life says

    Good for Chi Chi, but I do think this PSA is naive on a couple of points. One is that there are people out there who get off on the risk involved. I’ve seen comments such as “I think it’s hot that we might be watching the bottom being infected.” Now that is really fucked up, but it’s a reality out there.

    Another problem is the fact that Chi Chi values the porn actors as human beings. Obviously, that’s wonderful. But how many viewers think of the actors as disposable trash? Do the viewers really care about what happens to these actors, as long as they get off? I’m not sure.

    There is also a huge segment of the population who just doesn’t want to see condoms in their fantasy life. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing – just reality.

    I think safer sex messages are fantastic. But when they border on preachy, I’m not sure how effective they really are. And this PSA seemed quite self-centered to me, as well.

    Sorry to be so negative here. I really do think we need wider education about safer sex. I just think this PSA misses the mark. (and yes, it’s too long)


    Hey Andy – its proper to refer to Chi Chi in the feminine. “He has recorded a Public Service Announcement on the importance of wearing a condom and vows never to shoot bareback porn.” Should be “She has recorded…’

    I know it seems trivial but its just being respectful.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Really, James? I thought if one was a drag performer, and not a full-time drag queen (transgender woman), you refer to the performer as “he” when he’s in men’s clothes.

    Of course, in the gay world, many “queens” refer to each other as “she/her” even when we’ve got bald heads and muscles. Hell, we’ll even say, “that muscle bitch in California, “she” just endorsed John McCain…both of those “girls” aint worth my vote, honey.”

  7. jason says

    Porn is a model of promiscuity. It is NOT a model for the entire gay community. It irritates me when gay porn is equated to gay people in general. Far from it.

    As for wearing condoms, I’m a gay man who doesn’t wear them. I don’t like them and never will wear them. But I’m also responsible. I have a healthy partner who is monogamous with me and me with him. Condoms are only for promiscuous sleazeballs who have sex with ten anonymous men in one night in sleazy cubicles. These losers should be wearing condoms, I agree.

  8. says

    He is two years too late. Chi Chi was turning his nose down to BB porn when MSR was around. Now that Rob has passed I guess, with no one to spit venom at he decided to make his “Bitch Session” a PSA. Truth is, if it puts Larry in the public eye its all good for him.
    Don’t get me wrong, as a porn guy he can treat his models with tender loving care. He also has said that everyone in his films is HIV positive. He’ll say whatever he needs to say to keep in the public’s awareness.

  9. peterparker says

    ChiChi is a true believer. I admire her commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS. I admire her courage in sticking to her guns. I admire the fact that she does care about the models. Unfortunately, porn in which the guys are wearing condoms is just *not* as exciting as bareback (at least to me). It isn’t as exciting because the guys’ cocks look odd (on film) when encased in a shiny condom. And I’ve never met a bareback porn star who wasn’t already positive when he began porn. Again…I admire her dedication, but I just really don’t like condom porn. That’s just my two cents.

  10. rascal says

    You can equivocate on how the message is done (I happen to think it’s extremely well done, but then I’m not in the target demo), but the important thing is that it get out there. A lot of ignorance is caused by sheer intellectual laziness–people just don’t think. Anything to trigger thought is good. THINK!

  11. God says

    Cry me a river! Every job has its risks. If you are a cop, you can get shot. If you are medical professional, you can get infected by accident, if you are firefighter you can get burned..these people chose to be in his business -the job description is “fucking for money” How much easier could it possibly get? So if they chose to take the risk, let them.

    And if those 15-24 year olds are that stupid to emulate the risky behavior, well its like those not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, it is their problem.

  12. Krypenthorff III says

    Even if a both guys are poz, they should wear condoms; one of the biggest challenges in HIV prevention and treatment is the appearance of new strains from cross-infection. Sex with another HIV+ guy can also significantly increase your viral load, requiring stronger and more frequent doses of anti-retrovirals. That’s a major reason that the older drugs are less effective.

    It’s your responsibility, stright or gay, to ensure that the mutually pleasurable act of sex/lovemaking/fucking/whatever isn’t a danger to you or anyone else down the line. Do you want to help create a new mutant strain of the virus that can’t be treated? Do you want hundreds of thousands to die because you fucked without a condom? Remember, it only took one guy to infect the rest of us…

  13. Caleb says

    One thing wrong with the gay community is the hypocrisy of it all. We all preach about fucking with condoms but it’s just not what we’re doing in bed. I went through my Facebook and could not find ONE of my 112 gay friends who had not admitted to me that they barebacked in the last year (save the two who just don’t like butt sex at all). What I find exasperating is how often I have seen them get on soapboxes talking about how dangerous barebacking is.
    They remind me of the Republicans who preach on and on about the evils of the homosexual lifestyle and are caught soliciting gay sex in public restrooms.

  14. Matt says

    I don’t bareback but I like the fantasy and I could really care less about these models. They know the risk. The care about the models portion reads to me like this, “Bareback porn is making a shitload of money, so respect the models and buy my porn instead.”

  15. Alex says

    I actually like bareback porn, though it disturbs me. In the interest of trying to understand the desire: Because I’d heard of AIDS before I’d even have sex, ALL of my sexual experiences have been tainted with a fear of sickness and death. Maybe I like it because I’ve only ever had sex with a condom and there’s something (I’m fumbling for the right term) “unnatural” about that? I mean, cavemen buggering each other didn’t have them.

    But an important lesson of Chi Chi’s is being overlooked–those of us who BUY the porn are actually, obliquely, PAYing for men to be infected. That’s one aspect of what disturbs me about those videos. (Also the men in them often look like they’re on meth, so I doubt that they’re consenting with a full brain.)

    Anyone agree? Disagree?

  16. Derek says

    “No one should be engaging in unsafe sex. Period”.

    Um Paul R. I ask you – what about HIV negative, long term, monogamous lovers who are both faithful and honest to each other.

    Try not to paint with such broad a brush hun, it makes you look kind of small minded-period.

  17. fanboi says


    I’m usually not for government intervention… but I’d love to see some zealous DA take down these bareback companies for reckless endangerment or attempted murder.

  18. fanboi says

    and to the guy who says every occupation has its risks and mentions medical professionals and firefighters…

    Medical professionals are given LATEX gloves to prevent infection. And firemen wear PROTECTIVE suits. Dumbass.

  19. says

    FWIW Caleb, I can’t think one friend who admitted to barebacking last year and I have plenty of gay friends I talk about sex with regularly. Different groups of guys do different things. For some reason, I’m under the impression that most gay guys don’t bareback most of the time. Of course, even one unsafe sex act is one too many.

  20. Landis says

    Caleb: Health messages are supposed to be preachy.

    In terms of models should know what their risks are, think about it this way – we are paying for these guys to project self-destructive images about gay men. There aren’t any other mass-media outlets of gay men. It’s no wonder gay teens don’t have good role models.

  21. shane says

    hmm. Must have been a blue-light sale on soap boxes. Chi-chi’s better be a strong one!

    By bf and I bareback. Not sure why it’s anyone else’s business.

  22. Toto says

    Holy shit am I going to get HIV from watching “Cum in My Ass IV”!? Frankly, I dont give a shit about porn actors. I really truly dont. I dont idolize them on my wall for their awe inspiring performances or think of the millions of ways in which their valuable work will bring world peace and end global hunger. Porn is a junk food industry that fosters bad habits just like McDonalds or Philip Morris. Porn hasnt convinced me into some fantasy world where I can bareback around the planet and be perfectly fine. Its convinced me into the fantasy that I can only attracted by some dumbass with huge muscles,spray on tan and a 10 inch dick. Oh but wait! Thats MY fault! Who’d ever thunk it, self accountability. Sorry your not going to get me to cry over the safety of some 20 year old confused “straight” boi who moved to California and wants to make more than a couple hundred bucks in a day by doing the oh-soo heroic job of keeping his dick hard. Sure its cool, he’ll be wearing his handy dandy fail-proof condom during his 100+ fucking career. By the way shouldnt they start wearing oral condoms too. I mean they are still risking their health. If they really gave a shit about their precious ‘models’ they should march to D.C. drag, leather gear and all and give a lispy, empassioned speech calling for the ban of bareback porn!

    It reminds me of when conservatives (and some liberals) use the “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” bullshit, except replace children with ‘models’ and its more asinine and FAR less relevent.

    That and the fact that Im probably never going to sleep with a porn star or anyone slightly attractive. *buddum ching*

  23. patrick nyc says

    Condoms are only for promiscuous sleazeballs who have sex with ten anonymous men in one night in sleazy cubicles. These losers should be wearing condoms, I agree.

    POSTED BY: JASON | JAN 31, 2008 5:04:31 PM

    “No one should be engaging in unsafe sex. Period”.

    Um Paul R. I ask you – what about HIV negative, long term, monogamous lovers who are both faithful and honest to each other.

    Try not to paint with such broad a brush hun, it makes you look kind of small minded-period.

    POSTED BY: DEREK | JAN 31, 2008 6:09:29 PM

    I’m sure that there are many couples who are faithful, honest, and do not cheat but I also know first hand the opposite. My next door neighbor and his partner met in High School, continued through College and then were living together for over ten years when I met them in the late 80’s.

    Ken use to say how happy he was, that he did not have to deal with the ‘dating’ shit with the AIDS nightmare in full bloom. Three people in my building had full blown AIDS, including my roommate.

    Then Ken caught a bad cold that would not go away. Turns out his lover was not only sleeping around, unsafely, but with half the city. Including one of Ken’s best friends. They both tested positive and Ken threw his ass out on the street.

    Again, not everyone is like this. I am 48 and have never cheated on anyone I have ever dated, I can’t say the same of them. I once lived with a guy for over a year and we did stop using condoms after 6 months and both being tested negative. I look back now and realize it was stupid. What if he did stray? It’s not worth the risk.

    I do hope those who do at least follow the advise we gave out on the NGTLF hotline, back when they had one. Come on me, not in me.

    Thanks Andy for getting us to talk about it.

  24. MC says

    Anyone who thinks that “HIV” or AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease should begin their research at http://www.QuestionAIDS.com. We have been barking up the wrong tree for over 25 years, KILLING tens of thousands with AZT/cocktails, and terrorizing everyone else. The world isn’t flat!

  25. Gregus says

    On the negative: I fail to see how a PSA of a drag queen yelling ‘WRAP IT UP’ is going to make the tiniest difference. The ‘Safe sex is hot sex’ line also sounds so forced, as though ‘repeat after me…200 times and really it will be true’. Bareback porn is selling like crazy for a reason.

    On the positive: Chi Chi has made some very hot and safe porn. Good, safe and hot porn might detract from Paul Morris and his productions which for me seems to cross a line even beyond bareback, into pure unsafe fetishism.

  26. Krypenthorff III says

    MC, excuse my language but that website is fucking spam. I’m a believer in healthy debate, but encouraging the kind of thinking on that site is so regressive and dangerous that I am just floored. I’m putting you on my list with Holocaust deniers and the ex-gay movement.

    I guess as an infectious disease physician I am completely biased and sucked in by the feds and the drug companies. The usual argument. I better let my patients know that their meds are in fact useless and some chamomile tea will sort them out.

    That sort of shit is an insult to all the people who died because politicians did nothing. You should be ashamed.

  27. J says

    1. Get real poeple – those guys in those videos already positive for the most part, fucking other positive guys.

    2. The whole “superinfection” or “reinfection” thing has been shown largely to be myth. I suppose it could happen, but largely it’s hysteria.

    I think anyone who thinks those guys are putting themselves in unneccesary danger is probably a little naive.

  28. Krypenthorff III says

    J, do let us know which medical journal you’re reading that debunked “superinfection” [I’m not even sure what you mean by “reinfection”]. The rest of the medical world must have missed that issue.

    And do you think that those guys only have sex with other HIV+ porn actors? Sadly, they would spread it around to all and sundry.

    Unless you have proof of your claims, please don’t spread lies. Distorting medical facts is a dangerous past-time.


  29. George says

    I don’t identify with a guy who appears in and out of drag for four minutes and some change, lecturing me on using condoms and feeling sorry for the almighty models. I wonder how many 15-24 year olds do. Maybe this connects with someone, but it sure missed the mark with me. To me this comes across more as an impassioned “I’m hurting financially…don’t buy bareback porn” message. And Chi Chi should know the concept of EDITING, for goodness sake.

  30. beergoggles says

    Do people think homos can’t be monogamous and practice bareback sex?

    Nothing wrong with wrapping it if you intend to be promiscous, but I like Dan Savage’s take on controlling STDs by having more sex but with fewer people.

  31. says

    WOW where do I begin?? I am almost at a loss for words… I am one of these models and work very closely with Chi Chi as an exclusive. The simple fact that some of you don’t see or care to see that we are real people and do live normal lives aside from the fantasy we make for you, really disturbs me. First, I along with many of the people posting here know that many of you that have these negative things to say are some of our most frequent viewers. This shows me those of you that have these negative comments are not only hypocitical but are also flat out disturbed individuals. How could you honeslty say that you could possibly enjoy the fact that you are watching someone be infected?!

    Personally I know the risk is there so why would I want to take it by having a bare dick shoved up my ass and asking for the infection.. Sorry I DONT!! We all take steps in every production to be safe and visibly show that we are practicing safe sex. I have friends that are positive and this in no way is against them… But they themselves tell me daily that it is something they would NEVER wish upon someone… Why even bother taking the risk when there are ways to avoid it? HMM makes me wonder why we even make these videos in the first place.

    Props to the person saying that even Doctors, cops and firefighters wear protection!! Awesome statement… SO IF THEY WEAR IT SO SHOULD WE!!! it is a precaution that is there to PREVENT the spread of this very dangerous disease. I THANK YOU CHI CHI(mom) LOL FOR BEING GROUNDED TO YOUR BELIEFS AND I AM BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY!!! to everyone else: LETS GET BESIDE HER/HIM ON THIS AND MAKE A CHANGE IN THIS INDUSTRY AND PROTECT US AS MODELS BECAUSE GUESS WHAT I AM A REAL PERSON!!!!!!

  32. humanist says

    so much evidence in this thread that we need better education in this country (or wherever these posters are posting from). plus better parenting. too many gay men live in vacuous bubbles, resisting any thought of consequence, too busy respecting themselves and their freedom to expend the effort to respect others.

  33. Steve says

    To “MC” (which I can only assume stands for “Moronic Crackhead”), I ask you to prove your belief in your statements about the “myth” of HIV/AIDS by being the next contestant to take it bareback in both ends by the HIV+ porn models we are discussing here. Hmmm…. I thought not.

  34. Robbie says

    I think a shortened version should be played as an ad before every single video on xtube. It might take you out of the mood for a minute but it’s way important. And the more annoyed people get by it the deeper the message will sink in.

  35. the queen says


    enough already with the judgmental attitude.

    kudos to miss chichi …

    make sure you all wear a condom next time you fuck.

  36. Paul R says

    Alex, I completely agree with you.

    Derek, I don’t consider that unsafe sex. I was in a monogomous relationship for 15 years (ended recently) and we only used condoms for the first few months. (That was in college, and neither of us had slept around much.) So stop thinking I’m attacking you, and stop taking offense where none was intended. We’re in agreement.

  37. Rad says

    It’s one thing to see a “Pre-condom Classic” from like the 1970’s and early 80’s, but in this day and age with NEW bare back porn being made? I just don’t get it.

    Kudos to Chi-Chi!

  38. JT says

    First a message for GOD (clearly the Old Testament, vengeful one),

    If you have no simple human compassion for the suffering experienced by those who deal directly or indirectly with AIDS, you might consider pragmatics.

    It’s expensive. Consider that insurance companies have arguably finite resources, and money spent for one sufferer of some malady leaves less for money available for another. If you are denied a claim, it is because the insurance company wishes to give out less than it takes in.

    Also consider staffing in hospitals, some of which, believe it or not, try to operate on a for-profit basis, and even adjust staff accordingly. If the hospital you are in has staff that is stretched thin, any fellow patient is going compete for the resources (like, perhaps, attention) you might like and even need.

    So consider your own needs when you suggest that the actions of one have no effect on the actions of others.

    I will agree with those who question whether or not Chi Chi is the go-to spokesperson who will inspire those 18-24 year-olds, but I give him credit for seeming to care about sex performers, and raising the moral question that those who financially support BB porn might somehow be complicit in putting people at risk. I’d like to believe that ALL performers who indulge in barebacking are positive, AND that all who take the risk truly understand that risk and consequences, but I imagine that there are some guys looking to make a buck who, through willful ignorance or youthful arrogance or any number of other reasons take chances they may regret (it’s called being human and imperfect and falling short of the glory of GOD) . And there are people making LOTS more money taking advantage of the foolishness of others. It’s worth a thought or two.

  39. says

    This is a really good PSA, but I do agree that it needs to be short. I think the other commenters are right. Xtube and online access to porn has made the industry more competitive and more edgy.

    I hope that people crave for the fantasy of a world without HIV/AIDS, but that’s not the world we live in. Bravo.

  40. PDQ says

    It appears that Paul Morris and his Treasure Island Media are impacting Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr/It LaRue’s sales and revenues. TIM won some big award in Europe and it got all the usual suspects angry because they’re used to winning it and they don’t like the competition.

    If you don’t like bareback porn, don’t watch it. If you’re an actor/model/escort and don’t want to make bareback porn, don’t make it. But don’t bash those who make it for knowing EXACTLY what they’re doing and making that choice. And don’t bash me for buying it, because your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

    There’s a wide variety of sexual activities that gay men participate in. You’ve got your watersports, fisting, scat, BDSM, and a variety of other fetish type activities that most of you probably find less than erotic. But it’s not for you to say that all those activities aren’t right simply because you don’t like or perform them.

    I find mainstream porn to be sterile and a turn off. But that’s me. If you like it, bully for you. Buy the hell out of it. I’ve got an extensive library of Treasure Island videos – in fact I just got another one yesterday. I’m not taking anything away from mainstream porn models because I’ll never buy their videos.

  41. WOW says

    Jesus Goddamn Christ, there are a lot ***holes out there, and not the good kind, at least judging by some of the comments here. Talk about twisted, f***ed up individuals!

    If I heard a straight friend saying, “I don’t use condoms. It’s her choice. If she gets pregnant, that’s her problem,” I would think, “Mannnnn, what a selfish PRICK!”

    It’s about time we gay men started saying that about, and to, our barebacking “friends.”

    And this isn’t just about HIV. Does anyone really think if we go back to 1970s sex, there won’t be ANOTHER virus coming along in a few years? After all, plenty of scientists predicted HIV. Anonymous unprotected sex with lots of people is not healthy. Grow up, stop acting like a 4 year-old, and deal with it.

  42. says

    Chi Chi should be commended by creating a very slick PSA regarding Barebacking. But what is in a name. He/She says that many of our gay youth are being infected at rates unheard of since the 80’s. That it is not responsible for studios to make bb movies but go to C1R website and search “pre-condom classics” and there are over 70 bb titles boxed as pre-condom classics. Don’t get me wrong, Chi Chi has been an outspoken critic of bb movies. But Pre-condom Classics is just a Politically Correct way of saying BAREBACK. To encourage our youth to play safe I would urge Chi Chi to pull all the so called pre-condom classics from the C1R catalog.

  43. Jay says

    People decide how to behave due to many factors in their own lives. Drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, insecurity and just plain personal choice will ALWAYS be the reasons people chose to bareback or not. I don’t think porn movies play that big a role. The same person who says porn makes people bareback probably throws a fit when a conservative says that seeing gay people display affection in public makes kids gay, or that G.I.Joe cartoons promote violence. That same person who condemns bareback videos is praising Chi Chi LaRue who makes movies filled with fake tan, buffed up, make up covered pretty boys and creates an idea that those people, under perfect lighting and soft focus lenses, are actually representative of real people. How many young gay men hold themselves up against that idea of perfection and find themselves lacking? That kind of glorification of false beauty is exactly what gets gay men into positions where they feel insecure and are more likely to engage in risky behavior, or binge drink or snort crystal.

    I’d also like to ask, how often do you see someone put a condom on in a video? 99% of the time the condom just magically appears on the dick right before in goes in an ass. That is not promoting safer sex. That is creating an illusion that there is no hassle or planning needed to have safer sex. That is just as dangerous, if not more so, than a straight up bareback scene.

    Woo Hoo, Chi Chi LaRue says don’t make bareback films. When she starts putting normal looking guys in her videos, showing actors putting on rubbers, fumbling around for lube, knotting up the used ones and washing up after, when she starts showing them zits and all, I’ll listen. Until then the hypocrisy is just a little too much to stand.

  44. Ernie says

    Bravo to Chi Chi for making a clear, smart statement. Didn’t seem preachy to me. Porn is indeed a business, and Chi Chi is acting like a responsible businessman/woman. Porn actors are human beings. Ah, but why should we care about human beings as long as we get off? Somehow I don’t find watching people giving each other HIV erotic, but maybe that’s just me . . .

  45. Toto says

    I totally agree with Jay.

    The message of using condoms is a vital and necessary message. Its one that has been screameded from the mountain tops from public schools to mainstream television. But when a porn director asks me to show how much I ‘care’ for his/her models who voluntarily have sex with multiple people (who in turn have sex with multiple people) by not watching bareback porn, I sense a definate current of hypocrasy. Even with a condom you arent 100% safe from STDs. Increase the amount of partners you have and the chance of someone gaining an infection increases. Yeah, you really care for yourself.

    Men in the porn industry all made the individual choice to be in it. If you want to plea that “I” as a gay man use a condom by all means please do, and I shall even if you dont. But dont pass the blame of the potential infections of your ‘models’ onto me. It comes off as a corporate marketing skeem to sink the competition. Like I said before, if they cared that much, they would forge roads to establishing industry wide bareback film regulation.

  46. JT says

    >The same person who says porn makes people bareback probably throws a fit when a conservative says that seeing gay people display affection in public makes kids gay, or that G.I.Joe cartoons promote violence<

    Combine an image with reinforcement (e.g. hot bareback scene with jerking off and experiencing orgasm) and you may just get a conditioned response that says bareback = highly pleasurable experience. Add in the “taboo” factor to give it extra allure. Throw in pressure, low self-esteem, substances and in the moment, and that pleasure becomes worth the risk. Watch it often enough and it becomes normalized. Does watching BB porn necessarily make someone engage in risky behavior? No. But I’d say that those who are particularly vulnerable will mostly like be affected.

    Personally, I find putting on condoms, particularly on a partner, is highly erotic: It says, “We are just about to do something really hot.” – very in the moment, real, and exciting. It says (to me) “I care enough about me and you to play safe, because we are worth caring about.” Not that I EVER watch porn, of course, but I’m sure if I ever did, it would be a turn on to see that pause that’s part of the pleasure before even more pleasure – where two (or more!) hot guys “suit up” before they bring it all the way home – made a memorable part of foreplay. Work it, eroticize it, reinforce it.

  47. Lee says

    God, I wish the condom mafia would shut the FUCK up!! This disease could have been and can be impeded WITHOUT condoms, so to hear fuckers go on about condom use, it just proves THEIR need for some fucking “education” about safe [not safe(R)] sex. But of course this would require the introduction of concepts that are like kryptonite in the gay world – monogamy sexual discipline, honesty, and moral values in general. This includes those who encourage the opposite of these implicitly in their condom messages. “Step right over and get your quick, easy, and frequent sex. Sale ends….never”. Rarely or never do you hear as FIRST protocol to combat STD’s and HIV, “Stop making sex your number one goddamn priority. Do it only *after* investing into a relationship, and do NOT stray. Get tested and be honest. Realize that if you are in a sero-discordant relationship you need to exercise a little prudence in sexual behaviors. Now this is not that fucking hard to grasp. Though it might require some courage to look in the mirror by those who, without qualification criticize the act of bareback sex itself.

  48. Lee says

    To the commenter claiming not to “get” bareback, saying that it’s one thing while “pre-condom” is another – what I get is that hyprocisy is going strong. This whole pre-condom deal is just one example. Another is the lack of sensationalism over condomless oral sex and well as the general superficiality that is standard in most porn. On the one hand, there is an attempt at seriousness concerning condoms, on the other, it’s portrayed unrealistically. I would be money that condoms have broken while filming. Add that to the list of things one other commenter said is not shown.

  49. jase says

    There is nothing wrong with barebacking so long as the involved parties are healthy and disease-free. It’s not barebacking that is the problem, it’s the promiscuity that we see on the gay scene with these grubby bath-houses etc. Repeat – it’s the promiscuity, stupid.

  50. Mark Hutt says

    As someone who “walked on egg shells” for the last 27 yr.s of AIDS, I know it’s not where you go to have sex, but what you do…
    I’ve known men who make porn & I’ll say that they have more honesty than Presidents who lie.
    I think young gay men are fast to pay attention to a PSA this well made, but a quick edit might make it appear less “preachy”.
    It’s true. Safe Sex is Hot Sex.

  51. jon says

    Porn is not a good role model for gay men. Keep in mind that the porn industry is essentially homophobic towards the male-male interaction. Anything with a male-male content gets shoved into the “gay” or “bi” category. Contrast this with how female-female (ie female homosexual/female bisexual) content gets included in “straight” porn movies and is marketed towards heterosexual couples as mainstream or normal. It’s discrimination against the male-male interaction.

  52. NIL says

    Shut yer pie hole, Chi Chi. I’ll watch whatever porn I want when I want. These performers know what they are doing, no one is putting a gun to their heads. I really don’t need a pious drag queen/porn pusher who stole her “look” from Divine to preach. Furthermore, your image is not exactly a positive one for the gay community.

  53. Jer says

    My respect for Chi Chi has just gone up tenfold. Good for you, girl! Good to see someone with that much influence in the porn world using it for the common good. No offense to those who say that safe sex is boring, but if it is for you, there’s a good chance that wearing a condom doesn’t affect your performance. Anyways, once again, all my love for Chi Chi, Godesse bless your heart, girl!

  54. Darren says

    Wow..obviously Chi Chi can push buttons heh.

    Just my take on the whole BB thing.

    I *HATE* condoms. They are a mess to deal with, the opening of the package, oh you can’t you have lube on your fingers, then the unrolling, ow got a hair stuck in there, ow buzzkill, okay it’s in, damn the lube dried out gotta get more….

    You know what I hate more than condoms? Watching a friend I love dearly get sick and die from a STD that you can protect yourself from by dealing with a little hassle.

    Hassle or Dying?

    I’ll take the hassle every time.

    And, it’s not me preaching, it’s just my life experience. I have known 3 couples who told me that they don’t use condoms. Every single one of them, one of the partners in the “monogamous” relationship strayed and brought the HIV bug back home to roost.

    And it’s a damn shame that guys don’t think more of themselves to take the steps to protect their health and well being from infection.

    Chi-Chi, thanks for having the balls, or ovaries, or whatever for saying that.

  55. George says

    She’s making it seem like the bareback studios are not taking precautions themselves. I work for a bareback porn company and we NEVER match up people with different HIV statuses.

    If we work with negative models we want them to stay negative and have no desire to film a “conversion” scene.

    These big studios with Chi Chi LaRue and Titan, and Falcon have no qualms about selling their “Pre-Condom” scenes, yet take a stand against barebacking??? What the F**K???? I’m sure when they’re seeing their sales decline on their condom videos they had to do something to bring in money and decided to sell their “Pre-Condom”s videos. What hypocrites!!!!

  56. George says

    She’s making it seem like the bareback studios are not taking precautions themselves. I work for a bareback porn company and we NEVER match up people with different HIV statuses.

    If we work with negative models we want them to stay negative and have no desire to film a “conversion” scene.

    These big studios with Chi Chi LaRue and Titan, and Falcon have no qualms about selling their “Pre-Condom” scenes, yet take a stand against barebacking??? What the F**K???? I’m sure when they’re seeing their sales decline on their condom videos they had to do something to bring in money and decided to sell their “Pre-Condom”s videos. What hypocrites!!!!

  57. DC20005 says

    Amen, Chi Chi. Thank you for being willing to acknowledge–in a very public and persuasive way–what many others won’t. The line between the fantastic and the real becomes blurred over time, and when then young’uns who haven’t seen first hand the impact of HIV/AIDS buy into it, it portends very bad things for the future of our coummunity.

    You have given voice to one of the major issues of our time.

  58. says

    Barebacking is everyone’s business. Unless one who chooses to risk — even embrace — infection is prepared to pay full retail for his meds and hospital care, as well as that of all those to whom he helps to transmit the virus, then that myopic, arrogant individual is asking the rest of us to pay for his fun; in insurance rates, in additional infections, in empathy/sympathy/support of/from the general public…

  59. says

    Larry, I mean Chi Chi, has always put the people he works with in a respectful position. He has a good moral work ethic and it seems to extend into his personal life.
    The fact that he has his employees wear condoms is a reflection of that.
    I mean really what difference does it make to a viewer? Really?
    Hell I wore them before the whole aids crisis, its just more sanitary, call me a pris but I have always preferred having them on.
    Good for ChiCHI and his public service announcement. He has been promoting this for a long time within his business.
    I have to say he is one of the funniest people I have ever knew, his early drag!! OY!

  60. Matt says

    I love the whole Blake Riley speech. First, I love how he plugs that he is an exclusive. Exclusive for how long? I mean it is porn my dear and you will be forgotten as soon as the next young dick moves into Ms. Larue’s sights.

    Yeah, you are a model. Do you also have a brain? It’s obvious that you want to stay healthy so you do safe porn. You can’t tell me in this day and age that porn models are being tricked into having unsafe sex on camera. Gay men know that fucking without a condom poses a risk.

    I would also like to address the comment that the people who buy your porn are making these nasty comments. I have never bought a Chi Chi porn. I don’t buy porn when I can watch it on Xtube for free. I’m sure most people watch there porn for free. I may or may not have seen you in a free xtube clip. I’ll have to check.

    I’ve said my spill Mr. Riley. So now you can go “wrap it up” and make a couple of hundred bucks and a few more bucks escorting. After all, dancing at clubs and escorting is really how you make the big bucks. But I’m sure as an exclusive you already knew that.

  61. says

    Hats off to Miss Chi Chi for taking a stand against barebacking. Even in the world of porn, for all its bacchanalia, there are people with ethics and standards… even more than in legitimate cinema. I view gay porn (well, quality gay porn, anyway) as the only venue in the world where our SEXUALITY is CELEBRATED as opposed to being DENIGRATED.

  62. JT says

    >it’s the promiscuity that we see on the gay scene with these grubby bath-houses etc. Repeat – it’s the promiscuity, stupid.<


    No, it’s having sex with someone who is infected, stupid. That nice, clean-cut, hot guy you met, had drinks with, made a date for dinner, eventually did the nasty with after waiting to be sure, who didn’t know he was infected and in the passion of the moment when you both said, hell, just this once, gave you the gift that keeps on giving (insert the contagion of your choice here).

  63. says

    I’m not the most optimistic, sunshine-and-roses, all-people-are-good-deep-down kind of person, but reading this thread is a little more sickening than I expected it to be. It’s one thing to know there are people who make mistakes or who are naively hoping for the best when taking HIV risks—that’s human. But to read people arguing passionately, proudly that porn actors are beneath our concern (let’s not even worry about the gay bragging that he only watches free porn, thus robbing everyone involved), or that “condoms are for sleazebags” (yeah, because if he says he’s monogamous he always is, really and truly!)…I guess all those stereotypes about how cool and smart gay people are don’t hold up to much scrutiny. It’s embarrassing that so many non-gay people gave a a shit about the AIDS crisis from the early 80s on. I guess they should have just said, “Why should I care about the sleazebag gays?”

  64. scott says

    Kile Ozier, great job placing the blame. Glad to see that you are more interested in saving money than lives. Do you hold the same hard line position against smokers who get lung cancer, drinkers who develop liver disease, people who share toothbrushes and catch Hep C, or school children who don’t wash their hands and catch MRSA?

    And please don’t take my comments as an endorsement of barbacking. I’m just sick of hearing that HIV positive people are ‘guilty’ and ‘to blame’.

  65. JoeGage says

    Sigh. Reminds me of living in SF.

    So if behavior onscreen translates into behavior in the real world, we should ban all films like Psycho, Cruising, and Brokeback Mountain, right?

    Porn is fantasy, got it? If it turns you on that no one is wearing a rubber, good for you! If it turns you on that someone is getting a fist shoved up their ass, good for you! Because you are only WATCHING it. If you don’t like it, change the channel; i.e., don’t buy it.

    Now, for those who think that it is their MISSION in life to inform others on what they should and should not be turned on by, Sexuality is NO ONE’s responsibility save for the owner. If you don’t like it, leave the fucking to others and fuck yourself. The world doesn’t need any more lectures.

    As for Chi Chi LaRue, he/she/it is an entertainment business person first and foremost. They will do whatever it takes to keep their brand visible in the public eye. Because if they really truly cared, they would sell everything they own and give the money to the poor.

    So keep that in mind.

  66. McQ says

    Wow…I think it’s great that Chi-Chi and the guys at C1R have chosen to require their actors to use protection during sex scenes, but what I really wish we could get everyone past is the notion that because you see something on TV or in a video or in an ad, that that is reality. Or even a reflection of it.

    Using condoms is, in my opinion, a personal choice – and a smart one – when we’re living our lives. When we’re viewing a porno, we’re not living our lives, we’re enjoying a constructed fantasy; we can’t know the actors’ sero-status, we don’t know what kind of intervention went into making a scene, and everyone needs to understand that a movie is not real life and real life is not a movie. The same applies to young women who starve themselves to look like a fashion model.

    The very act of making unprotected sex (which used to be known as just “sex”) a taboo has probably contributed more to the growth of condomless porn than anything else because taboos (especially when homosexuality is still a taboo to begin with) are made to be “broken.”

    Condomless sex, semen exchange – even the idea of HIV transmission – has become for many men a fetish in and of itself. In most of the bareback videos you see now, semen has become holy water; into an orifice it goes, out it comes, only to be sucked up by another actor, only to be deposited back into the same orifice or another, only to be sampled yet again by another actor (another one of the say five, who have already had their way with the bottom, or whatever…)

    You don’t see this in the old, pre-condom, pre-HIV videos. What you see instead are randy gay men taking advantae of a then-new sexual openness and taking their pleasure how and where they find it with other friendly, randy men. Sometimes they swallow, sometimes they don’t. But the money shot is almost always outside the body (and in close proximity to the camera lens).

    When did semen and such extravagantly unsafe sex become so “hot” it could keep the new studios who depict it in business? When sex became “dangerous” and our response to that was to declare condomless sex not just an unwise idea in many circumstances but taboo in all circumstances – in perpetuity.

    And the end result is Dawson of the 3000 loads in one weekend fame. Or Damon, fellating his way across America. We’re repulsed and fascinated because both actors are not only breaking the taboos, they’re vaporizing them, with apparent impunity. But it’s only a movie. At some point, Dawson has to wipe his ass and pull his pants up. Damon has to clean the corners of his mouth and get up off his knees. And I think we can be fairly certain that both have to take their meds.

    I personally don’t like the idea of anyone being coerced into doing something they’re not comfortable with, but I also don’t like the idea of sewing scarlet letters on people who make informed choices I wouldn’t make. Porn actors are human beings and people who denigrate them as beneath consideration are revealing far more about themselves than they ought to.

    But instead of trying to Mommie the Entertainment Media (funny, but even now, no one worries about exposure to images of people getting chopped to bits by murderers or maimed by war) and advertising images, I think we should educate ourselves – and each other – about the difference between Reel Life and Real Life. The folks who create Reel Life can make their choices and we can buy in or opt out as we see fit.

  67. Lee says

    “No, it’s having sex with someone who is infected, stupid”.

    No, it’s obviously BOTH, fucktard. And all it takes to prove this is the development of a new disease in the population. The recent happenings with staph is a perfect example. If whores hadn’t been fuckin’ around, and even WITH CONDOMS very likely (did you hear that condom mafia – staph didn’t require body fluids) the chance of containing this disease(by preventing opportunity for mutation and resistance, for one example) would be MUCH greater. But let me stop lest I interfere with the DELUSION of the condom mafia and their brainless self-congratulations. They CLEARLY refuse to see how their backwards principles contribute to the very thing their ranting against.

  68. Lee says

    “You don’t see this in the old, pre-condom, pre-HIV videos”.

    Not ALL “bareback” contain that either. But something tells me that you would not care, and would continue trying to rationalize how “pre-condom” videos were different.

  69. fanboi says

    using condoms may be a personal choice. But just because there are young, desperate, poor, unworldly, and in some cases plain STUPID boys who will engage in unsafe activity for money DOESN’T mean it is OK for corporate fat cats to get rich off it.

    I think bareback porn is even more reprehensible than BumFights (for those who don’t know, some snotnosed teen paid homeless men petty cash and alcohol to beat each other bloody while filming it).

    It is encouraging people who are in a bad situation to endanger themselves for money.

    Some brilliant law mind needs to find a legal loophole to stop it cold.

    And I DO think that walking into the porn section and seeing 1/2 the titles are bareback gives the wrong message to youth. Its no coincidence that youth infection is still way up.

  70. Lee says

    Yes, the youth infection is still way up because they are encouraged and applauded for whoring around by gay media and other suddenly pious fags.

    Reality check for you. “Safe sex” is defined as follows: cuddling, mutual masturbation, ‘dry’ (or ‘clothed’) sex.

    Now I do believe a many Chi Chi LaRue videos have shown much much more than the preceding activities. Therefore, by definition, “UNSAFE sex occurred in those videos.

    This is an outrage, correct?

    Talk about STUPID. There is ample evidence of that in this thread.

  71. JT says

    To quote LEE:

    >FucktardBut let me stop lest I interfere with the DELUSION of the condom mafia and their brainless self-congratulations. They CLEARLY refuse to see how their backwards principles contribute to the very thing their ranting against.Talk about STUPID. There is ample evidence of that in this thread.<

    Thanks LEE. Couldn’t have said it better. Given the number of times you posted and ranted, I’d guess you’re right.

  72. JT says


    You’ll never know how much we agree upon. You’ll never have a chance. You are too interested in attacking to take advantage of an opportunity to challenge yourself and your world view. As much as you need to learn, I know it will never happen via an exchange here. It’s a shame.

    You win. But what have you won?


  73. Orestes says

    Did you see any of those porn movies from the east of europe? Is disgusting what is going on there, really poor and broke countries, somebody appears and offer them 600€, or less , imgine in wich conditons they are living, Wich freedom of choice they have?, that money for them means to eat, continue studing,….those fuckers are doing really good bussineses paying them nothing and putting them on big risk, no blood test in Poland or Chec republic, camon….here in Tenerife somebody did two porn movies, nothing sexy or exiting on making those movies…is much worse tahn buy jeans made in India, made by childs…
    I think people like Chichi make feel really proud.
    We always have been out of the sistem, Why to follow those rules done by the power?, the same power that attack us.
    Thanks Chichi, we are quite proud of you.

  74. Lee says

    You don’t have a clue, JT! I have no interest in testing the veracity of my argumentation. I am firmly secure in my statements. The shame is that you truly do not get what I have said. I’ve won when you and the other mindless bots posting here finally do.

    Don’t offer peace. Show that you are capable of more than superficial thought.

  75. JT says


    Thanks for proving my point. But I really wish you hadn’t.

    Oops. Maybe that’s too deep, and somehow, despite possible evidence to the contrary, perhaps I shouldn’t challenge your perception of me as shallow. Because it might give you pause, and someone as secure in his position as you need not ever question his position (by the way, I get your position. I used to assume it, although without such apparent comfort).

    You don’t know me. You seem unaware of my history on these boards. However, the last thing that anyone who knows me, or my positions, would accuse me of is being superficial. As long as you accuse me and anyone else here of mindless bot status, you dismiss a resource and insult without justification.

    It’s a free country. It’s your choice.


  76. says

    Isn’t it amazing how many people commenting here are in total selfish denial about HIV / AIDS. Some of the posts here are so abhorrent, they can only be written by men who are already positive and determined to have their fun and spread disease. And yes, while there are many responsible gay men, those who engage in unsafe sex continues to rise dramatically. The “anything goes” crowd grows with every passing day. You only have to look at sites like Craig’s List to know what is really going on.

    Having owned a gay bar for many years, I have witnessed hundreds of friends, associates and customers who have contracted HIV, developed AIDS and died slow miserable deaths. The death process of someone with HIV/AIDS infection, before the age of anti-viral medications, was an insidious process that could be seen and lasted for months. Lesions, cancers, waisting syndrome, disorientation, seizures, memory loss, constant fever and a daily deterioration until coma and death. How many of you have seen that first hand?

    As I sit here writing this, awakening these horrible memories from the 80’s, I realize that these visible symptoms is what shook the gay community to the core. If you were sane, you practiced safe sex. People were literally scarred to death. Some guys swore off sex completely. Others refused anal activity. And many would only have oral sex with a condom until the HIV transmission modalities were fully understood. The vast majority adopted the practice of safe sex or abstinence and stayed with it. Back in the 80’s, guys with full blown AIDS frequented my bar almost daily. They came in using a cane or walker. Some were assisted by friends. And a few fell of their chairs unconscious after just two drinks and were taken away by ambulance. And many that we had not seen in months, were coming in for the last time to say goodbye. This was the face of HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s.

    With the introduction of the new medications, people with visible symptoms slowly diminished until that era became a distant memory. And that is just the problem. Most people have short memories. And those who are too young to have lived in the 1980’s have never seen what this disease is all about. They think that all they will have to do is swallow some pills and everything will be fine. Life will go on. They will remain invincible. That is anything but the truth.

    How many of you have seen what happens when the anti-viral medications quit working? It is a slow process for most. The opportunistic diseases like thrush, pneumonia, gum disease, brain atrophy, skin disease and a host of other horrors begin. Major organs begin to shut down. Each of these secondary infections have to be aggressively treated. But then there is the deterioration of the brain for which there is no treatment. I know someone who is inflicted with this. He has been on anti-virals for 12 years. And he has been in the final stages of death now for over two years. He is stark raving mad, stumbling around the house like Frankenstein, groaning, moaning and screaming. His boyfriend does accounting work for me. Every time we speak by phone, I hear him in the background yelling his head off. They made a pact that he would die at home and so far that is the way it is going. His last few days will probably be spent in a hospice in a coma.

    So for the younger readers of this blog, may I suggest a visit to a local hospice who cares for AIDS patients. It may be the wake-up call that you need. And if that doesn’t shock some sense into you, then you need psychological counseling. You most probably have very low self-esteem which is usually associated with a depressive illness. Others many be narcissists who put their petty self interest ahead of reason. And then there are the sociopaths, the ones who know they are infected and are spreading the disease at will.

    Don’t ever be persuaded by anyone to have unsafe sex with classic lines like, “I was just tested and I’m negative” or any variations on that theme. These selfish people only want to pleasure themselves at the expense of others. Words come cheap. Act as if everyone you have sex with is HIV positive.

    Whatever your situation, get tested and know your status. Be responsible and always be honest with potential sex partners. Above all, be safe. There are millions of people in the United States who have been engaging in unsafe sex with multiple partners for years and they have never been tested. I have talked to people like that. They say, “what I don’t know can’t hurt me.” That is sheer lunacy. Anyone who is unknowingly infected, is walking around with a compromised immune system and spreading disease. Everyone of us have a legacy that follows us past death through family, friends and associates. Ask yourself this. Do you want spend your last days on this Earth dying with a terminal illness that you could have prevented? Do you want to be known as someone who was so selfish and irresponsible that you caused the death of someone just by the act of having unsafe sex?

    Think carefully. And if your answer is “fuck it I’ll do what I want” seek psychological counseling immediately. It is available at little or no charge through public health clinics in major cities.

  77. Lee says

    “Thanks for proving my point”.

    It’s quite humorous when fools use this line when they never HAD a point. Your “thanks” is in vain. And I’m sure the reason you “used” to share my position is because you were overwhelmed by the type of mindless bots posting here. I know – I used to hold the same position as they do, but then I woke up.

  78. Jeff says

    I am always amazed at how soon people forget. You may think I am referring to plague that swept our ranks, but I’m not. I am talking about the people that would tell you how to live your life. If the conservatives, religious whackos, or homophobes aren’t enforcing their beliefs…then apparently we are. I am not in favor of unsafe sex. I am not as some heartless individual put it “infected” trying to spread a disease. On the contrary I am someone who feels that “just say no” is a mistake that is to often made. The point is education not totalitarianism. Try and find common ground and be constructive…

  79. McQ says


    I can’t for the life of me figure out what your point is, except that “Everyone sucks and is stupid,” or something like that. Would you consider taking a deep breath and trying again? All us Fucktards would really appreciate it.

  80. kyle says

    I really don’t understand why anyone would find bareback porn arousing – particularly when it involves young guys. It’s horrific to watch because you know that at least some (if not most) of these guys are going to be infected by the end of the film. I think these companies that promote bareback films are totally irresponsible. Would the American public support a company that produced videos of real live murders in progress for the purpose “entertainment”? Most likely not. Why do we find it acceptable in porn? HIV may not be the ultimate death sentence it once was, but it still is speed pass to getting there. I wonder if most young guys know that protease inhibitors are not a cure all. Many people with hiv have strains of the virus that are resistant to ALL of the inhibitor drugs. Many people w/ hiv still die early deaths despite taking the drugs and those who do stay alive suffer serious side effects from taking the drugs that keep them alive. If you stay on the drugs long enough, you will have to get your hips and knees replaced because the drugs rot away at your bones. You will get that hideous extended belly and the fat deposits all over your face. The drugs will make you sick to your stomach, and you will constantly get infections because your immune system is still never 100%. One bad cold can literally kill someone with HIV. Since funding has dried up for HIV awareness and education, younger people are clueless. As someone had posted earlier, go visit an AIDS hospice. Talk to health professionals that deal with HIV patients. If you do, I promise you you will think very differently about bareback sex.

  81. Paul says

    No kind of porn is danger free. In fact to listen too many of these performers the industry itself abuses them since they’re used like meat for a short period and then abandoned. Where does personal responsibility come in? If you bleeding heart liberal hypocrites care so much why don’t you go adopt an ageing porn star before they are forced to work for Treasure Island, or one of those. You don’t really care for them any more than they care for you, come on now… You just want to impress your will on others like people have impressed their wills on you…I get so tired of the misguided “just say no” crowd. Like that has ever worked. The focus should be on making sure that these sleezy sets make sure their models are disease free, and if there is negligence than they should loose their licenses just like any other business. If the performers, manufacturers, and customers want bareback video it should be their business and not yours. Someone said if a performer gets AIDS we all pay for their medication etc and that is a valid point. If a performer gets AIDS from making a video they should be able to sue. They knew the risk before they got screwed bareback so they shouldn’t get any tax money (no one in this day and age should get a dime for getting AIDS.) One of the reasons that America is loosing its edge is because the first answer to every problem is to make a law, deny someone a freedom, go straight into denial. Now we have less rights than most European countries (inc Canada on this continent), we don’t make crap anymore, and we still think we’re going to win the drug war. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Denial does not work it just morphs into more destructive behavior. I prefer the containment approach. It has worked for cigarettes in America, drugs & prostitution is many other countries. Don’t forget gay sex is against the law in many countries and it hasn’t done anything except make things worse, spread disease, and add to human misery. This is an example of the pendulum effect. Where people deny something for so long then the damn burst and the problem is totally exacerbated. If you want something that is unhealthy at least do it in moderation because if you deny yourself the subconscious will win eventually. That goes for everything alcohol, sex outside of a relationship, barebacking, eating meat, etc.

  82. Greg says

    “I really don’t understand why anyone would find bareback porn arousing”-KYLE hahaha

    I am sure many straights would not find shoving your penis in a crap hole arousing either. Sooo funny to hear a snob that stands in judgment of what other people find arousing. Kyle- even if I agree with your ultimate point… your still a douche:P

  83. Lee says

    “I can’t for the life of me figure out what your point is”

    You oughta try responding to the goddamn comment that was directed to your ass, FIRST. If you can’t manage to figure out that easy to understand point, you are a lost puppy. Otherwise, I’ve no interest playing your bullshit game of feigning ignorance.

    “I really don’t understand why anyone would find bareback porn arousing”

    Gee, sex in its default state not including a rubber – what could POSSIBLY drive one to want THAT? Do you ask your momma if she gets fucked by dad with a rubber Why, of course not. Do you think your parents probably have HIV like you obviously think everybody else does. Why, of course not.

    “Would the American public support a company that produced videos of real live murders in progress for the purpose “entertainment”?

    This strategy is called begging the fucking question. You haven’t proven shit just yet. Just as easily, I can assume that rubber wearing performers all have HIV and that somebody was so unlucky (as some people ARE) to get catch the disease while wearing rubbers.

  84. Hector says

    Patients on AIDS drugs don’t transmit virus: Swiss panel

    Wed Jan 30, 3:59 PM ET

    AIDS patients who take effective retroviral drugs do not pass on the virus even through unprotected sex, Switzerland’s state commission on the disease claimed on Wednesday.

    Couples were one partner is HIV positive do not need to use a condom to prevent transmitting the disease, as long as retroviral therapy is followed regularly and has suppressed the virus in the blood for at least six months, the Federal AIDS Commission said in a report.

    The patient must also be free of any other sexually-transmitted disease.

    “These findings come from four different studies,” said Bernard Hirschel, co-author of the report and an HIV/AIDS specialist at Geneva’s University Hospital.

    One of the research studies was carried out in Spain from 1990 to 2003 on 393 heterosexual couples where one person was HIV positive.

    The results showed that none of the HIV negative partners was infected by a patient taking retrovirals, according to a paper published in the Swiss Bulletin of Medicine.

    Another study in Brazil found that out of 93 couples where 43 were HIV positive, only six people were infected and this was due to their partners not following their treatment regime.

    Two other studies, one in Uganda and one on pregnant women, arrived at the same conclusions, Hirschel said.

    However other health authorities and AIDS charities reacted with scepticism and alarm to the news.

    “The real thing missing (from the Swiss advice) is about anal sex and getting a new sexually transmitted infection,” said Roger Peabody of the London-based Terrence Higgins Trust AIDS charity.

    “We don’t feel the scientific evidence is conclusive and there are some key issues that are not covered in this advice,” he added.

    But Hirschel was adamant that publishing the results of the findings was in the best interests of the public.

    “I know that these conclusions can provoke certain fears, but I think such credible information which relies on proven and certain facts should be made known,” he said.

    French AIDS charity Act Up said that only a small number of HIV patients would be affected by the findings, and that 40 percent of retroviral patients still carry the virus residually despite following their treatment to the letter.

    France’s National AIDS Council warned that the findings were not robust enough to extrapolate wider conclusions from the individual cases cited.

  85. fanboi says

    I have no idea how so many people can be so perverse about such an important subject.

    OK forget a minute about setting examples, or your own personal use of condoms in the bedroom.

    I don’t get why so many do not see that it is wrong to endanger the lives of young men for entertainment value. Its not as if they do anything differently in bareback – they just remove the one thing we do have (aside from abstinence – and thats no fun to watch) that makes it “safer.” I just don’t understand how its sexier bareback – they give me snuff film vibes. I feel like I am watching someone being killed. Its not sexy.

    The major point is that there are 18 year olds who are being give a few hundred dollars in exchange for the rest of their lives. Sure they are taking the deal, but many are ill-informed. (I doubt the bareback producers REALLY tell them the dangers). They say oh ya so and so was tested. But what about the poz guy they fucked after the test.

    As Chi Chi said – there are boys getting infected their first time on a set. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED. I don’t care if you think its hotter to watch sex filmed without a condom… If you think your sexual gratification is that much more important than some desperate, poor, cute boys life, you are a waste of human flesh and oxygen.

    I hope every owner/operator of a bareback porn production company rots eternally in hell.

  86. Lee says

    “they give me snuff film vibes. I feel like I am watching someone being killed. Its not sexy”

    You are just wacky as hell. For you to assume that without any fucking evidence, just shows that have a delusion. And I have a question. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING THEM?!!! Hmmm?


    YES IT CAN! And because rubbers do NOT eliminate ALL risk, it won’t happen by way of them. Now, are you prepared to do what it takes to ~really~ AVOID this? Why of course not. Why? Because at the end of the day, you are just like those fucking barebackers. Like you say “that’s no fun to watch”. The sooner you realize this shit, the sooner we get the bottom fucking line.

  87. fanboi says

    Lee just seems way bitter. Noone said condoms were 100% foolproof. But what is the harm in using the one partial protection available? Isn’t it better to at least attempt to prevent infection than to just run around spraying sperm in every hole.

    I just don’t see “bareback” as a defensible position and think you come across far wackier than I.

    I don’t think you get what I’m talking about – its not “wacky as hell” to see intentionally unprotected dangerous sex with strangers for the entertainment of others as having a “snuff” vibe. I’m not saying NOONE get infected in condom clad porn, but Its a statistical fact they DO help. What kind of evidence should I need? It is not a delusion. I see actors I know for a fact to be Poz (before you ask – from 1st person interviews, blogs and articles) doing twink after twink.

    By the way, the comments I made about the “snuff” vibe I get from them is about previews, ads see online all the time, and box covers at the video store. Those movies fetishize infection. I do like porn. I like to watch it. But it makes me uncomfortable to watch actors engaging in “unsafe” sex for no reason. I see a box cover with that sticker and it makes me sad. I don’t rent them.

    Its not like they pause the scene to show a hottie fumbling with latex. The rubbers always magically appear. Whats the harm?

    I hope at least some attempt is made to pair up the know Poz actors with each other. But even if this is done, someone newly infected and undiagnosed could infect every costar they come in contact with.

    Long story short, the bareback industry is about rich people making more money off risking the lives of people they feel are easily replaceable.

  88. says

    you know some of the sites still have Al Parker vid’s and Joe Simmons, and you know I can’t watch them, it’s like watching murder being committed, porn as a bench-mark of the gay community, is wrong to begin with.

    we’ve gotten to the point where hustlers, thats what they are male whore’s – are acceptable, they now even embark on singing careers, and here we are discussing a dude.

    that makes porno for a living, I’m not a prude, but as gay man, I don’t need lessons taught to me by people whose entire life is based on greed and the most animalistic of mans behaviour, that includes porno, extreme fighting and all the other crap that

    has nothing to do with human enlightenment

    so what am I doing here……

    promoting my site of course, I’m not going to leave the url here, it pops up all over the internet, lets just say we should all STOMP OUT HATE all hate, self hate esp.

  89. Lee says

    “Lee just seems way bitter”.

    No. Just a bit annoyed by the sloppy, predictable, mob mentality.

    “Noone said condoms were 100% foolproof”.

    I call bullshit! When people ACT that way, it’s just like SAYING it.

    “But what is the harm in using the one partial protection available”?

    But but but, what is the HARM in using FULL protection when that IS an option? Hmmm? Why aren’t the media advancing THAT message. LOGIC is in order here.

    “I just don’t see “bareback” as a defensible position and think you come across far wackier than I”.

    “Everybody has HIV”! That’s YOUR rationale. Sorry, but that IS wacky. Instead of PRETENDING that everybody does, and that dick in bare anus is THE issue, always and forever more, how about using a little grey matter and figure that there’s MORE to it than that.

    “What kind of evidence should I need”?

    Oh gee, That ALL of them have HIV. That WOULD be nice since your position has NO qualifiers.

    “Those movies fetishize infection”.

    You LIE. Even the lame ones about “breeding” don’t imply at THING about a disease transmission.

    “I do like porn. I like to watch it. But it makes me uncomfortable to watch actors engaging in “unsafe” sex for no reason”.

    HA! Are you so kidding? People go without condoms (AKA YOUR definition of “unsafe sex”) for the SAME reason people choose safer over truly SAFE sex (no, I DON’T mean abstinence)- they WANT it. Are YOU willing to make a change? If not, you are letting urges rule TOO.

    “I hope at least some attempt is made to pair up the know Poz actors with each other. But even if this is done, someone newly infected and undiagnosed could infect every costar they come in contact with”.

    Well, let’ see…they always have the tool of SAFE sex if they are really worried that somebody could have HIV. And heck, it’s that’s not “HOT” enough, they could always venture into the SOFT-core genre.

    “Long story short, the bareback industry is about rich people making more money off risking the lives of people they feel are easily replaceable”.

    What PROOF do you have of this sinister plot? Why are you not asking why condom-only producers choose RISK over no-risk when they DO have that option?

    Bottom Line: Folks oughta slow their damn roll in criticizing ALL bareback until they know for sure THEY are setting the BEST example in sex ed.

  90. Lee says

    JT asks:

    “Did you become infected through supposedly safe sex”?

    Knucklehead, NOBODY can become infected through SAFE sex. SAFER sex is another story. And I no I have NOT become infected that way. I’m NOT infected. But I know that it HAS happened and there is nothing STOPPING it from happening AGAIN. What BULLSHIT platitude will you have to offer the unlucky son-of-a-bitch that DOES contract HIV following YOUR advice to just USE a rubber with his/her highly infectious HIV positive partner and go on his/her merry way? Will YOU be that unlucky person? HMMMM?

  91. Lee says

    “porn as a bench-mark of the gay community, is wrong to begin with”.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with sex on film itself (ie. porn) but a whole bunch of the superficial shit promoted in them ARE wrong as hell and are WITHOUT DOUBT part and parcel of this discussion, but nobody will talk about that.

  92. fanboi says

    I know that EVERYONE isn’t infected, not actually a moron thank you. But you need to act as if everyone is, because there is no way to know who is infected – people don’t always tell the truth, people don’t always know. And if I was watching someone having bareback sex onscreen I’d have no way to know whether or not one of them was endangering the other. So I’d rather not watch.

    The proof I have is that people ARE being infected on bareback sets (I’ve read multiple articles on it)and Bareback Studio execs ARE making money off it (you think they give up their profits to provide health care for life if someone get infected on set – NO). What do you want, sealed medical records? I just have no faith that the safety of their actors is important to a bareback studio.

    Enough beating a dead horse. I’ll keep boycotting the bareback industry and you keep doing whatever you do.

  93. mcQ says

    Hey Lee,

    Instead of reacting to all us stupid, shallow, self-interested humans, why don’t you lay it out for us? What would you like to see everyone do and not do? Give us the top-to-bottom Lee Manifesto instead of these barbed fragments of a self-righteous, tragic tantrum, eh?

    HIV+ Fucktard

  94. Lee says

    “I know that EVERYONE isn’t infected, not actually a moron thank you. But you need to act as if everyone is”.

    Meaning WHAT?!! That you go ahead and choose to be SAFER – still leaving room for “You never know..always room for error” type of deal – basically what I JUST talked about?

    “And if I was watching someone having bareback sex onscreen I’d have no way to know whether or not one of them was endangering the other. So I’d rather not watch”.

    :sigh: I’m not even going to say anything to that. You are NOT hearing.

    “The proof I have is that people ARE being infected on bareback sets”

    NO, that is PROOF of other performers’ care. NOTHING more. This is what the condom mafia is deficient in – placing blame where it ACTUALLY should be.

    “Enough beating a dead horse”

    The horse is still very much ALIVE – despite beatings by the now quiet mob. Turning the tables did not kill it.

    “I’ll keep boycotting the bareback industry and you keep doing whatever you do”.

    Whatever! Do what you do. But the TRUTH has been spoken.

  95. Lee says

    “Instead of reacting to all us stupid, shallow, self-interested humans, why don’t you lay it out for us? What would you like to see everyone do and not do? Give us the top-to-bottom Lee Manifesto instead of these barbed fragments of a self-righteous, tragic tantrum, eh”?

    Learn to read…between the lines (YOU especially) Try logic for a change. But most importantly, get a MIRROR. Simple enough?

  96. bendskier says

    Regarding couples who quit using condoms after they have both tested negative and promise each other fidelity…

    Couples, straight and gay, have affairs all the time, since the beginning of time. Why do we think our partner is any different. Yeah we all would like to think that a promise is a promise…

    But if history predicts the future, there are going to be many, many, more shocking revelations between couples, when the same old story repeats itself… One partner cheats and they both get AIDS.

    I will never ever fuck without a condom. One AIDS scare in my late teens (15 years ago!) was all it took to seal this deal. I remember praying and praying and praying while waiting that those torturous two weeks for the results: “Dear God: Please let me be negative and I promise I will forever from now on have safe sex!”

    Well, he came through from me, and I have gladly kept my promise. May I add I rest easily at night because of this simple life rule!

  97. BENDSKIER says

    Besides, creamy blowjobs are where its at anyways.

    You guys can have the crap-hole. Yuck. If I want to smell food, I will take you out to a nice restaurant and smell it fresh, the first time round.

  98. JT says

    Hey MCQ,

    You know, there are some who would say that silence equates to agreement. I would have to disagree. Sometimes, silence means that one simply has decide to stop wasting one’s time.

    I am tempted, oh so tempted, to let loose, full throttle, upon someone vexing us both. But it would be a waste of time. He won’t listen. He’ll just expect people who he is trying to influence to read between his lines; to make the extra effort to understand that he is absolutely unwilling to extend to anyone else.

    I’m sure we all have good points to make. But they won’t be listened to by the person inspiring us. The choir will get us; the heathen will not.

    I almost felt grateful that I had risen to “knucklehead” status (the response to my post that was trying to understand possible reasons behind Lee’s vitriol – i.e. wondering if he had been infected through “supposedly safe sex”, which I hoped would convey my understanding of the limits of the term), but I think I’d rather remain Fucktard. Seems like the Fucktards are more the sort of people I’d like to know.

    I am HIV-, through sheer dumb luck. I was a stupid kid who wised up. I have been in a monogamous relationship for over 20 years now, and know (as much as anyone can ever know) that we have been faithful to one another. Sometimes we have sex to express our love for one another; sometimes, it’s just to get off, because we appreciate that aspect of sex: it’s fun. I can’t possibly judge someone else for enjoying sex just because it’s fun.

    We don’t wear condoms, because we trust each other. Am I taking a risk? Theoretically. But I won’t live my life expecting the worst out of the love of my life. However, if I ever have sex with someone else, wearing a condom would be the least I would do, being fully aware of the limitations.

    I won’t sit in judgement over people being human and fallible, and I won’t claim superiority, and as much as I believe in monogamy, I won’t demonize those who don’t. If one is disease free and has sex with a million people who are all disease free, then one has risked nothing. Those million people could be the skankiest of skanks, but if they are disease-free, no harm, no foul. Not my cup of tea, lifestyle wise, but it’s not my life. One might also have sex one time with the nicest of carriers, and then all bets are off. It’s not about good people or bad people, it’s about disease, which could care less about your pedigree and intentions and ideology. Does taking chances increase one’s risk? Yep. Would I hope that people loved themselves enough to not take risks? Absolutely. Does it hurt me to see people make mistakes? Well, yes, it does, because I genuinely wish the best for others. Would I have a right to judge the “good” person, who made one mistake, less, or as much, or even more, as I might the “bad” person who exposes himself to risk regularly? Perhaps, depending on point of view. But my point of view says, suspend judgment, it doesn’t help.

    Anyway. I hope you have a good night. Thanks for reading. I hope you are well and happy.

  99. Lee says

    “Regarding couples who quit using condoms after they have both tested negative and promise each other fidelity…

    Couples, straight and gay, have affairs all the time, since the beginning of time. Why do we think our partner is any different. Yeah we all would like to think that a promise is a promise…”

    What a sad fucking day. And nihilism is charged against those not using rubbers. PLEASE! Fuckers are dying one way or the other it seems – physically or as evinced by the mentality of the BENSKIER’s of the world, mentally!

  100. mcQ says

    I was bottoming with a friend I knew to be positive. The rubber broke and I’m sure it was because I wasn’t paying attention when I grabbed for the lube – heat of the moment and all that – and I think I used the wank lube instead of screwing lube and eight years ago, before the really good silicone lubes got around, that could be a disastrous decision. Which it was.

    Thirteen years earlier, at 27, I had lost my first love. I remained negative through the 80s and the 90s because I was a meticulous slut. I learned each and every thing you could do that was low-risk for HIV transmission – and made it a point to excell at it all – and used a rubber for everything else. I dated some positive guys, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t freak me out. And I hated the idea that I was freaked out by that. I hated the idea that this lousy disease that had already taken so many people from me and freedom from me was also going to get in the way of getting to know some really great people. I tried not to let it, but it did. Not always, but sometimes.

    When I was single, and positive, I tried never to get pissed or hurt when someone rejected me over my HIV status because I knew the fear and I feel it’s warranted. HIV is scary. Unfortunately, the biggest problem isn’t the guy who knows his status and discloses – or just quietly takes precautions – it’s the guy who doesn’t and doesn’t use protection.

    So today, I’m healthy and all, thanks to the cocktail and health insurance and diligence. I consider myself lucky that my infection happened at a time when the landscape of treatment (for the privileged and the lucky) had changed dramatically. I try not to have any regrets. Shit happens when you’re living life, and it’s not like I ran out and ignored safety considerations. I made the decisions that made sense to me at the time and I fucked up once and I have to live the results of that error. That’s life.

    The really disturbing thing about Lee is that he’s setting himself up for seroconversion as he posts. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times: the most judgemental, the most vexed, the most shrill, the most crazy over it all is the one fighting most desperately to stay safe. And while staying safe is possible, wasting one’s energy on histrionics and psychic storms is exhausting. And exhaustion corrodes resolve quicker than anything.

    Take a deep breath, Lee. The most effective thing you can do is keep yourself negative and make it look staying that way hasn’t turned you into a shrieking, bitter headcase…

  101. JT says


    >Shit happens when you’re living life, and it’s not like I ran out and ignored safety considerations. I made the decisions that made sense to me at the time and I fucked up once and I have to live the results of that error. That’s life.<

    Perfectly and poignantly said. It’s why I can’t judge. I was lucky. I remain lucky. But any number of small things could have made a difference along the way. My partner or I could have strayed, could have not been honest, could have not been safe. Many things could have made a difference. I could have fucked up once, just once. I appreciate the irony.

    I don’t reject you. I wish you well. Peace, my brother. Put the sad, angry voice in perspective. I look forward to your moniker in the future.

  102. GLiberalNYC says

    Was that a PSA or merely illogical, self indulgent, free advertising?

    HIV infection rates among young gay men can more accurately be attributed to drug use, the false notion that HIV meds “cure” AIDS, and that the young did not experience the great misfortune of having to watch many of their peers die painful and untimely deaths.
    Saying bareback movies promote unsafe sex is not too dissimilar to saying that needle exchange programs promote and increase IV drug use. Those who want to bareback, will bareback, with or without bareback videos.

    Chi Chi makes “SAFER-ER” sex videos, not “SAFE SEX” videos. Sucking, rimming, fingering, fisting, watersports, multiple partners (all are in Chi Chi’s videos) – are capable of spreading syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, parasites, hepatitis, HPV and sometimes HIV. Chi Chi emotionally claims that she would “never put any of her actors at risk.” I guess she feels that the aforementioned diseases are just one of the work hazards. Very capricious. And what about the scene where the guy opens a condom, underwater, IN A CHLORINATED POOL! How long before that condom breaks? GEE…that was so SMART and SEXY!!!

    Men who do porn aren’t doing it for “our entertainment.” They are doing it because they are either prostitutes looking to boost fame so they can charge more $$$ (which is fine), exhibitionists/narcissists who are looking for attention (OK, we all have our issues) or they are some of the unfortunate, insecure types that Chi Chi barks at while doing bar/club events. Have you ever seen her? Kind of like the construction worker who whistles at every woman that passes by until he eventually snags one. “HEY…you’re sexy…you should be in one of my videos…you’re HOT…”

    …and then she owns your image the way the devil owns your soul, using it in advertising, magazines, video compilations, etc. As she’s said, once you sign the release, she can do what she pleases. Awww, and in her PSA she seemed so genuine, so sincere when speaking of her actors…

    During the filming of her “LINK” series, the FF bottoms (as well as a few of the other actors) were doing crystal meth to keep their asses open and relaxed. Chi Chi will deny it, of course, because truth is not her motivating force, nor is it altruism. It’s self promotion and money, and the fact that bareback videos are cutting into her profits. Her arguments are less logical than they are emotional. Like her make-up and drag, there isn’t very much real about her.

    SAFE SEX EDUCATION AND DRUG ABUSE COUNSELING WILL HELP CURB THE SPREAD OF HIV. Not a self promotional video with ulterior motives.

  103. mcQ says

    “Confirm everything that I’ve been saying…”

    What exactly have you been saying, Lee? I’m assuming there’s some kind of point buried in all the snarky, screechy tirades, but I can’t figure out what it is. Would you consider sharing it with us?

  104. Lee says

    You’re so deluded, you wouldn’t know if it crawled up your asshole. But let’s see..The fucking point was that your luck ran out despite your “meticulous” slutiness (emphasis on the latter). DUH!! Did it really take a rocket scientist to figure that simple shit out?

  105. Marco says

    Porn is about fantasy and the aspect of watching two people whether both men, women or a hetero couple being intimate sexually is very arousing. Condoms bring the cold smack of reality to a rich fantasy experience. I don’t believe that people will choose safe sex because they saw it in a porn flick. Porn actors are tested and can perform bareback in a relatively safe manner. And, we can watch without having to run out and have unprotected sex ourselves. BTW sucking cock, eating cum, eating ass, and being urinated on are all ways to contact HIV (yes the chances are lower, but still very real) yet seeing all that in a porn flick and feeling that is okay as long as they wear condoms is a bit silly.

    I do believe that making a big deal about condoms in porn is like the anti-drug films of the late 60’s and 70’s that the schools showed many of us. They did not deter, but only encouraged a lot of us to be more adventurous about drug exploration.
    I know some of you won’t agree, but it is just another perspective.

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