First Look: Obama’s Targeted Texas and Ohio Gay Ad Buy


The Ohio and Texas versions, according to Stern, “include specific information on voting in those states and how to get involved with the campaign locally.” Stampp Corbin, the Co-Chair of the National LGBT Leadership Council, was the catalyst behind making these ads happen as a part of their efforts to mobilize and energize LGBT voters in Ohio & Texas.


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    If he’s so sincere about treating us with “dignity and respect,” then:

    1. why did he throw us under the homohating bus being driven by Donnie McClurkin and pay for the gas? Honk if you love Jesus er Obama! So much for “dignity and respect.”

    2. why did he misrepresent his continuing SUPPORT FOR a state’s right to ban same gender relationships by any name? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    3. why did he MISREPRESENT the legal irrelevance of DOMA Section 2 which eliminating—according to his own Constitutional law professor—would not help gays at the state level in any functional way? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    4. why was he apparently TOO BUSY running for US Senate to join as a sponsor of and fight for the LGBT rights bill in Illinois? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    5. why has he LIED repeatedly [LOGO forum; “Meet the Press”; “The Advocate”] and said he had cosponsored that LGBT rights bill AND “passed” it when HE WASN’T EVEN STILL IN THE ILLINOIS SENATE when it was voted on? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    6. why was he unable to convince his homohating close friend, the Rev. & Sen. James Meeks, to vote for that LGBT rights bill? Did he even try? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    7. why does he want to ask the Pentagon about repealing DADT? What does he THINK they’ll say? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    8. why does he only want to increase AIDS funding by five billion dollars while Sen. Clinton wants to increase it by at least TWENTY billion dollars? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    9. why in his entire 64-page “Blueprint for CHANGE-Barack OBAMA’S PLAN for America” can no one find one sentence, one word, one syllable about ANY LGBT-related issue? So much for “dignity and respect.”

    10. while most candidates agreed that “marriage equality” was a dog that would not hunt in this election, why is Obama the ONLY candidate to LECTURE US about how happy WE should be with HIS definition of “full equality.” If they’re so good, so equal, Sen. Obama, would YOU trade YOUR MARRIAGE for our civil union? So much for “dignity and respect.”

  2. says

    Frankly, I’m tired of the words without commitment. Hillary has already said she would fight to overturn DADT in her first term and push Congress to eliminate DOMA. Granted, they are both civil union supporters (determined at state level), but Hillary is the only one that said she would support gay marriage equality in her home state of NY if NY decided to make it legal. Obama not only never fought for LGBT legislation while a senator in Illinois he has also made no such claims of support.

    In fact, LOGO has on occasion inquired about LGBT issues and Clinton has been the only one to consistently respond.

    I know many gays who support Obama and that’s fine, but when it comes to who has been a bigger supporter of our community, hands down it’s Clinton.

    While I don’t think Obama will do anything negative as President to our community, I certainly haven’t seen him offer any change in that department.

  3. audiored says

    Obviously part of a vast gay conspiracy designed to coddle Obama and victimize Clinton. How could these publications print this? No doubt the were paid by the Obama campaign.

    Shame on you gay America!

  4. says

    What other Presidential Candidate of such caliber as Sen. Obama ever placed such ads? If people want to beat up on him, go ahead. He will be the nominee and then good luck with John McCain and his crowd. I’m sure they will all ask for the GLBT vote too.

  5. Missy says

    I agree with this comment – “1. why did he throw us under the homohating bus being driven by Donnie McClurkin and pay for the gas? Honk if you love Jesus er Obama!”

    Again, there are speeches and actions. Clinton acts while Obama just talks a good talk.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  6. 24play says

    Okay, so by about this time on Tuesday Hillary will have lost Texas and thus burned through her last primary firewall. By Thursday evening the Democratic powers that be will force her to formally suspend what’s left of her campaign.

    Time to start the Towleroad pool to guess the date and location of the Democratic unity rally where Hill will swallow her pride, take Barack’s hand in her own, hold them both high, and pledge to work to defeat McCrazy in November.

    When and where do you think the unity rally will be? Saturday 3/8 in Toledo? Monday 3/10 in Kansas City? Or maybe the Ides of March in Denver?

    Place your bets, ladies.

  7. Matt R says

    Bedwell at it again I see,

    For those who might still have an open mind, a couple of opposing thoughts (and from someone not on any campaign).
    1. Clinton’s giant policy paper (her version of Obama’s Blue Print) also does not include one word about LGBT. Shame on you for being so one sided.

    2. Clinton’s website also does not say one word about LGBT issues or people unless you know the special URL or have a link. Everyone, look at her campaign site and try and find it, it isn’t there. Only those deemed worthy (i.e. with the link or URL) can get to the LGBT page. Why? so as not to offend other possible voters? Doesn’t look like she is too committed to us if she can’t even do it publicly on her website. Obama’s positions and views on LGBT issues are easily found from his homepage.

    3. Clinton doesn’t want to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell because it is discriminatory or wrong. She wants to repeal it to make sure the armed forces have more people especially those with skills. THis is clear on her LGBT page (the one you can’t get to without the URL). That URL is: Obama wants to repeal it because it is wrong and unequal, see his position off of his home page (people and LGBT), it is the issues pdf on the page.

    4. Clinton position on LGBT Marriage is: “Supports civil unions
    Hillary will work to ensure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal benefits — from health insurance to life insurance, property rights, and more.” Notice it doesn’t say anything about rights equivalent to marriage, just vague equal rights. Obama (while not calling it marriage, which I wish he would support) goes much further, saying on his issues, “Barack Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples equal legal rights and privileges as married couples….Obama also believes we need to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal
    legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex
    couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions.” He keeps referring to giving us the same rights as married couples. I wish he would just give us marriage (which he is trying to do, all but in name, but I want the name), but he is equating all of the rights and benefits of marriage, he is being specific (the more than 1,100+ rights), not ambiguous like Clinton, who leaves herself a lot of wiggle room. Who is more for our rights?

    5. Obama consistently talks about LGBT equality in his speeches (his stump speech, the MLK church speech, the Kennedy endorsement speech, even his democratic convention kick-off speech in 2004). We are part of his coalition and included. When has Clinton ever talked about LGBT in her speeches except when she is talking “to us” specifically or looking for our funding? Who is hiding us versus really talking about us. I don’t want to be in Clinton’s closet (i am not in my own, why should I accept her keeping me hidden or accept that it is okay for her LGBT support to be “on the down low”).

    6. I was also very annoyed at the McClurkin mess, but when I start to see all of the gay haters that are on Clinton’s payroll (actually getting paid for their views, McClurkin wasn’t) and balance that against how Clinton has chosen to support us (or not), I concluded that Obama is a better bet.

    7. Finally, Clinton’s experience included 8 years as First Lady with Bill. Bill enacted Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when he had a Democratic Congress. He enacted the Defense of Marriage Act (and then campaigned on his support of it in the South). Hillary learned from him, she knows that LGBT will vote Democratic, so she can count on us and we won’t go elsewhere (she learned this from Bill, it is part of her “experience”). Sorry, but I don’t want to be fooled again (second time would be shame on me).

    Everyone, just think about who is best in their positions and and is not afraid to be accountable for them (i.e. they are public and more inclusive).
    Matt. .

  8. yoshi says

    Heh … I wonder how old many people are here. I remember the first Clinton administration. They were the least transparent and one of the most corrupt administrations on record. Second only to George W. If you really think that Hillary will run her administration any differently than her husband you are truly delusional.

    And once she is in office – to once again use an overused phrase – GLBT will be the first group she throws under the bus.

  9. Zeke says

    MATT R, Hear hear!

    I have become an Obama supporter more due to what Hillary has and hasn’t said than because of what Obama says or how he says it.

    Hillary’s final interview on LOGO was the final straw that turned me, and a number of other gay people I know, off of her.

  10. JohnInManhattan says

    From the LOGO Democratic Presidential Forum transcript:

    MR. CAPEHART: So you’re one of just two candidates who fully supports same-sex marriage. Why do you think that is?

    REP. KUCINICH: Well, I can tell you from my own experience. I mean, this is really a question of whether you really believe in
    equality. I mean I see the “equal” sign there, and I have that same sign in my office in Washington, D.C. And imagine that “equal” sign inside a heart. Because what we’re really talking about here is human love. And there’s no power on this Earth greater than human love.

    And when you understand what real equality is, you understand that people who love each other must have the opportunity to be able to express that in a way that is meaningful, and that the state should not be intervening against people, the state should be there on behalf of people, to make sure that that love has a chance to be facilitated.

    So to me, this isn’t even a close question.

    MR. CAPEHART: So, Congressman, what you’re saying is that Senator Obama and Senator Edwards, and who sat here just moments ago both espousing equality — they’re for equality, they’re for all these things you just talked about.

    So are you saying that they don’t truly oppose same sex marriage, that they’re just playing politics?

    REP. KUCINICH: I’m saying that I stand for real equality and that I believe — (interrupted by cheers, applause). And this is really part of an American tradition because when you look at the founding documents, the idea of “all being created equal,” “we hold these truths to be self-evident,” that all are created equal endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, to me this is a foundational principle of who we are as a country.

    So because I believe in that and because I live it, to me it’s very easy to be here to take a stand for that principle. It would be very easy for me as president of the United States to issue executive orders that will require all federal contractors, anyone who’s doing business with the federal government any way, every federal agency to have to follow the principles that are written in ENDA and to — let the federal government be the agent of change that it should be, and then to lead the way as president of the United States in bringing about the kind of unity that shows that real unity is to respect each other’s inner equality and real unity is to respect the power of human love.

    The greatest commandment is love, and I think that if someone embodies that and lives it, then things change in a country. That’s — love has that transformative power, and that’s what I have always tried to bring in to public forums, and that’s what I’ll bring into White House as well.

    * * * * *

    Obama can shove his ad up McClurkin’s colon.

  11. Harrison says

    OK, this is my complete political ignorance talking, and I’m ashamed to even ask this question because I feel like it’s something I should know – but once you all answer/criticize/attack me I will surely know it :)

    So, it is my understanding that at least on the federal level, both Obama and Clinton do not support gay marriage under the frame that marriage is a male/female thing, bla bla etc., but that they both support full civil unions under the law, bla bla etc. However civil unions do not carry the same legal weight as marriages when it comes to so many legal and personal issues (at least for now – if they were a nationwide thing I imagine the rules would change some).

    Isn’t that kind of the same thing as the whole “Separate but equal” racial segregation of schooling that America had in the early 20th century? Cause it sure as heck seems like it to me. So why would these candidates be basically openly saying that we don’t want everyone to have the same rights? No one likes that – the anti-gays don’t like the fact that gay couples get rights, and the pro-gays don’t like the fact that the rights are equal.

    Sorry if I’m not doing a good job explaining myself.. I am trying to figure everything out

  12. astonedtemple says

    As glad as I am that Obama is reaching out to LGBT voters, even going as far as to DENOUNCE ( 😛 ) people who use the gay community for political gain at the rally I attended, its still disappointing that neither he nor Sen Clinton fully support full rights for our community. Its time to Change the belief that civil unions is equal to marriage.

    Now with that out the way, I can say that I think Obama just might win Texas. I went to the bars/clubs for a friend’s birthday party and everywhere I turned, someone had an Obama-rainbow sticker on. I saw no Hillary Clinton stickers. I heard that the Clinton campaign was falling apart but when Clinton’s gay support ebbing away, you know somethings going on.

  13. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    If you think Obama’s a snake in the grass, and he is, check out where she gives a lengthy interview to Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

    There you’ll see why Hillary Clinton is reviled as a Dixiecrat in a right centrist party. Like Obama, she’s bitterly opposed to same sex marriage. She and her party are responsible for DOMA and DADT and refuse to repeal them. Not by chance did her campaign manager Barney Frank accept the task of gutting ENDA and then tossing both it and the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Bill into the toilet. Democrats did it so Republicans couldn’t claim that Democrats are GLBT friendly. As if.

    Hillary Clinton, like Obama is a union buster and a long time supporter of NAFTA, exporting jobs, tax cuts for the rich matched by cuts in welfare, Medicare and unemployment insurance. She lying about that now but her social and economic program was set in stone when she spent six years on the board of director of Wal-Mart whose real slogan is “Always Low Wages”.

    Hillary Clinton, along with other right wing centrists like Joe Lieberman, is an ardent supporter of Bush’s oil piracy and supporter of the zionist apartheid state. Their cruel treatment of Palestinians has been exposed by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the most senior anglocatholic supporter of GLBT equality knows a thing or two about life in an apartheid state. Billery adamantly supports Bushes plan to extend the war to Iran by using nukes ‘if necessary’. Billery and Obama plan on keeping troops there through 2013.

    If you looked at the video link above you see Billary Clinton as she really is. As outrageous as Obama is getting in bed with swine like Donnie McKulkin and Mary Mary , Billery Clinton goes way beyond him trawling for the votes of the senile bigots who dote on Pat Robertson, the bible fascist. She appeared on Pat Robertson’s CBN network to explain her deep commitment to ‘christian values’ like opposition to samesex marriage and to take a few cheap shots at Ralph Nader, a indisputable American hero. She bitterly explained that Nader is just a tool of the Republicans, the same slander she uses against Edwards, Obama and anyone else reckless enough to get in her way. Earlier Pat Robertson expressed his deep admiration for Billary and congratulated her for ‘tacking to the right” as hard and as fast as she could.

    The only people who could admire her or Obama are the terminally naive, other Dixiecrats, hacks for the right centrist Democrats and the occasional Frisco ambulance chaser.

  14. Cadence says

    Obama sponsored bills while in the Illinois senate that dealt with job and housing discrimination against GLBT people. I know it’s not as flashy as marching in a gay pride parade like Hillary did, but I think his actions were a little more important.

  15. Cadence says

    Banne and other Clinton supporters, can you tell me if DOMA and DADT have been so important to Hillary, why didn’t she try to do something about them during the last six years. The fact is that both will have to be repealed by the legislature, and Hillary had ample opportunity to take a stand during her first term in the senate, but she didn’t.

  16. Dale says

    The viciousness and mysoginy of the Obama fanatics has really turned me off to this election. I like both Obama and Hillary but prefer Hillary. All I’ve heard from Obama people are the most hurtful insults calling her a witch, an evil bitch, and even a whore dyke. I honestly don’t know if I can vote for him considering all the sick Karl Rove like attacks his people have been perpetrating.

  17. Rob says

    Unlike John McCain, both Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would be equally good with regard to LGBT policies and advancement of of civil rights. I really don’t get all the fighting above. I prefer Obama, but I’d be content with Hillary just fine.

    Now, I just went to both of their websites to find their LGBT platforms. On the Obama homepage, finding the LGBT page was easy and was one click off the homepage (it’s a link under the ‘People’ heading). Unfortunately – and surprisingly – I looked all over the Clinton homepage and could not find a link to her LGBT page. ‘LGBT’ is not mentioned on the “Issues’ page, nor was it found under any other heading. Nowhere on her website did I find a link to her views on LGBT issues. That’s disappointing. (I also Googled ‘Hillary Clinton, LGBT’ and found one article from June 2007 archived on her website regarding setting up an LGBT steering committee.)

    Barack Obama – LGBT Homepage:

    HIllary Clinton – LGBT Homepage:
    Not Found (please post if found!)

  18. justincredible says

    Who is this we? Really? Do you want to play the ‘who is more exploited and shit on’ card? Because as sure as I am that gays have certainly had more than their fair share of being forced to living in the margins, I’m pretty sure we were never enslaved. You don’t have to be gay to be part of the group making that change. ‘We’ are the society that has come a long way, and proof of that is people’s bitching. Sixty years ago, you wouldn’t be able to.

    For Christ’s sake get off the McClurkin bit. How else do you expect change to happen if you can’t get over yourself and be in the same room with someone who disagrees with you? That was a rhetorical question, don’t answer. I’m stopping shot of insulting anyone’s intelligence.

  19. Jon says

    The funny thing about all of this is exactly the reason candidates seek “targeted” advertising – people are willing to vote on a single issue.

    As a gay man, the rights of the LGBT community are indeed very important to me… but they aren’t everything when considering a president or any elected official.

    That being said, I am excited to know that our community has grown to the point that we are actually being courted in a presidential election. Feels kind of good!

  20. Maybe says

    Hey everyone maybe we can make gay marriage a huge issue AGAIN so the Democrats can lose Ohio AGAIN and the Republicans can win the election AGAIN and start a war AGAIN.

    I think we should just sit tight this time around… this bickering over specifics is ridiculous when you consider the bigger picture. The gay marriage debate handed W the White House in 2004 thanks to Ohio.

  21. Maybe says

    Dale writes:
    All I’ve heard from Obama people are the most hurtful insults calling her a witch, an evil bitch, and even a whore dyke. I honestly don’t know if I can vote for him considering all the sick Karl Rove like attacks his people have been perpetrating.

    1. Your friends sound like a classy bunch. Well educated and informed, as well.

    2. Please give ONE example of a “sick Karl Rove like attack” that has come from the Obama campaign. I’m not sure your potty mouth friends calling HRC a whore qualifies.

    What did the Clintons ever do except give us don’t-ask-don’t-tell and DOMA. Actions speak louder than words indeed.

  22. Sue says

    Jon @ 1:03:41
    I liked what you said. I stumbled on this site (no I am not gay, but so?) and was reading the comments, and was quite surprised at the anger at Obama. I understand the Donnie McClurkin situation, but I am frankly surprised. Here is a candidate trying to bring people together (who knows? maybe this big money ad outlay was to try to “atone” for McClurkin), but he is making an effort, and he is not hiding his support for the community. Maybe to a lot of you, his reaching out to the LGBT is a waste because your mind is mind up, but too bad you can’t shake someone’s hand that is being extended to you.

  23. says

    I find it a tad funny to segregate a group of people and treat them as some sort of minority, and then ask for their sympathy. I think we have all been smarter in that our decisions in matters as important as finding a president for our country does not solely depend on our color, religion or affiliation.

    I feel that singling out the “gay” community was in itself an act contrary to treating them as equal to everyone. I say that respect and dignity is not something that we receive from other people but something we decide on. One can be subjected to the vilest and most lowly stuff and yet not lose an ounce of respect or dignity one has.

  24. says

    Maybe it’s time to realize that neither of these two politicians really give a damn about LGBT issues.

    Maybe it’s time to stop letting them treat the community like an ATM.

    Sorry. Silly me. Go back to arguing which is the slightly less evil…

  25. says

    I think as Democrats and Liberals we need to cool the anger against each other in the Obama vs Clinton issue. At the start of these primaries when we had multiple Democratic Presidential candidates in the field everyones attitude seemed to be any number of these would make for a great President and that they would come together behind who ever was elected or that any one of these would be better than what the Republicans were offering, now that it’s down to two candidates it seems like we’re going to shoot ourselves in the foot for this years election and lose again. Listening to a lot of talk radio people are already stating that if Obama gets elected they’re not voting or if Clinton get elected they’re not voting or even worse that they’re for Ralph Nader which I could never understand since you you’d be pretty much be voting for a Republican.

    Bottom line all of this infighting is NOT going to help the Democratic party, there are plenty of arguments to throw for and against both Obama and Clinton, both have weaknesses and strength, but either would be a million times better for our community and our country than any Republican nominee.

    Thank you

  26. WillnDurhamNC says

    I’ve tried very hard not to get on the Obama bandwagon (and I’m still not) but once I saw this ad I had to pause for a minute. I was really pleased that he is reaching out to gay America with such an eloquent ad. And thought, maybe he’s not so bad after all.

    Then I read these comments – and reread the ad. Obama’s words really do ring hollow. He’s like the Pied Piper and all the Democrats are falling in behind…but where is he leading us?

  27. Chris in Chicago says

    Okay, this comments area is completely off the charts.

    I think that people who are commenting are not really keeping in mind that this is a national election and that perhaps you need to see that as Obama is becoming the likely nominee that he will be forming the outreach component that will expand his coalition to include gays, lesbians, and transgendered people. If you don’t like him in the fall you always have McCain or Nader. It’s called a democracy.

  28. WMH says

    Oh … ok … Obama = Bad. So I’ll vote for the Clintons so they can throw us under the bus like they did in the 90’s. I’ll put a little HRC equal sign on my car and feel better about myself.

  29. Larry says

    Didn’t Mitt Romney take out ads asking for the support of the gay community when he ran against Ted Kennedy? And what is his position on gay rights now? The debate over who will support us more is crazy. Let’s band together and support whichever candidate ultimately wins the nomination. We need every vote we can now that jerkwad Nader is back in the race. We cannot let John McCain lead this country.

    Unfortunately, gay people are still the easiest target in the country. Those people who couch themselves as “moral” and “God-loving” can clutch their bibles and talk about how God says homosexuality is wrong. And since such a significant number of voters listen to those religiously-driven people, if gay rights becomes an enormous issue, rest assured we’ll see a repeat of 2004.

  30. says

    After reading through all the nasty Obama and Clinton comments, it is obvious that John McCain is going to bring equal rights to the gays, he’ll probably be the Grand Marshall in Pride Parades and dance at the White Party and hand out condoms and have a lesbian Secretary of the Interior, and so on.

    People need to get through with all of the Democratic bashing soon so they can focus on getting a Democrat in the White House. How old if Supreme Court Justice Stevens? 87? 88?

  31. mjc says

    this is grade A pandering folks. he sent out flyers in the south about being a “committed christian” to highly religious neighborhoods.
    you can see it here…

    if anyone doesn’t think that both these candidates will throw us queers under the bus you’re kidding yourselves. he’ll do it just as the clintons have done.

    i think the most important thing is pushing the house/senate , etc to get the civil unions, enda, etc bills on the desk of a president who will sign them, not veto them. i think both of these candidates would.

    i’ll be suprised if any of them takes it up on their own and does something really different than any other politician.

    its a pretty ad, just means he has a clever staff. and the ‘we’ and ‘us’ is really eye roll enducing.

  32. glennmcgahee says

    I can’t get over it. I witnessed early in the campaign when Obama was in all the blacl churches with his friend, Donnie McClurkin. This was the gospel circuit Obama was carrying along with his campaign swings. I heard a long talk of McClurkin talking about being saved from the evils of homosexuality, while Obama sat on the side of the stage nodding. This was eary in the cycle, a while ago. BUT, THIS IS HOW HE BEGAN HIS CAMPAIGN. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR IT. DISGUSTING.

  33. says

    Our rights have NEVER been handed to us by a politician.


    We’e won what we have on our own terms. Politcians have been doing nothing but closing the bard door after the hrose won the Kentucky Derby.

    Don’t forget that. Ever.

  34. Jason S says

    I am an Obama supporter, but I agree that he hasn’t done much if anything at all to support the LGBT community.
    But as stated above, presidents aren’t supposed to make laws, that’s why we have a Congress.
    He is much less likely to veto civil rights legislation than McCrazy, though.

    Also, I think the “we” he is referring to is the “we as a nation” rather than “we gay folks”, but I could be wrong and this is just brazen pandering. Wouldn’t surprise me either way, he is a politician after all.

  35. Zeke says

    GLENNMCGAHEE, I would be interested in getting more information about what you witnessed. I haven’t heard that before. I was under the impression that McClurkin didn’t join the Obama campaign until just before the South Carolina fiasco. Can you supply some documentation of these events where Obama appeared live on stage with McClurkin? I was very unhappy about the event in SC but I would be furious if I discovered that it was a part of a pattern rather than just a single event.

  36. astonedtemple says

    I hope you people not voting for the democratic nominee enjoy John McCain and his ultra-right wing, apocalypse chasing friend, John Hagee.

    Because I sure as hell won’t.

    Its time the candidates get over themselves, make a deal March 4, whoever’s winning the pop/delegate vote wins then and there and then we can get on with this thing. I don’t think I can live through the presidency of someone who partners up with a senile, anti-semite, praying and hoping for the second comming of right-wing Jesus Christ!

    If John McCain wins, fuck America, I’m getting out of here.

  37. Marc says

    The Clintons and the gay community:

    * DOMA
    * Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    Amazing that so many are clamoring to get f*cked over by these two again. Obama may not be perfect. But at least he’s not a habitual backstabber like the Clintons are.

  38. Derrick from Philly says


    I think GLENNMCGAHEE has seen Lillian Hellman’s “The Children’s Hour” and it’s affected him. It’s one thing for little children to make up tales, but when grown folks do it, it aint forgivable.

    “…Obama sat on the side of the stage nodding ”
    Maybe he was drunk! I’ve been caught nodding plenty of times. Chile, who you think you talkin’ to?

  39. Michael Bedwell says

    TO “MAYBE”—The Obama campaign classically “Swift Boated” Sen. Clinton by starting to suggest she was a racist the morning after Obama lost in New Hamphire. First pitch was thrown by Jesse Jackson, Jr., on MSNBC when he told viewers that black voters in South Carolina should be aware that she’d never cried for Katrina victims [how he was supposed to be able to know that is anybody’s guess]. Then others piled on and it totally turned around the black voters in South Carolina [that’s why he gambled on losing gay votes by sending McClurkin there] and across the country who before were yawning in Obama’s face. Obama called for it to stop; black civil rights icon John Lewis denounced it—but people, millions, black and white, still believe it. [Lewis just announced he has decided to switch and support Obama because that’s what his constituents want].

    ZEKE: We both can be pretty confidant that no matter how far most gay media has had their heads up Obama’s ass that we would have heard if there were any other “McClurkin moments.” The one was bad enough for me, but even I won’t buy into rumors like that. I’ve done my best to identify facts as facts and my opinion as opinion.

    Matt, at it again I see. You disprove NOT ONE word I say but keep up with your own false claims that I have disproved so many times that I’m left with only one word for you: LIAR.

    CLAIM #5 “Obama consistently talks about LGBT equality in his speeches (his stump speech, the MLK church speech, the Kennedy endorsement speech, even his democratic convention kick-off speech in 2004).

    TRUTH: Obama said NOTHING at MLK’s church about “LGBT equality”—he only said we should not be “scorned” but “embraced.” That’s true, and good that he set it but the word “equality” was nowhere to be heard, and I’m sure the bigots in the audience “heard” “then it’s okay for us to HATE the sin but love the sinner”—about many antigay bills has THAT stopped.

    Obama said NOTHING during the Kennedy endorsement event about “LGBT equality.”
    He said, “it lives on in those Americans — young and old, rich and poor, black and white, Latino and Asian and Native American, gay and straight — who are tired of a politics that divides us and want to recapture the sense of common purpose that we had when John Kennedy was president of the United States of America.” AND gays were not mentioned at all in the pre-released print out of his speech. He only added it, no dummy he, after he followed Sen. Kennedy, who said, “we will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender, ethnic group against ethnic group, and straight against gay.”

    And you could fuck an elephant with the size of your stupidity about what he said at the Democratic convention. All he said about us in that long, long speech was, “We coach Little League in the Blue States and, yes, we have gay friends in the Red States.” NOTHING, ZIP, NADA, ZERO about “LGBT Equality”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If by his “stump speech” you mean his speech formally announcing that he was running for Prez, all he said then was, “We’re distracted from our real failures, and told to blame the other party, or gay people, or immigrants.” NOTHING about “LGBT equality.”

    He’s used variations of that in several places. Feel free to DOCUMENT speeches in which he HAS used the words “LGBT equality” or “rights.”

    As for Hillary, one example that disproves your broad brush is her saying to NINE THOUSAND conservative Iowa Democrats at their Jefferson-Jackson Dinner last November, “we Democrats, we believe in labor rights and women’s rights and gay rights, and civil rights.” Slap you silly and call you by a woman’s name! HILLARY said “gay RIGHTS”! Of course, she lost in Iowa—could that be one of the reasons?

    And if YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL THE TRUTH about the words, Matt [remember the Dali Obama says words MATTER], then why should anyone believe any of your other distortions.

    And, sorry, Child, but I just looked again at her site and, despite your claim, I found no “giant policy paper”—where is it—I’d like to read it.

    Dear Zeke, I don’t know what part of Sen. Clinton’s LOGO interview bothered you, but last I heard Obama hadn’t even deigned to give one. Why should he when he’s got a gay circuit party going on in his ass?

    Harrison: this is it as simple as I can put it: both H & O support repealing the section of federal DOMA that bans federal rights and benefits to same gender couples. How couples could actually get them implies a lot of other proactive legislation neither talk about but I don’t see that as a problem. The problem is, and it’s one of truth and integrity, is that Obama has been taking bows for calling for the repeal of Section 2 of federal DOMA which simply reaffirms a state’s right not to have to recognize relationships from other states. Problem is—tho the gay press has ignored it and gay Obamaheads refuse to believe it—that Obama’s Constitutional law professor/supporter came out in August saying that Obama actually thinks that Section 2 is merely redundant to preexisting law that recognizes the state’s right to accept or ban whatever relationships they want, so repealing S2 would neither hurt NOR help gays on the state level. AND that, just like Sen. Clinton, Obama supports that states’ rights issue. Though, unlike him, she’s not pretending something else to score political points off a phony issue. Pick up any gay paper and you’ll see over and over and over assertions that there is a functional difference in their positions when the only truth is that the gay press is either dumb, lazy, or Obamaheads themselves—or all three.

    Finally, here’s the link to Hillary’s position paper:
    And for every “nit” any of you can pick with it, I can find a comparable one in his. In the US Senate both have cosponsored the same LGBT-related bills at the same time NEITHER have yet introduced bills repealing DOMA or DADT.

    Again, read my 10 points above clearly ontradicting Obama’s claims to care about “dignity and respect.” If anyone can prove any of them wrong I’ll be happy to apologize.

  40. JJH says

    Great comments here and debate on all sides!

    So glad to know so many people are interested and paying attention!

    But in the real world, it all comes down to this:

    None of the current candidates have perfect records when it comes to gay issues. We are still a hated minority for many Americans.

    Too many voters despise Hillary so she will NEVER win the general election.

    The Republican party has demonstrated its hatred of the LGBT community.

    We cannot afford to let them have 4 more years in control of our federal laws.

    Obama is not perfect but he is our best shot, unless you want to vote for Ralph Nader. That turned out really well last time.

  41. jimmy says

    The Clintons: they’ll take gay money, speak to gay crowds about gay issues, and give you DADT and DOMA. Next page already…

    Obama: calls Black pastors and churchgoers on their homophobia in their own churches, unprovoked.

    We already know what Clintons do.

  42. says

    I looked over the quotes I’ve collected from other Obama speeches/writings ( and it looks like the previous poster who said Obama doesn’t mention “gay rights” in his speeches is correct, great insight!

    Obama’s letters and statements specificially mention “equal rights” but his oral statements do not. Thanks for pointing this out, very interesting. I don’t have any explanation for that, but I’m inclined to give Obama the benefit of the doubt since he seems very sincere in his support of his “gay brothers and sisters” (his words).

  43. Michael Bedwell says

    You’re welcome, Rob, and I agree about its poor placement which has allowed Obamaheads to exploit it. But I can tell you, and hope you’ll believe, that both Sen. Clinton and John Edwards had pro gay messages and positions on their sites months before Obama did. He had gay supporter bloggers, but didn’t begin speaking “in his own voice’ until the week of the LOGO forum. And she was the first to release a statement condemning the murder of Lawrence King.

    Finally, if Sen. Clinton were trying to “hide” her support for gay rights she wouldn’t have spoken of them before 9000 conservative Democrats at a Party event in Iowa in November. She would be saying, “No comment,” when asked about them in interviews and debates. She would not have marched in New York’s gay pride parades. Can’t get more public than that!

  44. Ben says

    Jeez, enough about McClurkin. Do you know who else Obama invited to speak at the same shows McClurkin was at?


    I feel like I should put that line in a huge font and add exclamation points, because it’s crazy that people don’t know about it.

    Obama knows how to conduct *outreach*. You don’t convince people of anything by being pissed off and confrontational, you convince them by showing them that you understand their point of view but think it’s wrong.

    He’s the first politician ever to go to a straight black crowd and talk to them about gay rights and homophobia. Ever. If you can’t recognize this once-in-several-decades opportunity, then whatever.

  45. John says


    First politician ever? Not true.

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Willie Brown, and Julian Bond are just some of the black politicians who have denounced homophobia in front of a predominantly African-American audience. Nelson Mandela specifically mentioned gays in his inaguration speech. And since he was President of South Africa, I assume there were many straight blacks in the audience.

    Yes, it’s nice that Obama’s doing outreach. But lets stop pretending like he’s the first black person who isn’t homophobic. It’s simply not true. Many African-Americans have supported gay rights for years.

  46. says

    it is obvious that John McCain is going to bring equal rights to the gays,

    Why is everyone so convinced McCain is anti-gay? Despite being a Republican, he has opposed anti-gay measures and supports hate crime legislation. Haven’t you been paying attention to the wingnuts? They hate him because he’s too “liberal,” for reasons exactly like these.

    I’m not saying you should vote for him (!), but it’s silly to paint him as some Dobson clone (who, btw, said he could “never” vote for McCain–I count that as a plus for McCain).

  47. Michael Bedwell says

    Thank you, John, for filling in Ben’s gaps in knowledge about history. Jesse Jackson also spoke about gay RIGHTS at the Democratic National Convention TWENTY YEARS before Obama was declared the new Messiah simply for saying people in Red States have “gay friends”—NOT ONE WORD about gay RIGHTS. It is simply a MYTH that Obama uses those words in front of ANY audiences, except when he is ASKED about them. Otherwise it’s just touchy feely nothingness that others were saying 30 years ago! Sen. Clinton marched in the 2000 New York Gay Pride Parade WHEN SHE WAS STILL FIRST LADY! Can’t get any more public about your support for LGBT RIGHTS than that.

    Also, Ben, re that “openly gay minister” that Obama “invited to speak.” His invitation ONLY happened AFTER the shit hit the fan when the community found out about McClurkin’s headlining the Obama concert. The minister was only allowed to give an opening prayer. He did mention gays, but most in the audience never heard it because they hadn’t arrived yet, and, in any case, the climax of the evening was Donnie McClurkin screeching from the stage and microphone that Obama had paid for: “GOD DELIVERED ME FROM HOMOSEXUALITY!” to roars of approval from the audience.

    Further, Obama was asked to personally say to that audience that he disagreed with McClurkin’s homophobia but refused. Via video he only thanked people for coming and introduced the perfomers as among his and Michelle’s favorites.

    Jesus himself may have dropped the charges over McClurkingate but until Obama stops defending it and apologizes I never will. He chose black homophobic votes over his alleged support for gay equality. And it worked.

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