Gay Officers Group Outraged at News Anchor’s Charge Downgrade


A gay officers group is furious that a judge reduced the charges and may dismiss the case against former Philly news anchor (KYW-TV) Alycia Lane, who was arrested in December after a traffic altercation in which she emerged from a cab and struck a female police officer across the face, calling her a “fucking dyke”.

LaneYesterday, the Philadelphia Daily News reported: “Things are looking up for Alycia Lane. Sources tell us that Lane’s attorney, David Smith, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office have agreed to a deal, to be made formal at her Feb. 25 hearing in New York, for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or an ACD. An ACD, according to New York Criminal Procedure Law, means Lane would get up to six months’ probation, after which, if she stays out of trouble, the court would dismiss her case.”

According to Newsday, “The New York City Region of the Gay Officers Action League said it was ‘outraged and deeply concerned’ that prosecutors downgraded charges against Alycia Lane from felony assault to misdemeanor obstruction of government administration and harassment…The decision not to prosecute Lane on the original charges, it said, sends a ‘disturbing message’ to the public. ‘If people cannot control their anger and hatred and choose to confront and injure a police officer, then what chance does the everyday citizen have of expecting a general sense of personal safety in our city?’ the league’s executive director, Thomas Verni, said in a statement.”

Gay NY police officers’ group criticizes case against TV anchor [newsday]
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  1. Cory says

    I’m not surprised, the NY DA’s office is a joke. I was attacked by a crazy former roommate and his ex-con cousin, who was arrested and charged with assault. ADA Lisa Zito was prosecuting the case, which due to the defense attorney’s kept getting postponed. A year after not hearing from her and not getting my calls returned, I finally got in touch with Lisa Zito who said the case will not be prosecuted because I was “unreachable”. I was FURIOUS. My numbers have not changed, I phoned her office with any change of address, which happened once, AND she had my family’s permanent numbers. The ADA dropped the ball, so I spoke with her superior, John something, who informed I could always sue this guy civilly, but without a criminal conviction would not hold much weight. I later found out through investigating a civil suit against the DA’s office that Lisa Zito was/is a devout Catholic who later described me and my then boyfriend as “repugnant fags”. God bless the USA.

  2. Derrick from Phllly says

    All right, y’all. Ms Lane has not apologized like Isaiah did. She is not remorseful. What do y’all have to say? Shall she ever work in television news again?

  3. rayrayj says

    Wow even nominal semi-celebrities get treated differently in the courts. I wonder what would happen if a Southern Redneck noncelebrity had assaulted a NYC cop?

  4. says

    This is a priveledge petty criminals are awarded everyday. I stand with GOAL and this Ms. Layne should be formally procecuted but lets face it… no one will remember this come the next election or make it known so as to oppose the Manhattan DA or the one his party appoints to run for his seat.

    The sickest part is that her lawyer can appear before a judge after her probation is complete and apply for a ‘certificate of releif from all dissabilities’ i.e., the arrest will be expunged from her record. How sick is that?????????

  5. David D. says

    It shouldn’t be just gay police officers who are outraged–can a member of the public now punch a police officer in the face and shout “You fucking ‘race/gender/religion’!” whenever they please?


  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I guess SHANE answered my question: you still find a way to blame Isaiah and all those who look like him.

    And what good would it be calling a New York City Cop a “Nicaraguan”? Unless she’s an immigrant, then she should bust your N-word callin’ brains out.

  7. davey says

    Lane is a New Yorker and as a New Yorker myself I understand and sympathize completely with what this woman did, she is assaulted by a woman who is NOT in uniform and claims to be an officer, of course she is going to fight back, I would too in a second…as far as the slur she allegedly used, I doubt it, the NYPD is not exactly the most truthful police dept in the U.S.

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