ESPN columnist Shoved, Taunted with Gay Slurs at NBA Weekend

LZ Granderson, a columnist for, says he was confronted by a group of men in New Orleans last week during NBA All-Star Weekend who taunted him with anti-gay slurs. Granderson says he fears that it would have escalated had a couple of policemen been nearby.

GrandersonWrites Granderson: “When the first one pushed me in the back, I remember thinking I was going to die. After a second shove, I had no thoughts at all — only fear. This is how I spent a portion of my Saturday night during NBA All-Star Weekend — being gay bashed because the size large T-shirt I was wearing wasn’t large enough for someone else’s comfort. As I walked by the group of men — on my way to the Playboy party, no less — one of them called me a faggot. Then another joined in. They followed me for a while, continuing to hurl names at me. I tried to ignore it but eventually the “Detroit” came out of me and I turned around and said some things I probably shouldn’t have. Next thing I know I’m surrounded and wondering if I’m going to see the dawn and if not for a pair of New Orleans policemen who saw trouble brewing and yelled at the group to break it up, I might not have.”

Granderson also discusses the Brady Quinn incident and urges professional sports to take more action toward homophobia among its players.

Harrowing incident a troubling reminder of homophobia [espn]
(via outsports photo source)


  1. Sebastian says

    Sheesh, is there one day that can go by without attacks on gay or perceived as gay men in this country? This open season of attacking men, and, women based on sexuality is getting totally out of control.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Really sad, and it says something about the mentality of many of the people(if you want to call them that) who attend these types of sporting events–where it’s not just the game, but all the hype & low-life bullshit that goes along with it. You can have a lot of money and still have a “low life” mentality. One interesting aspect though: from the photo, this man does not appear to have the kind of appearance that most of y’all seem to think gay-bashing victims would have. He was not seen coming out of a gay bar. He wasn’t with some flamboyant friends. So, it can happen to anyone anytime you have a cowardly group of straight bastards(led by a few “down lows” and closet cases)looking for trouble at the expense of another human being’s dignity. Yes, I used to mess with “trade”, but I hate hyper-masculine straight(and “down low”–Larry Craig) garbage. How can you tell the difference? Trade isn’t interested in beating on gay men–and certainly not fem gay males. Unfortunately, nowadays, they just want the money…times change.

    I wish Charles Barkley had been there. He’d have whupped their punk macho asses.

  3. wetcnt says

    If you follow the link to the ESPN article and read the comments posted, you will see a staggering amount of hatred thrown at the author. Several posters pull out the old reliable “Keep your gayness in private” argument, implying that he deserved to be harrassed and threatened because he was ‘acting gay’. Makes me just want to stay inside all the time.

  4. says

    It still amazes me how many ignorant people (by choice)still inhabit our country. When are they going to realize you will never make your position in life better by pushing someone else down? Fear is so irrational and stems from lack of education. Sorry, I’m preaching to the choir aren’t I?

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