Boy George Tells Court: Not Guilty of Imprisoning Male Escort


Dressed entirely in black, Boy George appeared for a 20-minute hearing at Snaresbrook Court in East London today, and spoke few words except to state his name, his “not guilty” plea, and tell the magistrate he understood the terms of his bail, according to the Times:

Georgecourt“The singer spent time talking with lawyers before leaving the court building, thanking fans who turned up to offer support. He said only ‘no comment’ to waiting press before leaving in a black Volkswagen people carrier. He was bailed to reappear for trial at the same court on November 24.”

Boy George has been ordered to stand trial for false imprisonment of a male escort. The Norwegian escort, Auden Carlsen, cliamed in April 2007 that pop star-DJ-fashion designer Boy George had met him on the dating site Gaydar and called him to his flat where George and another man chained him by a hook to a bed, took photos of him in kinky sex gear, and threatened him with whips and sex toys. The escort, Auden Carlsen, has claimed that he agreed to go to George’s flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model and not as an escort.

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  1. johnnzboy says

    “The escort, Auden Carlsen, has claimed that he agreed to go to George’s flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model and not as an escort.” Yeah, because there’s a high demand for photographic models at midnight. It’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for anyone attached to this story, but Dowdy George at least comes off as slightly less ridiculous than the Norwegian – the most surprising thing is that he still has fans who would bother turning up to offer support… Incidentally, a better heading for this would have been “Boy George: I didn’t really want to hurt him”

  2. Fred says

    Oh this will be interesting…
    Professional photographers shooting this type of work would normally require a signed release form from the model, which details the type of work expected and where it can and cannot be used.

    Sometimes a model is asked to sign a blanket release form allowing just about anything. But the model would be paid WAY more than 400. Unless of course the model was crazy, desperate, drugged or seriously misled.

    Sorry Boy George, me thinks this one is going to hurt.

  3. Luke says

    Good grief George, if you are going to get a hooker/model/whatever they call themselves, couldn’t you have got a better looking one? And, put back on your wigs and makeup, that bald ‘butch’ look is scary too!

  4. rudy says

    Unfortunately, George appears to think with the little head instead of the big one. Worse yet, he appears to be attracted to the “creeple people” (rough trade) as are/were so many in the entertainment industry, e.g., Barry Diller, Harry Hamlin, Rudolf Nureyev, Rock Hudson, Sal Mineo, Robert Reed (father of the Brady Bunch), Jerome Robbins, Robert Joffrey, Vito Russo. . .

  5. sparks says

    Before he closed his Youtube account, I saw several of Georgie’s videos highlighting both his apparel (mostly t-shirts, undies) and some of his unreleased music. The videos were decently edited, entertaining, and as sexy as one would expect of a fashion video for undergarments. They weren’t lewd, and there was never any indication that the model was under duress.

    Boy George has aged (haven’t we all) and he’s heavier than a typical pop star, but he still has a lovely voice and amazing creativity. I truly wish he’d go back to recording.

    Oh, and Luke, that model looked quite good in the video and stills, although his face was hardly shown.

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