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That's My Bag, Baby: Slava Mogutin Not Happy with Juergen Teller

Mogutin_2 Posh

Russian artist/photographer Slava Mogutin is not happy with the recent Marc Jacobs - Juergen Teller "Victoria Beckham in a bag" ad campaign concept.

A similar series of photos 'Ilya_Gucci' (2001) featured in Mogutin's book Lost Boys got a a lot of attention a few years back, and Mogutin says he'd like a check, please.

He writes: "Just for the record: the bag wasn't mine and I've never bought, owned or worn a single Gucci item. Ilya & I found that now famous shopping bag in the apartment in St. Petersburg where I was staying at in the winter of 2001. I could never imagine that this photo would be reproduced and exhibited endlessly over the past few years and end up in the private collection of Tom Ford. To me, it's an ANTI-FASHION image, 'a portrait of a body as merchandise,' as one critic put it."

More in the series can be seen on his site.

The other Teller photo, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. You have got be kidding me. I never would have drawn a parallel between the two. Slava can hardly claim to be the first person to take a photo of a person in a bag - I think there are a million mothers who have shot photos of their kids playing in bags that would have to disagree with his assertion.
    Having said that, I wouldn't exactly call either image all that arresting or arousing.

    Posted by: Daryl | Jan 16, 2008 9:54:09 AM

  2. irrespective of the plagiarism of concepts, i can find nothing sillier or more off-putting than those shoes and that perfectly dreadful "posh".

    Posted by: nic | Jan 16, 2008 10:15:26 AM

  3. 'The now famous photo'...What a deluded idiot...First of all, the original image is lame; secondly you can only copyright words, and logos, not images. What if Gucci had demanded a check from Slava for using their merchandise in his artwork...he'd be singing a different tune wouldn't he.

    Posted by: paul | Jan 16, 2008 11:44:45 AM

  4. Slava is one hot russian bitch!

    Posted by: michael | Jan 16, 2008 11:54:06 AM

  5. Bryanboy did it long before either of them:

    Posted by: Homosxl | Jan 16, 2008 12:15:48 PM

  6. Paul, You are incorrect. To be subject to copyright the expression of the idea must be unique or novel and "fixed," that is not transient. Cf., The standard has never been and is most certainly not that of one individual's perception of subjective "lameness". Images (paintings, photographs, digital renderings, etc.) have consistently been subject to the protections afforded by the copyright statutes (and treaties) to the creator of the image. Moreover, the copyright laws have been modified to encompass protection for new images made possible by advances in technology. Indeed, one of the seminal cases in copyright law involved the advent of videotapes, i.e., whether non-creators could videotape images (albeit moving images) for personal use. The Court (Supremes) reiterated that images were to continue to be afforded copyright protection subject to the rights of users to personal non-commercial use. This decision was fully in keeping with precedent and has been extended to DVDs. N.b., Copyright protections have long been statutorily limited by various specified permissible uses, e.g., education, parody, criticism. Lastly, Gucci would have a cognizable claim for damages if someone misappropriated their logo for the same use, viz., to hallmark, inter alia, leathergoods. E.g., one is permitted to refer to merchandise as "The Cadillac of [ice cream]"; however, one is not permitted to build a car and sell it as a "Cadillac" unless it is an automobile produced or licensed by General Motors.

    Posted by: rudy | Jan 16, 2008 12:38:07 PM

  7. Their store windows are as lame as these Posh print ads.

    Posted by: PS | Jan 16, 2008 6:26:39 PM

  8. A plague on both. Both images are excrescences of decadent consumerism. But I forgot, Slava is a "trangressive" "artist," isn't he?

    Posted by: Eric | Jan 16, 2008 11:48:26 PM

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