Gay Seattle Men Beaten in Homophobic Attack on Capitol Hill

Seattle station KIRO is reporting that two men were target on Seattle’s Capitol Hill (Denny Way @ Olive Way) in a homophobic attack, leaving them with bruises, wounds, and broken bones:

Sseattleattack“The men said they believe they were targeted because they are gay. Thomas Colonna and Brad Crelia said they were about a block from home when a car nearly ran them over. They said they heard a car’s tires screeching and then several men jumped out of the vehicle. Crelia said he couldn’t run away because has a broken foot and is walking with a cane. ‘He took the cane out of my hand and started hitting me with it on my face and head. I have a lump on the back of my head,’ said Crelia.”

Luckily, witnesses took down the car’s license palte nubmer. Police are reportedly investigating, but have not yet labeled the attack a hate crime.

Gay Couple Attacked On Capitol Hill [kiro]


  1. ZEKE says

    Here we go again, jumping to conclusions. Why do we assume that this was a crime based on the men’s sexual orientation and not on them breaking some other Levitical Law that drives people to spontaneous rages like, for example, how do we know that the attackers weren’t outraged that these men broke God’s law against walking on the Sabbath (it was SATURDAY morning after all). How do we know that these men weren’t wearing some article of clothing made from the skin of a pig or a shirt of mixed fibers? We know how these violations infuriate the righteous. Every day hundreds of people in this country are bashed for violating the scores of five thousand year old Levitical proscriptions for the ancient tribes of Israel.

    Then there’s the secular possibility that they were attacked because the bashers mistook them for members of a rival gang. And what about the possibility that it wasn’t an attack at all but a friendly “welcome to the neighborhood” greeting.

    With all these possibilities considered along with the fact that it’s completely unheard of for a person to be attacked just for being gay, we can’t just assume that these men may have been targeted because they are homa-sek-shuls.

    /end snark/

    God, I spend WAY too much time at The Onion!

  2. Tropico says

    Where in the report does it say the attackers were black?
    And living in Seattle I can report that there have been a high number of gay bashings as of late.

  3. David R. says

    Unfortunately, Tropico is right about the number of bashings of late. Fortunately, though the King Co. Prosecutor (a Republican for whom I did NOT vote), is taking these seriously.

  4. John says


    You sound like one of those paranoid YouTubers ranting and raving about “white genocide.” But the the media tends to only give in-depth reports on crime that’s unusual.

    In fact, intra-racial crime is more prevalent because people tend to commit crimes in areas they’re familiar with. It makes it easier for them to escape. And as far as black criminals are concerned, the black middle-class is a sitting duck for muggings and armed robberies.

    Unless somebody died though, I doubt very much my local NBC affiliate cared to report any of that. It’s not racial. It’s what they believe will generate interest among viewers.

  5. says

    Wow, this intersection is about 100 yards from my apartment and I hadn’t even heard about this until I read it here. It doesn’t seem to have gotten much coverage in the local press until today even.

  6. Sebastian says

    Thanks Tropico for keeping it real, the knuckleheads with their race issues are too much. The guy has been beat down, and, needs the police to find and prosecute the jerks that did it, no matter their race. Beatings are wrong, and, should never be allowed to happen, no matter what the race, sexuality or gender.

  7. says

    This is unacceptable, but I’ve heard that the Hill is changing. I used to live there several years ago and this kind of thing would have been unheard of. I can’t believe it’s happening now. Seattle, quo vadis?!

  8. CK says

    Hmmm… how superior and strong and manly the f*ckhead must have felt, beating an injured guy with his own cane. So proud, upright and masculine! Ha! He probably has a pencil dick (if he has one at all) that he is compensating for and a chip on his shoulder second to none. Hope these f*ckers are caught and dealt with severely. Whether it be gay-bashing or simply beating someone for any other depraved reason, it’s one of the most cowardly attacks I have ever heard of!

  9. BOB says

    The racial thing_____ It just seems to be human nature (a lower aspect of it, to be sure) than if you feel persecuted, you look for people farther down the pecking order to hit. When I was a teen, the nerds beat on me becase I was a girly nerd to them.

    In modern America, blacks suffer persecution and unfair presumption of guilt, but an immunity has been created as well. You can’t be seen speaking badly of a black person, but it is always open season on the fags. Until white and black America make looking down on gays socially unacceptable, beating gays is given a pass, or a partial pass.

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