This Week’s Alien Theories Debunked…or Not!


It’s a rock, people, says Yeah, we all knew that already anyway. But of course they had to piss all over the mysterious Mars figure with a big article about “pareidolia” rather than just letting everyone continue to believe that there’s some Tusken Raider wandering around the Martian desert.

TuskenraiderAnd in case you still don’t believe it’s a rock, they explain it for us:

“Strong evidence for this psychological explanation lies in the fact that the Spirit image does not look like Martian life (since we don’t know what life on Mars looks like), but instead resembles life here on Earth, specifically human life. The image is the result of human interpretation. If you look around the full image of the area (not just the close-up), you will find several rocks and features that resemble non-human Earth life, such as armadillos and snakes. In the right bottom corner, emerging from the sand, there is what looks like a lizard face wearing goggles and an airman’s helmet.”

Umm, if we don’t know what Martian life looks like, how do we know it doesn’t look like that? And why am I arguing with someone who sees a lizard wearing flight gear in that picture?

Anyway, on to this week’s other extraterrestrial encounter.

The U.S. Military said that the UFO that dozens of people reported seeing over Stephenville, Texas this week was a squadron of 10 F-16 fighter jets, even though they previously said there were no military jets in the area that night. Never mind that some people reported seeing two fighter jets chasing the unidentified object.

You know it was that sand person in his spaceship.


  1. gabriel says

    what a great post
    mainly cuz it made made me laugh/smile the whole time

    and my favorite part:
    And why am I arguing with someone who sees a lizard wearing flight gear in that picture?

  2. chgo921 says

    The Mars rock/life-form makes me wonder something else. If we don’t know what life on Mars — or any other planet looks like — why do scientists always look for the possibility of water as a sign that life could exist on another planet? How do we know “life” can’t exist without water, based on the climate of that planet?

  3. EricW says

    Personally, I’m convinced the figure looks like Osama Bin Laden. Let’s tell Bush, I’m sure he’ll want to send troops to Mars.

  4. marco says

    Anyone who seriously thought that the object in that photo was alien – needs their fucking head checked!

  5. JJ says

    I’m hoping that if aliens really do have a human form, they look more like Daniel Craig than Bigfoot.