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Shepard Fairey for Obama


Graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey (you may know his from his "Obey Giant" sticker campaigns) has decided on his candidate for the Democratic party and has designed a gorgeous poster indicating his endorsement of Barack Obama.

*This post in no way constitutes an endorsement. Plenty of people have asked me which candidate I'm leaning toward, and honestly, I haven't made up my mind yet.

(via coolhunting)

Wooster on Spring - a Street Art Time Capsule [tr]

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  1. The Clintons can't win. When he was President everybody enjoyed saying she was running the show. Now all of a sudden, she can't fight her own battles? Make up your minds people. You're a bunch of flip floppers.

    Posted by: pascalee | Jan 29, 2008 1:52:48 PM

  2. Bob Martin,

    Grow up. There are millions of things to be "hurt" about other than the political preferences (real or perceived) of someone you don't know.

    Posted by: adam | Jan 29, 2008 2:20:19 PM

  3. Perhaps I'm misreading what you meant, Derrick, but in any case the most I can say is that I think many Americans "believe" McCain is an "honorable man." I, however, believe he sold his honor long ago in the name of blind partisanship, e.g., rimming Bush's on national TV at the 2000 and 2004 GOP conventions after the Rovians used racism in the primaries to defeat him—they accused him of adulterously fathering a black child when, in fact, she was adopted from a Bangladesh orphanage, and portrayed his wife as a drug addict.

    After calling Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell "agents of intolerance" during his 2000 run, McCain began puckering up to their asses two years ago, and hired a mercenary who'd helped wrangle the evangelical vote for Bush/Cheney.

    With 33.2 million infected with AIDS around the world [not counting the dead], it's bad enough not to know, as McCain didn't when asked, whether condoms helped prevent infection. With upwards of 20 million gays in the US, it's one thing for McCain to have to be told by a student what "LGBT" means. With no functional excuse to perpetuate DADTDP, studies showing most grunts in 2008 don't give a damn about serving with gays, and more and more multi-bird officers saying it needs to be repealed, it's one thing for McCain to still defend it.

    But Americans ultimately "vote their pocketbook," and with Iraq-fatigue growing every day, and McCain having the charisma of a water-saturated bar of soap and, apparently as soft an understanding of the economy, Obama, Hillary, or Edwards will grab his little legs and make a wish in any head-to-head debate and political ads. Too much of the electorate has no "Vietnam Button" for him to push and are of the mind to give heroes medals not the White House.

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Jan 29, 2008 3:55:34 PM

  4. Everyone,

    I see the arguments have evolved. When attacked on the arguments of experience, they fall away. Now we are simply talking about Obama's inability to implement his policies.

    If this weren't a talking point of the Hillary campaign, you might have a bit more latitude in calling other people "sheep." But since Hillary has been saying this verbatim for several months, guess what that makes someone that parrots it.

    But anyway, here's my counter offer.

    I haven't seen Hillary propose how she's going to *implement* one of her proposals yet. It's known that the "Reupublican power brokers" will be fighting tooth and nail against her policies. She hasn't explained how she's going to implement a one of them.

    Even more damning, she hasn't addressed any of the real issues. Where is here substantive talk about the economy? I don't believe I've heard the word outsourcing from her (in contrast, Obama spent an entire minute on it when I saw him).

    So I reply with your empty charge with, "Where's the beef?" How exactly does Hillary propose that she will bring about change. I want bullet points, not platitudes.


    Posted by: Sean Fritz | Jan 29, 2008 5:57:59 PM

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