Towleroad Guide to the Tube #246

LOVE IN ACTION: Peterson Toscano talks about movies from an ‘ex-gay’ program.

ANTARCTICA: Scientists find huge number of new species on the sea floor.

CELINE DION: Still amazing! Highlights from her CBS special from Rich at FourFour.

FLASHBACK: The video Madonna presented to execs at Warner Bros. when she turned in her Bedtime Stories record.

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  1. JohnInManhattan says

    You too can find freedom from homosexuality via!

    Mike Ensley, a self-proclaimed “sociospiritual oddity” and paid Exodus staffer as a “Youth Assistant”, i.e., he makes gay kids feel shitty about themselves:


    Jim Phelan, Culture War Solider who provides “positive alternatives to homosexuality”:

    plus loads of their anti-gay anti-homosexual-agenda friends including Exodus head honcho Alan Chambers


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