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Gareth Henry, Jamaican Gay Activist, Seeks Refugee Status in Canada


Gareth Henry, one of three gay men who were surrounded by an angry mob outside a pharmacy one year ago today in St. Andrew, Jamaica, is seeking refugee status in Canada.

HenryCBC reports: "Henry says 13 of his friends have been killed in Jamaica since 2004. One 22-year-old friend who was suspected of being gay was chased by a mob, Henry told CBC News. The only place he could run to was the harbour. He couldn't swim. 'Everyone,' said Henry, 'stood and watched him drown.' Henry, who was vocal activist with the country's pioneering gay-rights organization J-FLAG, Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays, has had his own troubling experiences. On Valentine's Day last year, he was caught in a pharmacy and surrounded by an angry mob, he said. There was no protection from the police or state. 'When you find police officers who are leading mob attacks, turning up at people's home like myself, pointing guns at my window, with civilians with them, and saying that I need to leave or they're going to kill me, it reinforces homophobia.'"

Henry, a leading activist in Jamaica, says it is a place to which he can no longer return.

Jamaican gay activist seeks refugee status in Canada [tr]

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  1. batty men killed in ja r usually killed by pple in their circle. these pple r so cruel to eac other. they gorge out eyes, stab each other to death in their moment of passion. The only time they r attacked by a heterosexual is when they try to make a move on one of them. in jamaica the battyman ting dont sell. keep it to urself an u safe. dont come up inpple face wid it. bright!!!
    dem always a dus by dem lover too jealous. bun dem out

    Posted by: DIDGUSTED | Dec 22, 2009 6:56:39 AM

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