News: Son of JFK, Kevin Rudd, Alabama, Writer’s Strike

road.jpg Australia issues official apology for mistreating Aborigines: “Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told parliament that past policies of assimilation, under which aboriginal children were taken from their families to be brought up in white households, were a stain on the nation’s soul. ‘Today, the parliament has come together to right a great wrong,’ Rudd said. ‘We apologize for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians.'”

Buttarsroad.jpg Yep, that’s a look of pure hate if I’ve ever seen one.

road.jpg Brad Pitt to renege on promise that he would not be getting married until gay people can?

road.jpg Back to TV: The writer’s strike is officially over!

road.jpg Brazilian gay rights leader Alexandre Peixe dos Santos bashed: “gagged, hooded and beaten by an unknown number of attackers.”

road.jpg London to host 2009 European gay rugby Union Cup: Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, said: ‘The tournament will provide a platform to introduce lesbian and gay sport to new audiences.’ The first Union Cup was held in 2005 in Montpellier, France and then in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007.”

Jfksonroad.jpg Man claims to be JFK’s son, wants DNA TEST from Kennedy clan.

road.jpg Scottish police station hoists rainbow flag. Chief Inspector: “The contribution of LGBT people is often forgotten or ignored. It’s great the police is able to recognise those efforts. It sends out the message of support to staff members and the wider public that the force is committed to diversity and equality. I’m sad if some people are unhappy about the flag for religious reasons, but I know many religious people who do not feel it goes against their faith and they are very supportive.”

road.jpg Court orders $3100 fine for Swedish kennel owner who refused to sell a puppy to a woman because she was a lesbian.

road.jpg Hod: Jewish Orthodox gay group’s web presence is born: “We are being watched with a magnifying glass right now. We have to be careful not to ruin our relations with the Orthodox establishment. Besides, we are not at the stage where we can express our opinions about same-sex partnerships and families. Our battles are at a much more elementary level. We are trying to convince rabbis, educators, lay leaders and even the general public that homosexuality is not a mental sickness.”

Williams2road.jpg CLASSY: Paparazzi snaps Michelle Williams beside skeleton on first day back from Heath Ledger funeral.

road.jpg Patron turned away from South African gay bar because of his race.

road.jpg Birth of gay group at University of Alabama remembered with exhibition: “25 years later, a collection of everything relating to the group — papers, posters, letters, shirts — has been donated to the university’s archives. ‘No school is fully represented by its official records. We need the unofficial record, too,’ said Clark Center, curator of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library. ‘The collection is important in that it represents a student group’s activities and their intersection with the wider world.’ The collection was gathered by Josh Burford, who was approached about a year ago by students wanting to research homosexuals in Tuscaloosa for a paper in his class on modern gay America. By calling on past faculty advisors and members of the group, he was able to collect boxes of papers still kept in basements and offices.”

road.jpg Listen to Mariah Carey’s new track “Touch My Body”.


  1. Sebastian says

    Good for the Australian government to own up to the injustices and cruelty it imposed on the indigenous people, along with South Africa, they realize, its part of the healing process and, the long term goal of fairness and equality for all its people. Too bad the USA can’t do the same for the horrors inflicted on some of its citizens.

  2. says

    The story says the patron was turned away from a South African gay bar, and not an Irish one – unless my fellow countrymen have been indulging in homosexual colonialism and I didn’t get the memo?

  3. says

    >CLASSY: Paparazzi snaps Michelle Williams >beside skeleton on first day back from Heath >Ledger funeral.

    Yeah, but who posted it to make salacious fun out of it, Andy?

    If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

    David B.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    Jewish Orthodox gay group’s web presence is born

    Uhm, wouldn’t it be easier to just be reform?

    Heck, there are Orthedox Rabbis that think being reform is worse than being a gentile. There is no way ever that the Orthedox will ever embrace homosexuality.

  5. KJ says

    Mr. Worthington knows little of Americans if he thinks that in 2008 we would not want to know if he is JFK’s son. It is no longer 1961. Our only surprise is that there are not other Mr. Worthingtons. I would hope even the Kennedy clan would want to know the legitimacy of the claim.

  6. mark says

    I don’t see how this is big news, black guy turned away from gay bar, happens in the USA quite frequently in any major city. Ask any black guy, Asians and, some Latin’s how they are treated.

  7. Br!on says

    I’m gonna have to go with David on this one, Andy.

    Your photo choices are usually impeccable, but there is the photo that you are making an unfavorable remark about.

    Adding this site to the many, many, who should have a shred of dignity to leave her alone. But do not…for reasons unfathomable.

    Take it off the site.

  8. Winston says

    That Belgian guy better not come here to Japan where I live or he will have a real fit. 98% of the gay bars are for Japanese only. Several have actual signs that say in English: ‘This bar is for Japanese and Asians only”. And in Japan it is completely legal.

  9. ZEKE says

    I wonder how many years it will take before Australia apologizes for the way they’ve treated and continue to treat gay people?

    Whenever it is it will come long before the US does the same. We aren’t even close to apologizing to our own aboriginal peoples and politically and religiously motivated homophobic hysteria is still at full throttle at ALL levels of our society.

  10. nic says


    so what are the other 2% of gay bars like? i’m sure some of those sweet asian boys like us round-eyed westerners.


    i guess i was too fixated on the bilious and splenetic countenance of that p.o.s. Buttars to make a judgement one way or another on your decision to post the photo of Michelle Williams. can you imagine what ungodly hatred resides inside that being? it cannot be good for his liver or his spleen, much less his heart.

    as to the photo, how could you repudiate it without posting it? would it be better to ignore it? this is your blog and your option. it makes no never-mind to me.

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