1. FizziekruntNT says

    Um, no. Brady’s head is a little big there, hon. He looks like he’s got a bad case of full-body atrophy.

    That’s a really crap bait-and-switch from Disney…unless they really plan on introducing revised movie versions of each of their revised classics. Do people really fall for that? Oh, or is it the celebrity-in-the-monitor-while-you-wait-in-line-forever crap?

  2. rudy says

    Uh, now pay attention: the legs are Barishnikov’s (and yeah they are mighty purdy); only the head was switched. I agree with 24Play, I’d take MB over that overrated little footballer any day. Brady’s handsome but he is no Barishnikov, not in looks, not in sex appeal and not in athleticism.

  3. Jack Scribe says

    Very purdy legs! Especially when you consider Baryshnikov turns 60 next week. MB is still a hot man. And I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of a sandwich that also included 6’4″ Tom Brady. Nice fantasy.

  4. Toto says

    I dont care whose damn body that belongs to. If I saw that knobby, cadaverous thing fly through my window I would freak the fuck out!

    And did Disney REALLY have to depict Pocahontas? They already shat all over history so I get to see one of the whitest looking women in hollywood prancing around.

  5. Strepsi says

    These shots are a good way for Disney to get into the adult celb blogosphere, but JESSICA BIEL?!

    They couldn’t cast a Native american? Google Irene Bedard — she’s gorgeous… WTF?!


  6. nic says

    jessica biel is part Choctaw. she is hardly one of the whitest women in hollywood. god, some people will get their mantees in a gordian knot over next to nothing.

  7. scientitian says

    1)Pocahontas was a Powhatan, not a Choctaw
    2)Pocahontas was 12 years old
    3)Jessica Biel is neither of these things and still looks like a barbie doll.

    I know, let’s cast Michael Jackson as Mogli in a Jungle Book-themed photo!

  8. nic says


    you really don’t want to get into a discussion of the factual errors in ANY of these photos, do you? if you’re responding to me, i was merely making the point that, at least, jessica biel is part native-american. other than stating my long-standing admiration for Annie Leibowitz’s work, i have no dog in this fight. jebuz!

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    And y’all make fun of us “stereotypical queens” and say we fight over the most frivolous shit. We could be discussing far more serious topics such as how many hickeys you can get on Reggie Bush’s sexy big neck…or on his huge cheeks or just on the thighs.

  10. nic says


    i bet i can get more hickeys on him than you. and don’t EVEN get me started on which cheek and/or thigh i prefer, cuz i’m sure that my choice and/or choices would be better than yours. do you suppose any part of him is native-american? is he “black” enuff? ha!

    i just hope that when i do get next to him (and i will!) he does the xtian thing and turns every cheek on his body for me.

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