1. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, he aint pretty to look at but he’s a great athlete. He’s also a class act–goin’ out in style. And if somebody comes up with some anti-gay statement he’s made in the past–so what? So do I at times. y’all can get on people’s nerves sometimes.

  2. David Duke says

    DerrickfromPhilly, you’re absolutely right! Anti-gay, anti-black, it’s all good. Those kinds of people are uppity and over-sensitive when we just call ’em as we see ’em.

  3. says

    He is good looking and he is a good athlete but his name is FAVRE!!! NOT FARVE!! And I don’t care what spin you take on it everyone is wrong on the pronunciation…No doubt the correct way is to feminine for him as a sportsman.

  4. Jordan says

    This post worked…after getting all hot & bothered with the football player candy, I went out & got me one to play with (actually to play with me)…fun times!

    It was so worth sneaking around my new bf even. Thanks for giving me the idea, Andy.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s all right, Mr Duke. If you were a great athlete that everybody had characterized as “washed up”, but you made a great comeback, I’d admire you with all your anti-gay, anti-black shit. (I shouldn’t have made the latter part of my statement, but I “punked out”–just knew someone was going to mention something anti-gay from Farve’s past. I was paranoid.) But obviously, Mr Farve doesn’t have any anti-gay public statements in his background or else you would have let us know. So, GO PACKERS!

    Hey, David Duke, why didn’t you run for Governor of Louisiana again? This Republican they just elected aint exactly the physical image of what you Klansmen promote. Although, he doesn’t like gays or blacks, so I guess he’ll do in Louisiana. But he’s darker than a lot of blacks I’ve seen…sho’ nuff.

  6. Chief says

    I thought Favre was a class act too. Right up to the point when he pulled his retire/unretire act to suck up some more cash. Act, yeah it was, Class not a bit. I now queens who dont use that much drama.

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