1. Scott says

    You know what…I’m beginning to think that Hollywood may be our greatest ally in obtaining equal rights. I have noticed a big shift in the way straight(?) men in Hollywood have been acting lately. Having known a few actors personally I am aware that most really don’t give a shit who you sleep with and their sexuality is often quite…flexible to begin with.

    Recent statements from Brad & Ange about marriage, Daniel Radcliff’s awards kiss, the Jimmy Kimmel “F*cking Ben Affleck” video, and many admitted celebrity “man crushes” have really caught my attention.

    Straight(?) actors are showing the world that affection between two men and women w/women is normal and this whole obsession with who is sleeping with who…outdated. Man kissing is on the rise. Hehehe They seem to be inviting speculation lately and once the whole issue of sexuality becomes irrelevant then it will be clear that there are people behind these issues. The inherent right to equality will be obvious.

  2. patrick nyc says

    most spanish men or italians kiss and hug and they’re so much more relaxed and masculine for it….

    POSTED BY: ALAN BRICKMAN | FEB 26, 2008 12:04:04 PM

    They also often walk down the street holding hands. I often notice when watching European sporting events how they hug and kiss. If you notice the Americans they always look so awkward if they do so.

    I’ve had the hots for these two actors since Flirting with Disaster and Before Night Falls.

  3. Harrison says

    Not to be picky, but did Javier actually kiss him on the lips, or just on the cheek?
    And didn’t Daniel Day-Lewis also give a little cheek action to George Clooney?
    And frankly, can you blame any of them?
    Get thee to YouTube quickly as AMPAS is doing a phenomenal job of removing clips from the site – where else are we supposed to watch them, they’re not on the Oscar site…

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