Brady Quinn in Alleged Anti-Gay New Years Eve Incident

Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn reportedly used the word “faggot” toward a man leaving Columbus gay spot Union Cafe Bar + Food on New Year’s Eve. Quinn was among a group of perhaps 10 people outside La Fogata Grill, a Mexican restaurant adjacent to the gay bar, but according to a 911 caller from the scene, used the slur as tensions rose between patrons of the establishments.

Brady_quinnThe Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: The call at 2:35 a.m. came from Seth Harris, who reported that he encountered the group in front of La Fogata Grill at 790 North High St…On the 9-1-1 call, Harris said that ‘Brady Quinn from the Browns’ was ‘trying to cause a fight.’ Harris told the operator, ‘I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot, of course.’ Reached Monday by The Plain Dealer, Harris confirmed that Quinn was the person who used the slur. ‘I knew who it was,’ he said. ‘It wasn’t just directed at me, there were other people around, too.’ He said Quinn was with a ‘big group’ of friends numbering perhaps 10, and that the quarterback ‘wasn’t as involved as’ others were in stirring up trouble. ‘He was standing back and letting his friends do most of it,’ Harris said. On the call, Harris told police that ‘this has been going on all night and nobody has stopped anything.'”

The paper has a recording of the 911 call from that night.

The paper adds: “On the 9-1-1 call, Harris told police that he feared for his safety. ‘I’m not going to wait for police because it’s going to turn ugly,’ Harris said. ‘They are being very violent and I probably should get away.’ A Columbus police spokeswoman said officers arrived several minutes after Harris’ call and found Quinn in the midst of an argument with 32-year-old Jason Thompson. ‘I don’t believe there were any punches being thrown — it was more verbal than anything,’ said Columbus police spokeswoman Amanda Ford. ‘When we got there, he was very cooperative and just stopped,’ Ford said of Quinn’s encounter with police. ‘I think his friends were like, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ However, police arrested Thompson when “he wouldn’t back down and turned on officers,” Ford said.”

Gloria McCauley, executive director of the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization, called the Quinn slur “very distressing” according to the paper. Said McCauley: “That person is in theory a role model for so many people. To have one of our well-known people engage in behavior that I consider hateful saddens me. We obviously need to do a lot more education.”

The Browns have made no comment on the incident. We’ll see what comes of this.


  1. Jeff says

    Man. Only in America (and maybe Zimbabwe). Sounds like Quinn could take a lesson from Ben Cohen or Stephen Gerrard (and countless other straight male athletes who aren’t afraid of gay men).

  2. Will says

    Actually, the story as I heard it right after it happened, is much different. They were shouting fag at multiple people and the police had arrived after being called by someone else they were harassing…Someone in the group threw a guy in the street after he yelled back at them and then started fighting with the guys friend and then the friend got arrested for defending the guy that was thrown in the street. Apparently the arresting officer said you do not mess with Brady Quinn…

  3. Nick says

    Why is this a surprise? Columbus likes to tout itself as extremely tolerant of gay people and somewhat of a gay mecca in the midwest-unfortunately only about 2 blocks in the Short North -where this incident happened by the way is gay friendly. The city has a long history of gay bashing -both verbal and physical and most don’t get reported. I am glad Mr. Quinn was called out on this. Don’t expect anything to change however.

  4. rjp3 says

    Hmmm maybe Brady is just acting out from the experience of being objectified as sex object on websites like this and on

    If we want straight men to accept gay men as equals – why do we treat them in a way many women feel offensive – ie – Sports Illustrated “swimsuit issue” ?

    Just something I have been thinkng about.

  5. noah says

    I’m shocked, just shocked that a heterosexual young man and professional athlete could be homophobic. It’s just inconceivable!

    Seriously, this shouldn’t be surprising at all. How many times have we put some hot straight guy on pedestal because of looks and then found out that he’s a racist, sexist, or homophobe.

  6. says

    Why is everyone in disbelief or even shocked? Oh right, he’s a “hot” WHITE athlete! Had this been a pro ball player of color…Lord in heaven, hateful comments would be flying left right and center! Puh-lease!

  7. Erik says

    You missed the most important part of the Plain Dealer article:

    “Police say in the Thompson arrest report that two separate fights took place. Along with the Thompson fracas, the other confrontation appears to have involved Thompson’s friend, Brian Dunfee.

    Dunfee reported later to police that he suffered minor injuries to his left knee and right elbow when he was thrown to the ground by a 6-foot white man with brown hair, a police report says. Police labeled the attack on Dunfee as an “anti-male homosexual” hate crime.”

  8. ZEKE says

    SHABAKA, in case you didn’t notice, EVERY SINGLE comment here that expressed surprise or shock was SARCASTIC. Stop trying to be a race bating troll.

    RJP3, Yeah, that makes it all OK. Treating people like Quinn the way people like Quinn treat others certainly excuses him for going to an area of town known to be gay inclusive and to a business known to be primarily gay and then using anti-gay slurs against gay men in the parking lot.

    Perhaps, rather than being so offended by “the gays” he should consider that it’s by and large the gays who are making his multi-million dollar, shirtless endorsement deals so available and lucrative.

    I think he, perhaps with the encouragement of an agent, might be going over board trying to live down those pictures that came out a few months back by showing his fans how he really doesn’t like “the gays”.

    The homophobic comments that followed the story on the paper’s website were really ignorant, disturbing and disheartening.

  9. Derek says

    I never liked him in the least and I never understood his appeal to the gay masses like those here on Towleroad. I mean some of you queens would gush over him like silly school girls everytime Andy posted a new pic. He is so damn generic.

    And I always thought him to be kind of a jerk and this just proves it. I will wait for all the facts as presented here but if it already looks like a duck…

  10. peterparker says

    Does anyone else think that calling 911 was going a little overboard? “Hello, operator…someone’s calling me names!” Don’t get me wrong…I got the part of the story that someone was thrown to the ground. But that didn’t seem to be the reason for the call…the verbal insults seemed to be the reason he called 911. I personally think he shoulda’ just headed back into the bar, rounded up every single patron of the gay bar and confronted the homophobes, including pretty boy Quinn, with fists instead of a call to 911.

    I’ll tell you what needs to happen now: a group of gay men need to buy up a large block of seats on the sidelines just behind the Brown’s bench giving them a place from which to pelt Brady Quinn with ice-cold super-size sodas every time he walks off the field. BASH BACK, people!

  11. ATLSteve says

    I somewhat agree Charley – it’s only those who seem to have some major underlying issues about sexuality that use the fag word … this is the same guy with all the “gay-like” posed pictures floating around the internet.

    He played for ND so I don’t care for him anyway. I also agree the 911 call was a bit overboard … maybe the caller knew Quinn was involved and was looking ahead to start a public record to try and claim 15 mins. of fame in the future.

  12. Mandy Lane says

    Personally I’ve been called a faggot so many times, I think it’s my nickname. But I would never call 911 over it. It makes me more of a faggot I guess. So little cute Brady was drunk and got into an altercation. Big freaking deal. I’ve been known to use the words “breeder” and “azzhole” many times and nobody called 911 on me. Oh yeah, the gays are the weaklings.

  13. nuflux says

    Good. Maybe now we’ll stop seeing pictures of this jerkoff (and others like him) posted here for all the “faggots” to ogle.

  14. BigBaller says

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Homophobia in sports is rampant. I just don’t understand the mentality of most homophobes. We all say that it’s because of a deep-rooted fear of homosexuals. But is that all there is to it? What would make one person attack another person who is doing absolutely nothing to provoke them? And I think calling 911 was a smart move. The situation could have escalated quickly and someone could have gotten really hurt.

  15. ZEKE says

    If anyone here took the time to read the quotes that the 9/11 caller made to the dispatcher he was saying that it was a verbal altercation that was GETTING OUT OF HAND. It was clear that he felt that the argument was about to become physically violent.

    We’re also talking about a group of 10 to 12 people (according to the police report) becoming increasingly aggressive toward a couple of men. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Should gay bash victims wait until they are actually assaulted before calling the police?

    When an argument looks like it might turn physical seems to be a perfectly reasonable time and reason to call for the police. In fact it is exactly what police officers AND JUDGES tell people they SHOULD HAVE done when they get arrested for being at the scene of an argument that turned violent.

    Watch Judge Judy some time.

  16. Rick says

    Gotta love the irony of a wealthy, handsome, superstar football player not being able to find anything better to do on New Years Eve than get drunk with his football buddies and harass gays.

  17. says

    Innocent until proven guilty. I’ve seen one too many press hit jobs to actually buy that this happened. (Heck, I’ve been on the receiving end of them).

  18. Kevin says

    Zeke, I hope you don’t take offense to this for that is not my intention but, I think you missed Shabaka’s point. When Tim Hardaway (Black basketball player)opened his mouth and erased any doubt in the possibility that he is dumb as a bag of beads, the response to his on-air homophobic rant in the comments section of many blogs like this was not just sarcasm but also TONS of racial slurs. On the other hand, with this incident, while many have been sarcastic, there are also those who have questioned whether or not the police should have been called and one person even questioned the validity of the accusations. I don’t think it was race bating but simply stating the fact that there can be, AT TIMES, double standards.

    Moving on. From my experience, men who are certain about their heterosexuality and comfortable in their own skin tend not to engage in these sort of homophobic attacks. Perhaps Brady has something he’s trying to hide.

  19. Brian says

    I saw this fight! I had no clue at the time who was involved, and am only now making the connections. I just happened to be in Columbus that night for New Years with some friends who lived there. We were riding down that street in that area, and I saw a girl in a black dress puking her guts out on the sidewalk while the guy she was with completely ignored her.

    One block later, I saw a huge fight on a 2nd-story terrace of a bar, two guys were being held apart by a dozen people. Same street, same area, same hour (around 2:00am) as reported in the news. It had to be it!

    Oh, and a couple blocks later, I saw a woman chasing after her New Years hat down the middle of the road as cars swerved out of the way.