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Colorado School Accommodates 8-Year-old Transgender Student

Here's an example of how schools should be treating diversity in their schools. Perhaps this kind of example can help prevent incidents like the murder that happened in Oxnard, California.

PearsonCNN interviews Kim Pearson of Trans Youth Family Advocates about an eight-year-old transgender-identified child who is returning to a school in Douglas County, Colorado that has adjusted its facilities and teaching environment to accommodate her.

According to CNN, two unisex bathrooms have been provided for the student, teachers will call the student by her name, parents and teachers will get info on transgender people, and officials will be made available for questions.

The school released this statement: "We continue to be focused on providing a positive learning environment for this student and all students in the class and school that is free from harassment. As with many other students, this particular student brings a diverse set of circumstances to the school setting."

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  1. I "stumbled" onto this story while watching in horror the news from my alma mater, Northern Illinois University. A gunman killed 5 before killing himself. I was stunned. Somehow, even though I haven't been on the campus for 17+ years it still affected me.
    I live in Douglas County, Colorado and am PROUD that our school district has taken these steps despite my views of fiscal responsibility. To be sure, gender identity is not clear in many people's eyes. They simply don't understand.
    This may not prevent a fate such as the one at NIU but it is clear to me that my school district is moving in the right direction.

    Posted by: Doug in Douglas County | Feb 15, 2008 5:48:39 AM

  2. I can only imagine how much happier my own life would have been if I hadn't had to go through most of it shame-filled and desperate

    I knew for certain I was a girl when I was as young as six yrs old. I also knew at that age that somehow that meant I was somehow sick and perverted.

    A daily battle fought in my brain until I was 33 years old, and a totally unnecessary one.

    I'm 47 now. A healthy happy woman --but it was a long hard fight just to be myself.

    Posted by: Maddie | Feb 15, 2008 10:11:03 AM

  3. I am transgendered girl MTF , i truly dont understand why people have to tear trans people apart break them down and mentally kill them. We already go through that inside of our own thoughts,sometimes we get that from our own families. Why cant we just be left alone to live our lives,work,play,have a life just like everyone else. We as trans people do not question you about your sex,how you dress or should you or should you not should be allowed in a building or a school, We as Trans people are good people , yes there is good and bad in everyone. I hold high praise for this school and do believe that the rest of the schools should get in behind this school and follow its lead, it will in turn lead to a lot less likely events in the future of Trans people be killed , beaten, raped, robbed of their self worth. Trans people are considered to be the scum of the earth by many! We have no rights as many would say, this is so sad we are all gods people and god shall have his day with all of us.We trans people have been among the rest of the people all along, we mean no harm to anyone all we are asking for is to live our lives in peace and carry on everyday lives just as the rest of you do whats so wrong with that ? I ask this question and truly think about this deep down ( how would you feel if you were in our shoes and you were being treated the way we are treated ?) would you not cry out ? I shall leave you with that thought!

    Posted by: Carmen | Feb 16, 2008 9:21:28 AM

  4. IMHO *ALL* bathrooms should be Unisex! In a perfect world I would not have to groan everytime I had to enter a restroom with a 'skirted stick figure' over it... in a perfect world I wouldn't have to redirect guys who blindly followed me to the restroom because I look male. And do not get me started on the little old lady stares, and anxious mothers who grasp their children when I enter!

    On the topic of transgender / trans-identified... It is more than possible to know at that early age, that you do not fit your body. I knew it, and at 30 I have come to grips... no surgery for me... but it would have been nice to have a more accepting environment.. but alas this is NOT a perfect world!

    I hold hopes for the future but not holding my breath!

    Posted by: NurseNick | Feb 17, 2008 9:41:13 AM

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